WRAL’s Binker: Trade Gaston County to SC for Myrtle “Beech”

binkEveryone is trying to make a deal. North Carolina State Board of Elections Chairman Josh Howard wants to send Watauga County to Tennessee.   Democrat consultant Perry Woods took to Twitter proposing sending Gaston County AND the Charlotte metro area to South Carolina. Then, WRAL’s Binky jumped in on the wheeling-and-dealing:



Beach. Beech. Potatoe. Poe-tah-toe. Enloe. In-Low. Broughton. Brotten.  Ladies and gentlemen, we present your flagship news station’s ace crackerjack political reporter.  (Let’s hope Binky doesn’t find himself broken down on the side of the road, needing repairs or a place to stay or anything, in Gaston County anytime soon.)  

If Binky isn’t careful, Mr. Goodmon will take his Twitter account away from him.  

6 thoughts on “WRAL’s Binker: Trade Gaston County to SC for Myrtle “Beech”

    1. My Mama told me, if I studied real hard like, might be I could get me a job with them boys. If I could just learn how to spell ain’t.

  1. I suggest we try to trade our leftwing propagandists posing as journalists, such as Binky, to some country that has some real honest professional journalists without political axes to grind. Perhaps the UK would be a good place to start on finding some real journalists.

  2. When former Senator Jesse Helms ran WRAL, an idiot like Binker would not have even been hired, let alone put on the television screen. Journalistic standards at that station no longer exist.

  3. Binky and Perry Woods can go jump in the South Fork. As a native of Gaston County now living in Chatham County, Gaston stays right where it is. I love my home county and would have no desire for it to be part of SC. Just another reason to absolutely despise WRAL.

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