NC-02: Renee follows Kay’s lead on cameras in meetings

Republicans have had a field day with blasting Kay Hagan about this videowhere she kicks someone with a video camera out of a meeting she was leading. Apparently, this tactic has inspired congresswoman Renee Ellmers (who appears to be taking preemptive action):



Kay Hagan — a trained attorney — is much better at walking, talking and chewing gum than Miss Harnett County.  Ellmers has had some rather unflattering episodes in recent months when recording devices were in close proximity.  There was THIS meeting with constituents in her Asheboro office. There was THIS radio interview with Laura Ingraham.  And let’s not forget the little speech she gave about the GOP’s need to dumb things down so women can understand them better.  When her comments got reported in The Washington Examiner, Ellmers tried to suggest she was misquoted by the liberal media.  But the reporter had backup — in the form of a recording of Ellmers’s remarks AND a transcript.   After reviewing all that, I can see why she and her campaign team would not want recording devices anywhere around. 

3 thoughts on “NC-02: Renee follows Kay’s lead on cameras in meetings

  1. Before long, Renee will be demanding ”who are you???!!!” as she goes after people with cameras. She has morphed into Etheridge in a skirt in so many ways. This woman badly needs a primary in 2016.

  2. What an embarassment for North Carolina. I think she needs to go now. Am sure there is still a demand for nurses.

  3. Can’t really add anything that Raph, Frances, and Brant didn’t already cover, but see my comment on the next piece to get my warm feelings for Renee.

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