NC-02: Renee don’t need no stinkin’ police report

mouthRenee Ellmers thinks rape is bad and a crime. (Like I and all other rational people do.) Yet, she doesn’t think this crime needs to be reported to police in order to be defined as rape.

You have to file a police report to replace a lost or stolen cell phone.  You have to file a police report in most auto insurance claim cases.  Other insurance claims — such as for home burglaries or house fires — also need police reports.   You need a police report to file a claim about an AR-15 being stolen from your house.  But apparently, one of the most violent, horrific crimes that violates so many women and their families won’t need one to facilitate the death of an ensuing, innocent baby.

In January, Ellmers led an effort to derail  the “Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act”  — which outlaws abortions after 20 weeks.  (My friends in the medical field tell me there are plenty of neonatal intensive care units across the country with infant patients 20 weeks and older — living independently of the mother, eating, drinking and breathing.)

Ellmers’s story kept changing, but she ended up settling on allegedly being concerned about the requirement that rape victims file a police report in order to get an abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy.  Never mind that she had voted for the SAME bill four times previously.

Well, it appears House leaders are bringing back the late-term abortion ban legislation MINUS the requirement for a police report for rape victims:

The U.S. House Republican who led a internal party rebellion in January against a late-term abortion-ban bill says she now is “comfortable” with changes in a proposed update because it no longer represents a “re-victimizing” of rape and incest victims.shes lying

“I can be in support of it,” said Representative Renee Ellmers of North Carolina of the new language in the bill to ban most abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Ellmers said the new version, as shown to her, would no longer require victims of rape to report the crime to law enforcement if they wish to have a late-term abortion under the law. She said the physician would have to know this was a pregnancy as a result of a rape.

Being opposed to requiring a police report be filed in response to a crime being committed.  Amazing.  MORE

[…] Ellmers, in the interview, said she has not yet been told exactly when the abortion bill will be brought up. But she said new language for the “Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” was brought to her about two weeks ago. 

Chief among the changes, she said, was that it will no longer require rape victims to have reported being assaulted to police to qualify for an exemption from the abortion ban.

“My understanding is the language that was in the bill with the demand it would have to be reported to law enforcement has been removed,” said Ellmers. “There is a reporting requirement to the physician—in other words, the physician would have to know that this was a pregnancy as a result of rape.”

“Again, the issues that we had had to do with reporting requirements for victims of rape. I felt essentially we were essentially re-victimizing those victims,” smirksaid Ellmers.

She added that changes also have been made to address language involving victims of incest, including minors. “Which I believe is much needed because we’re talking about minors and these are things that would need to be reported. And it’s not law enforcement—it’s basically again through social services,” she said.

Ellmers said that one of the things she is doing this week is talking to other House members who opposed the previous version. Of the revisions, she said, “I want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable with them—or if they have concerns, now is the time to have those discussions.”

Ellmers said she is “absolutely” on board with a requirement that physicians be told the pregnancy sought to be terminated was a result of rape, saying that should be done.

“I’m much more comfortable with this new language,” she said, calling it “much more thoughtful.”

9 thoughts on “NC-02: Renee don’t need no stinkin’ police report

  1. Always nice to see a man’s view about what a woman who has been raped should put herself through.
    It seems to me that this sort of violation of one’s self is so awful that many (perhaps most or all) women cannot wait for ALL things related to the attack be O-V-E-R. That is what not requiring a police report means to women. Ideally, all rapes would be reported and investigated – the true offender retained, tried, convicted, and sent away for a LONG time. But the victim sees reporting the crime is further extending the humiliation they feel (unjustly). Ellmers (in this case) has it correct.

    1. This bill is about LATE TERM abortions. If a woman who has been raped wanted everything OVER, then she would not have waited to have a late term abortion. She would have done it as soon as possible, and thus not be under the purview of this bill.

      What this exception does is allow anyone to get an abortion simply by lying. Maybe they should allow a polygraph as an alternative to a police report.

      1. If I were a woman I cannot imagine if or WHEN I would go through with an abortion, especially after a rape. I can see how confusing and difficult a time it must be to have that happen to you. It is presumptuous to make that judgement for an individual who has gone through this sort of an attack. It is the reporting of the crime that would probably be the horror heaped on the incident.
        Polygraphs are not reliable. Do you really think there are lots of women lying about being raped?

        1. There is no motivation for it now, but when lying about rape becomes the ticket to be able to get a late term abortion, then there will be a huge incentive to do so that does not exist now.

    2. Women are adult humans, not delicate little fragile flowers. If something bad happens to an adult human, my expectation is they handle it in an appropriate, mature manner, however they deem best.

      Bad, horrible things happen sometimes, and fair or not, adults have to deal with those things. I think women are quite capable of acting like adults and dealing with difficult circumstances.

      If a serious crime like rape occurs against you, yes, how you deal with it is in many ways “your” business – But if it ends up leading to you having to involve others in the fallout later on down the line, difficult or not, reporting it to the authorities doesnt seem at all like an unreasonable expectation.

      Otherwise… on what basis should other people, who have no idea who you are and do not know you, conclude that criminal events have indeed occurred?

      “Do you really think there are lots of women lying about being raped?”

      They’re “people”, right? People lie. Especially when they want something, like getting rid of a now-unwanted (for whatever reason) pregnancy.

  2. What a phony! All anyone who wants to get any abortion would have to claim is that it is a result of rape. Now there will be no risks of questioning by police to expose the lie. This mile wide exception renders the whole bill a joke.

    Maybe on our 1040s, we should just be able to tell the IRS how much we say we make, without any W-2s.

  3. Regarding the issue that the Congresswoman supports the murder of a full term baby is seriously not only immoral, but it’s unconscionable. That she thinks it’s ok to not report a rape to law enforcement at all and that reporting to a Dr is sufficient to murder a full term baby, I offer one word: GOSNELL

    As disconcerting, is that the Congresswoman also thinks that incest/rape of minors should not involve law enforcement either. Oh, and she thinks that it’s ok to murder the full term baby, of a baby.

    Praying for the people of #NC02 to #RetireRenee

  4. If you dont report it to the police… why should anyone, including a doctor, simply take your word for it? If you didnt report it, then there’s no evidence “any” crime has occurred to warrant an exception.

    So, we end up with a law with an exception that requires basically nothing to obtain. That’s a pretty pointless law.

  5. Gosnell is the right analogy.Gosnell is the biggest serial killer in American history. And the media was gag ordered during the trial. He would certainly love this legislation and the free ride to the murder mill that this legislation provides. All one has to do is say a doctor knows the woman was raped. Please. What a crock.I am sure ole Kermit Gosnell would be happy to testify to anything to keep his bloodbath hobby going on. The whole thing about this proposed legislation that the ditz Renee now can stomach makes my stomach turn. Murdering an innocent baby after 20 weeks punishes the baby with a painful and hideous death. If a woman is raped and can’t make a decision before 20 weeks she has larger problems than we could ever know. This whole thing is designed to be a way to continue late term abortions. Renee will be replaced with a principled man named Jim Duncan who isn’t afraid to put his position on his belief in the protection of all life on his web site. Check it out.

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