#ncga : The beginning of THE END?

wheelsI’m hearing some surprising, very pessimistic-sounding talk from some very surprising sources about the future of the ”conservative revolution” in Raleigh.  Said one long-time Republican player in our fair capital:

“The wheels are coming slam off of this thing.  You’ve got factions forming.  A lot of finger-pointing. There’s not a lot of respect for or trust of the leadership by the rank-and-file We worked so hard to get to this point. But we’re doing a lot of the same stupid, crooked things that brought about the downfall of the Democrats in this town.  I am really afraid that we are witnessing the beginning of the end.”

Much of the concern seems to be focused on the state House. There are serious questions about the financial practices within the House Republican Caucus.  There have been some serious questions about appointments that have been pushed through the House by GOP leaders and the governor.  Tax increases and corporate welfare have become the trademark legislation of the current GOP-dominated session.  Sources are telling me that TRUST — or the lack thereof — is becoming a big issue for folks on the majority side in the House.  Says one key House player: ncgop

”There is a huge amount of distance right now between the leadership and the rank and file. I’ve never seen it this bad.  Say what you want about Tillis. He was a S.O.B, but he kept the place disciplined.  I don’t see discipline here.  I see disgust. I see head-shaking dismay. I see ridicule.  There are members right now, who have been raising money for the caucus for years, who are now talking about cutting leadership and the caucus off.  Some big veteran donors to the caucus are saying the same thing.  They are having a hard time trusting what they are being told by leadership.  Folks are having a hard time trusting leadership and the caucus to spend the money they donate wisely. There are a lot of problems here.”

Sources familiar with the situation tell me that key Republicans in the state’s congressional delegation are expressing serious concern about the current state of the state House Republican Caucus. One of my moles explained: legis

“They’re worried about some of this nonsense blowing back on them and their reelection bids.  Strife within one section of the party can affect everyone else. We really need to get some adult supervision onto this situation in the House.”

13 thoughts on “#ncga : The beginning of THE END?

  1. The frequent public acknowledgement to “moles” within the government does little to create cohesion. Of course factions are going to form in that secretive environment.

  2. Glad to see the good words about Senator Thom Thillis. Sometimes we do not know how good we got it ‘thil they are gone.

  3. The GOP leader in Raleigh who has been both competent and conservative has been Senate President Phil Berger. Berger stands head and shoulders above both Moore and Tillis.

  4. This is all about the Tillis legacy. The last session he served as Speaker was marked by hostility, distrust, backstabbing, pay to play and basically doing everything possible to raise money for his Senate bid. He left with his supporters in key leadership positions, but there is still a void. I hope the remnants of the Tillis regime crumble and make way for a kinder, gentler, more conservative GOP majority. As it is they might as well be Democrats.

    1. Nancy, I wholeheartedly agree with you. This situation didn’t just happen, it’s just unraveling.

  5. “Folks are having a hard time trusting leadership and the caucus to spend the money they donate wisely. There are a lot of problems here.” – This is hilarious. Now they know what it feels like to be a conservative here in NC and watching this debacle from the outside.

    They need to do what we the people are doing… #DefundTheGOP

  6. “But we’re doing a lot of the same stupid, crooked things that brought about the downfall of the Democrats in this town. ”

    Yes – umm, dont do that. Having “leaders” who’re happy to engage in that kind of thing is bad, and so is tolerating it for the sake of party and power.

    I’m not sure why Tillis’s “discipline” would be well-regarded. He simply made sure that the “stupid” and “crooked” things “he” cared about were what was focused on.

    That’s not really better. 🙂

  7. I am in near disbelief over the out-and-out crap coming from the GOP in this legislative session, as illustrated by the passing of the NC amnesty bill, a.k.a, the ‘drivers licenses for illegal aliens’ bill in committee today. It seems they are in lockstep with the Congressional GOP in their full-blown support of Obama’s planned destruction of this country.

    1. One slight correction, Kathy … it is not “seems in lockstep” but rather “IS in lockstep” with the Congressional GOP. All of these idiots think WE are idiots. I have news for them — NONE of them will get my vote, my money, my time — nothing. The whole crew from McCrory down through the ranks into the House have no idea the fury I believe we all feel. They are liars, they are hypocrites and they take our votes for granted. Enjoy it while you can, folks in Raleigh, because your days are numbered.

      1. You paint with too broad a brush. GOP Congressmen Walter Jones and usually Mark Meadows have fought the good fight in DC against the Boehner machine. They both voted to dethrone Boehner as Speaker and against his sellouts like CRomnibus.

        There are also some good folks primarying some of the establishment hacks in the 2nd and 5th districts and hopefully others. Conservatives need to get behind those primary challenges.

        1. I agree that folks like Jones or Sanderson here in NC actually stand on principle and fight the good fight but they are sadly few and far between.

          My point is that WAY TOO many of them lie to get our votes and then take off their RHINO suits once if office. Look no further than McCrory. These hacks CANNOT be given a second chance. As the saying goes — fool me once shame on them, fool me twice shame on me.

          1. My point is that we need to go after those bad eggs in the primaries, and also protect our own conservatives in the primaries. The Washington beltway bozos went after Walter Jones last time, but local conservatives beat them back. This time, it is our time to go after Renee Ellmers and others.

  8. With McCrory and Cooper, this would be an excellent time for an independent conservative to run for Governor. you cannot defeat either candidate in their party primary but the time is ripe for an independent candidate to take the prize. Rucho, Rhodes, Berger, Jones, McIntyre ? ? ?

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