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NC-02: PACs, lobbyists pay the way for Dr. and Mrs. Nee-Nee

Renee Ellmers has set a new standard for bald-faced hypocrisy and outright lying.  She apparently thinks the voters are too stupid to check the facts.  Given her TWO reelections, she might be right about a lot of her voters.  The Ellmers campaign this year has been savaging George Holding for taking business trips to some foreign countries.  They even got  Big Govt Barbie to fire off a letter to the…

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NC-02: The Donald on the phone for Nee-Nee

I swear, they’ve got to work on the political instincts at Trump HQ:  Donald Trump made his first congressional endorsement as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee on Saturday, releasing a robocall that features his praise of North Carolina Rep. Renee Ellmers. In the recording, sent to Tar Heel voters, Trump touted Ellmers as the first female House Republican to formally endorse him in the GOP primary and described her as…

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Monkey Business Report: Campaign signs in NC-02

I am hearing things are getting a little rough on the ground in that 3-way fight between George Holding, Renee Ellmers and Greg Brannon. My sources are telling me that some of the Holding campaign’s yard signs are disappearing to be replaced with signs of similar style that claim Holding supports the dreaded Common Core curriculum.  (Of course, there is no ‘paid-for-by’ statement on the signs so you can tell…

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NC-02: Lefties @ IndyWeek endorse Ellmers

Wow.  An endorsement from The Independent Weekly in a GOP primary.  *What more could a Republican candidate ask for?*: U.S. Representative Renee Ellmers is, by no stretch of the imagination, good at her job.[…]  *Um, wait.  I thought this was supposed to be an ENDORSEMENT.*     MORE:  […] Elected in 2010 as part of the tea party wave, she’s your typical “rail against government spending” conservative who voted to keep…

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#nc-02: Nee-nee in THIRD PLACE ???

If you believe consultant Carter Wrenn, THAT is apparently the case:  Renee Ellmers was being clever. She thought. By telling voters George Holding had opposed ‘the U.S. Army.’ But it turned out to not be clever at all. Because when Holding explained that Ellmers was claiming he’d voted against the Army because he’d voted against Obama’s Omnibus Budget Deal – the earth shifted beneath Ellmers’ feet. Two weeks ago, in…

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#ncpol: Amnesty and the June primary

Donald Trump has made immigration a major issue in the presidential race.  On the congressional level, a number of candidates on the ballot for the June 7 primary have staked out interesting positions on the problem of illegal aliens:  District 2:  During last week’s televised debate, George Holding told the audience he’s not at all interested in giving a break — a “pathway to citizenship” — to people who have…

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#nc-02: Two guys, a girl and a Crabtree

Well, WRAL hosted a debate featuring the three candidates for this US House seat Thursday night.  Here’s the video.  Of course, I watched — so you don’t HAVE to, and made some observations: LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEEEEE.  I’M DAVID CRABTREEEEEEEEEE.  North Carolina’s very own Ted Baxter was in typical form — preening like  rooster and trying to dominate the proceedings. (He moderated the 2014 US Senate debate — five candidates, 30 minutes….

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#nc-02: Drivebys perplexed by Right’s rejection of Ellmers

First it was The Club For Growth. Now, Americans For Prosperity is reaching out to smack Big Govt Barbie.™  This has the driveby media just flummoxed.  HOW — HOW can these right-wingers be against the darling of the Trump campaign?  How ???  Nee-nee is eating up the attention her clinging to Donald Trump has gotten her.  She got to write in Time magazine. She got to be one of Trump’s…

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#NC-02 Club For Growth: ABNN (Anybody BUT Nee-Nee)

The drivebys are stunned — stunned, I tell you — that the conservative Club For Growth would come out against the reelection of “Trump ally” Renee Ellmers.  Yes, this is the same woman who — just a few years ago, in response to criticisms that she pretended to be Tea Party and then turned left in DC — said ”I’ve never really been one of those Tea Party people.” And…

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#nc-02: The lyin’ queen keeps the b.s. flowing

Renee Ellmers really really really needs to be introduced to the truth.  The woman has arguably told some of the biggest exaggerations, whoppers, and outright lies in North Carolina political history. And she does it without any apparent shame. Case in point, this whole Donald Trump endorsement thing.  ONE WEEK BEFORE THE PRIMARY she was in Chatham County voting for John Kasich at a local straw poll and praising him…