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One standard for us, another for the political class

        Congress is now considering cutting off tax deductions for people making MORE than $174,000 per year.  (Want to guess how much a Member of Congress makes per year?)  It’s illegal for me or for you to use inside information to make…

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‘Occupy Broad Street’ tries to comfort downtown Southern Pines merchants

            Recent media coverage of Occupy-related violence and filth have downtown Southern Pines merchants understandably concerned about the “Occupy Broad Street” event slated for the downtown park on December 10: Occupy Moore organizers are working with downtown Southern Pines merchants…

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Tillis: Laroque mess headed to ethics committee

      North Carolina state House Speaker Thom Tillis (R-Cornelius)  says allegations swirling around taxpayer-subsidized loans by state Rep. Stephen Laroque (R-Kinston) to himself (Laroque), family members and legislative colleagues are being referred to the House Ethics Committee for review: House Speaker Thom Tillis…

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DeMint stands alone against ‘pandering’

No one can accuse South Carolina’s U.S. Senator Jim DeMint of being a typical Washington politician — wetting his finger and holding it up to see which way the wind blows: You can accuse U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint of being Scrooge, but you can’t accuse him of…

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Finally! Jimmy Carter is making sense.

Until now, Jimmy Carter has been widely regarded as the worst president EVER to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania.  (BarryO, the Carter family can’t thank you enough for taking this monkey off their back.) In Raleigh, and other capitals around the country, Democrats have been ranting…

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2012 Campaign scoop!

  The Raleigh-based NC Free Enterprise Foundation has started an “election tracker’‘ to keep up with all of the folks who may — or may not — be on the 2012 ballot in the Old North State for Congress, Governor, the various council of state…

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Tim Lea & his PowerPoint

Since September, Moore County Commissioner Tim Lea has been circulating a PowerPoint presentation documenting (1) how much smarter he is than EVERYONE ELSE in Moore County and (2) how — supposedly — his colleagues in county government are ignoring his warnings and are leading the…

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Hawaii 6-0: Hawaii is in Asia?

  The media, Hollywood, and a lot of university faculty have raved since 2008 about what a brilliant president we have.  BarryO told us that he had visited 57 states (and had one more to go), and the media gave him a pass. Meanwhile, George…

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NC prosecutors seek an end to ‘Racial Justice Act’

        North Carolina’s elected prosecutors are seeking the legislature’s assistance in overturning one of the worst travesties to ever pass through Jones Street: The Legislature should act quickly to repeal a new law that gives death row inmates another way to challenge…

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DIAPERS FOR EVERYONE! D.C. Dems propose Pampers stimulus

        The Einsteins in Congress are at it again.  We have a $17 trillion federal debt, two wars, record  unemployment, and a devastating recession.  These geniuses think they have the answer to fix the country’s economic woes:  federal subsidies for purchasing diapers….