Gov Pat’s state elections chairman: trade Watauga County to Tennessee

fistJosh Howard is a man on the move. He was appointed by Gov. Pat McCrory to chair the state board of elections.  His tenure has been marked by some caustic, in-your-face rhetoric that comes off like somewhat of a Napoleon Complex.   But hey, we should cut the guy some slack.  It’s hard work coasting through life on your daddy’s judicial robes. 

The state board of elections met today to settle some issues in Watauga and Lincoln Counties.  Of course, WRAL’s ace cub reporter Binky was on the scene.    WRAL’s news-stud also dropped some tidbits about the meeting on Twitter.  We found one really interesting tweet from Binky that somehow didn’t make his story posted on WRAL’s site:



Are you sure about that, Josh? Your boss — the guy who gave you this job WON Watauga County in 2012. 

How appropriate is it for the elections board chairman — who is supposed to be fair and impartial to all who come before the board — to go on the record with statements like that?  That statement — if accurately reported by Binky — could lead folks from Watauga County to think they won’t be able to get a fair hearing from the state elections board chairman. 

Watauga County commissioner John Walsh took to Twitter to fire back at Binky and Howard:


Folks around Boone and Blowing Rock ought to ask Gov. Pat about ol’ Josh’s comment the next time he, the guv, comes trolling for cash and votes.

Democrat strategist Perry Woods had another nominee to be considered for trading to other states:





9 thoughts on “Gov Pat’s state elections chairman: trade Watauga County to Tennessee

  1. Josh Howard is a real embarrassment to the GOP, and he does seem to have a Napolean complex. The kangaroo court he conducted on a Beaufort County complaint that was the subject of an article here on the Haymaker is another good example. The NCGOP Central Committee needs to make certain his name is not submitted for reappointment next time. And Governor McCrory ought to realize that Howard is likely to cause him some political problems.

    Maybe we ought to trade Josh Howard to North Korea.

    1. I’m from Beaufort County and I like your idea of trading Howard to North Korea. Tennessee is off the table. I like Tennessee.

  2. Lets not blame Governor Pat for this, although some undoubtedly will, and Josh Howard will hurt the governor politically.

    In reality, the governor appoints members of the state BOE from lists submitted by the state chairmen of the two major political parties. The one responsible for putting Howard’s name up for the position was former NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes, and given the highhanded way Hayes ran things, I doubt he even consulted the state Central Committee as he should have. Governors cannot appoint SBOE members unless their names are submitted by the state party chairmen.

    We also should remember that Robin Hayes held a position in the Rippon Society, a liberal Republican group originally organized by the Rockefeller wing of the party.

  3. While we’re tradin, let’s trade Burr for Scott, or Ellmers for Gowdy. There’s also a number of Reps I’d trade for Joe “You Lie,” Wilson. He pretty much only had that one moment, but what has our delegation of “Republicans” in the House done to make us run to the voting booth and make our mark. In fact, there’s probably only a few House members I wouldn’t eagerly trade. Of coarse, if wishes were horses, here in NC, they’d change into donkeys. Donkey Lite anyway.

    1. YES yes yes… Give us Trey GOWDY and send those two establishment so-called reps to another state!

  4. And before I forget, head dudes at WRAL, please keep the Bink Man on duty. I used to wait for his dismissal with great anticipation, but not anymore. He just provides too much quality entertainment. The Barney fife of TV news.

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