We get an answer (KINDA) on our pal Fletcher

We’re approaching September 2014.  Way back in January 2013, the North Carolina state board of elections announced an investigation hartsellinto the campaign finances of state senator Fletcher Hartsell (RINO-Cabarrus).  THIS news report from January 2013 cited info from the state board of elections suggesting that the  “process could take a couple of weeks.”

Well, here we are 18 months later and there has been no resolution to the Hartsell matter.  Contrast that with the investigation of state Rep. Michael Wray, the state House’s deputy Democrat leader, for very similar allegations.  The board asked Wray for some campaign finance clarifications, and he responded in mid-December  2013.  In mid-July 2014, news broke that Wray was under investigation by the state board of elections.  It appears that the Republican-dominated board is moving much faster on the probe of the Democrat legislator than they are on that of the Republican senator who just so happens to be a prolific fundraiser for the NCGOP and a close political ally of Governor Pat McCrory and state House speaker / US Senate nominee Thom Tillis.

State elections board spokesman Josh Lawson recently started following us on Twitter.  So, we decided to make use of that forum to ask him when there might be some movement on the Hartsell probe:



4 thoughts on “We get an answer (KINDA) on our pal Fletcher

  1. Maybe Josh Howard is trying to arrange for Hartsell to move to Tennessee?

    Come to think about it, maybe we should all urge Josh Howard to move to Tennessee (or anywhere but NC).

  2. So, our “conservative revolution” didn’t include putting honest conservatives on the state elections board? Wassup with that???!!

    1. The names for appointment to the state Board of Elections are submitted by the state chairmen of the two major political parties, usually after consultation with their state central committees. The Governor does not come up with the names. It is the political parties which do that.

      The three Republican names were submitted by former NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes, who is from the same county as Hartsell. Do not blame McCrory for the three stooges the GOP has on this board. That is all Robin Hayes.

      And what these idiots are setting up by trying to sweep this under the rug is an opportunity for a major Democrat distraction come about October. If they had a lick of sense they would see that what they are doing is likely to come back and bite the party in the ass, and the impact may be to more than just Hartsell.

      Given the faster pace of the investigation of the Democrat with the same problem, they should at a minimum handle both at the same time, and as soon as possible. The closer this is dealt with to election day, the worse the potential political impact. If they try to sit on it past election day, they open up a line of attack for the Democrats.

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