NC-02: The Donald on the phone for Nee-Nee

I swear, they’ve got to work on the political instincts at donald-trumpTrump HQ: 

Donald Trump made his first congressional endorsement as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee on Saturday, releasing a robocall that features his praise of North Carolina Rep. Renee Ellmers.

In the recording, sent to Tar Heel voters, Trump touted Ellmers as the first female House Republican to formally endorse him in the GOP primary and described her as “a fighter.”

“I need her help in Washington so we can work together to defeat ISIS, secure our border and bring back jobs and frankly, so many other things,” Trump said. “Renee knows how to do it. She gets it. And together, we will make America great again.” […] 

Hugging up to Renee Ellmers – -right now — is kind of like embracing an skunkangry skunk at a  garden party.  You won’t win any friends and you’ll come away with quite a stink. 

This woman is as fraudulent as frauds go.  She has proven time and again she will say or do anything to get reelected.  She’s voted one way in DC, and then gone home to tell the voters just the opposite.  ONE WEEK BEFORE the North Carolina primary, Ellmers praised John Kasich as “the only adult” left in the presidential race.  She began to figure out she — and Kasich — were sinking rapidly, and grabbed hold of a life preserver from the S.S. Trump.  Embracing Big Government Barbie flies in the face of Trump’s attacks on Lyin’ Ted and Crooked Hillary.  

You could write this off as loyalty.  But the polls indicate this shrew is going to come in third place on Tmouthuesday.  She’s going home.  She won’t be there to help him in DC.  But George Holding likely will be.  Why jump into this primary and tick off a potential ally right up front? 

Somebody needs to get to Trump and have him stay the hell out of GOP primaries.

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  1. “This woman is as fraudulent as frauds go. She has proven time and again she will say or do anything to get reelected. She’s voted one way in DC, and then gone home to tell the voters just the opposite.”

    While I agree… that characterization could apply just as well to Trump. 🙂

    Ellmers has said nice things about Trump, which seems to usually be enough for him… plus she’s a woman, which optics-wise is something I imagine is high on Trump’s campaign radar.

  2. Trump wants loyalists which I can understand but she is so weak on illegal immigration. Did the Trump campaign bother to do any research? Recall Boehner and Trump are texting / golfing buddies and Ellmers is a Yuge supporter of Boehner and his cronies.

    When Ellmers loses, she will land a role on Team Trump…

    1. I hate to tell you, but I think you will find, should Trump actually win the Presidency, that he also is “weak on immigration.”

      1. Yup, he’s just been pushing that immigration hawk persona to suck in the rubes. And for that reason, I’d be willing to take my chances with a coup at the convention, should they attempt to block his nomination.

      2. You are not telling me anything I don’t know. Trump has been on every side of every issue…sometimes on the same day. I haven’t forgotten about the NY Times interview Trump refuses to release. He’s for touch back amnesty and that’s just for starters.

      3. Donald Trump reminds me way too much of Nixon in 1968. What voters thought they were getting and what they got were too different things. Nixon talked a good game at election time, but in office he was much different. Conservative Congressman John Ashbrook (R-Ohio) probably said it best when he said that ”Nixon ran on George Wallace’s platform, but carried out Hubert Humphrey’s”

  3. Trump at Bat:
    Strike 1- “It is a dangerous world out there – it’s scary, like Vietnam. Sort of like the Vietnam era. It is my personal Vietnam. I feel like a great and very brave soldier” (after his deferments from the Vietnam war)
    Strike 2- “I need Renee Ellmers… she knows how to do it” (I can only assume he is referring to her double-talk and revisionist campaign speeches)
    Strike 3- Reserved for future use

    The same goes for the good Senator COL Rabin. I am so disappointed to hear about his endorsement. I’ve lost a lot of respect for that man over this issue.

    May God, have mercy on our Republic

  4. As a conservative Cruz supporter, I had just about reconciled myself to getting on the Trump train. Trump’s past as a big contributor to both liberal Democrats and to establishment Republicans running in primaries against conservatives (like his big bucks to Mitch McConnell against Matt Bevin in the Kentucky primary), and his taking liberal positions on things where he now takes conservative ones, still caused me great concern. But I thought maybe he had changed and it was worth taking a chance on that to stop Hillary.

    Now, Trump’s ultra-liberal endorsement of the awful Renee Ellmers in a race with two, more conservative opponents, seems to validate everything that the ”NeverTrump” crowd has been saying. He is mindlessly embracing the GOP establishment and kicking conservatives in the ‘nads. I am back to undecided in the presidential race, and if’s Trump’s intervention causes Ellemrs to pull off an upset, it may make me mad enough to join NeverTrump.

    The 2nd is not even my home district, but Trump’s ill-conceived interference in this primary makes me furious. He may have lost me for good with this massive blunder.

  5. Interesting that you throw in “Holding will probably win” without continuing—
    With the millions of $$$ he has gotten from special interest PAV money. And the fact that Renee & George have almost the identical voting records.

  6. The argument from Trump folks to those who are not enthusiastic supporters is that he will hire great people to advise him….well if this is the best he can do with vetting endorsements…GOD help us. Renee Ellmers is the LEAST conservative choice in this race. George Holding is the best candidate in this race. Vote George Holding for the 2nd District Tuesday the 7th………

  7. The Hidabeast or Communist Bernie? I’d take a bullet first. Trump? Damn. All he had to do was shut up. Now I’m back to undecided.

  8. The Trump campaign is being run by two of the most slimy GOP establishment hack consultants out there, Roger Stone and Paul Manafort. The latter has also worked for a lot of foreign dictators, including some far to the left, and reputedly for the Russian mob. One of Manafort’s clients in Ukraine was noted for jailing major political opponents on trumped up charges and for ordering his secret police snipers to shoot down a hundred pro-western opposition protesters in the center of Kiev. There was a thorough report of Manafort’s ties to dictators around the world in a British newspaper article posted at the Beaufort Observer a couple of months ago.

    The people around Trump give me the creeps, and with that sort of people around him, I guess his endorsement of liberal Renee Ellmers should not be surprising, even if totally inconsistent on the issues from Trump’s public positions.

    I guess we should also consider that Manafort has stated that Trump’s positions on the issues in the primary were just to create an image, which strongly suggests that they are not his real positions. Ellmers liberalism may emerge as Trump’s real position. I fear that conservative voters may have been conned by Donald Trump.

  9. Laura Ingram – major Trump supporter and major opponent of Ellmers – what does Ingram think about strong endorsement. Trump will reward supporters, policy doesn’t matter.

    1. Feel Mr Trump would be wise, able to use his knowledge, to look to God as our founding fathers did,for help before he gets support from people like Renee Elmers. He alone, can open his eyes and ears,so he can lead our nation. We need conservative Holdin. Go vote for Holdin or you voted for Renee Elmers, who doesn’t stick up for NC. Let’s “get at it” and carry on. May God please bless America again with people who stand up and speak up for a nation under God.

  10. well we know where Hillary is and what she will do. Trump is an unknown quantity. i guess i will just have to see where it leads. that has been the case for the past 50 years. like a game of dice.

  11. Trump lost me on this one. Renee is not fit to hold public office. She is a liberal democrat just like Trump! Take Obama Care for example Trump wants a single payer system. Trump wants the rich to pay more taxes. Trump thinks nobody should go without medical care. Sounds like Obama to me.

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