NC-02: Lefties @ IndyWeek endorse Ellmers

Wow.  An endorsement from The Independent Weekly in a GOP primary.  *What more could a Republican candidate ask for?*:

U.S. Representative Renee Ellmers is, by no stretch of the imagination, good at her job.[…] 

*Um, wait.  I thought this was supposed to be an ENDORSEMENT.*     MORE: 

[…] Elected in 2010 as part of the tea party wave, she’s your typical “rail against government spending” conservative who voted to keep defending the Defense of Marriage Act and, most recently, endorsed Donald Trump.

And yet, possibly as a testament to just how bad the modern GOP is, Ellmers is a much better choice than either of her opponents, fellow U.S. Representative George Holding and failed U.S. Senate candidate Greg Brannon, a Cary ob-gyn.nee

Ellmers broke with her fellow Republicans on a 2015 vote to roll back President Obama’s executive order on immigration. While handwringing over her opposition to “amnesty,” she rightly said the bill would negatively affect businesses in her district. Ellmers also did her part to derail a bill that would have banned abortions after twenty weeks.

For these transgressions, Ellmers has been branded a RINO with a fury usually reserved for people like John Boehner

Before the districts were redrawn, she faced several primary opponents, including the National Review-endorsed Jim Duncan. Once the General Assembly redrew her district, it became clear that the state’s Republicans had little affection for her: they shoved her into the same district as Holding, who is well known for his conservative leanings.

Whereas Ellmers attached herself to the “establishment” wing of the Republican House caucus, Holding, a former Jesse Helms staffer who was elected in 2012 to represent the Thirteenth District, has been a reliable conservative backbencher.indy_logo_550_cities_RD

Ellmers has recently been attacked by Holding and the Koch brothers-backed Americans for Prosperity—which had never before spent money against a Republican incumbent—for being the only Republican to vote against an amendment that would have prioritized deportations of undocumented immigrants who committed sex crimes. In reality, Ellmers, along with the National Task Force to End Sexual and Domestic Violence and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, opposed the amendment because it would have reduced reporting of domestic violence.

The third candidate, Brannon, has previously advocated a rollback of child labor laws and said that the Second Amendment includes the right to have a nuclear weapon. After the Sandy Hook shooting, Brannon said, “Senator [Kay] Hagan says we got to have a nice debate and discussion about what to do. See, that’s called a democracy, which is actually socialism, which is called ‘majority rules.'”

All of that is wrong.

Ellmers, at least, has produced an inkling of courage twice in her life—and has never proposed giving everyone access to reneenukes. It’s a ridiculously low bar to clear, but since we can’t say the same for Holding or Brannon, we endorse Renee Ellmers. Besides, if the Kochs hate her, she must be doing something right.

Got that, Second District voters?  Renee Ellmers has been blessed by North Carolina’s preeminent left-wing news outlet.

10 thoughts on “NC-02: Lefties @ IndyWeek endorse Ellmers

  1. I love that they had to reference the Koch-topus the radical left’s favorite boogeyman. The fact that the Indy endorses her only reinforces the fact that Holding is the right choice.

    It is also quite rich that they consider going democrap is “courage”, but one of the hallmarks of radical leftists is that they only toe their own narrative, no questions asked…and that is “courage” too.

  2. My neighbor is a lifetime liberal Democrat and she keeps telling me she wants to vote for Renee in November. That being said I now have all the information I need to cast my vote for Holden.

    1. That Holding is a better choice than Ellmers is like saying that having pneumonia is preferable to having the plague. It is, but why settle for either disease when Brannon is in the race? Holding just won’t fight for the advancement of a conservative agenda, not when it would put him in an adversarial relationship with the House leadership.

  3. *What more could a Republican candidate ask for?*


    North Korea endorses ‘wise’ Donald Trump over ‘dull’ rival Hillary Clinton

    1. Kim Jung-Un was undoubtedly playing reverse psychology on that one.

      However, Venezuelan Socialist strongman Maduro was NOT when he endorsed Bernie Sanders. If you want to see how America would end up under Sanders, just take a look at Venezuela under Maduro.

      1. “Undoubtedly”, eh? I love that. Because for me, it’s “undoubtedly” the case that North Korea knows that their kiss-of-death endorsement would be seen as reverse psychology, and so they played the double reverse on you.

        Of course they’d rather see Trump elected. He publicly threatened to pull US troops out of South Korea, and said as President, he would “have no problem” meeting directly with Kim. He’s clearly a boob in over his head on the world stage. That’s a dream-come-true for North Korea.

  4. The North Carolina congressional delegation sucks. The only NC-02 candidate that may change that is Greg Brannon. Jones and Meadows need help.

    1. Jones and Meadows are great, but you are right that they need help. Brannon in 2, Curran in 5, Hardin in 6, D’Annunzio in 8, and Blust in 13 can go a long way toward providing that help.

      Boehner and Ryan have failed us, and we need to replace their flunkies, so that we can replace Ryan.

      1. I’m in total agreement. All of the above would be a delegation much more accountable to us. Ultimately, we must have accountable GOP leadership, too. What we have now will not do.

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