#nc-02: Drivebys perplexed by Right’s rejection of Ellmers

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First it was The Club For Growth. Now, Americans For Prosperity is reaching out to smack Big Govt Barbie.™  This has the driveby media just flummoxed.  HOW — HOW can these right-wingers be against the darling of the Trump campaign?  How ??? 

Nee-nee is eating up the attention her clinging to Donald Trump has gotten her.  She got to write in Time magazine. She got to be one of Trump’s emissaries to Paul Ryan. All over Twitter, Trump fans are clamoring for Ellmers’s reelection.  I wonder if they saw her interview from ONE WEEK before the North Carolina primary, where she announced her support for John Kasich because “he sounds the most mature right now.”

In today’s Wall Street Journal, we get more of our very own Claire Underwood basking in the glow of her ne151008ellmersmccarthyw Trump-induced fame:

[…] For some lawmakers, backing Mr. Trump is a nod to the will of constituents more than a deep-rooted agreement with his policies. Rep.Renee Ellmers (R., N.C.) said her realization came in talking to voters in the week before her state’s March 15 primary. “So many were going to vote for Trump and it just really clicked with me that he’s having a conversation with the American people that we [Republicans] haven’t been,” she said Wednesday.[…] 

HOW do you go from Kasich is ”the most mature” to THE DONALD IS THA’ BOMB ????

I’ll tell you:  She found out that she was going to run against George Holding in a district where he is dominant.  She realized conservatives are ticked at her, and she needs a gimmick to fire them up and bring them back.  *The rubes fell for it in 2010.  They’ll do it AGAIN.*

The Journal article expands on the motives for jumping to Trump:

[…] ,Another benefit for lawmakers with ties to Mr. Trump is he helps them cultivate an antiestablishment posture that is appealing to many voters these days.[…]

Boom. Exactly.  Ellmers has the nerve to attack Holding as a “Washington Insider” — even though she’s been there TWO YEARS longer than he has!

George Holding is regularly ranked in a first place tie with Walter Jones, or a close second to Jones, as the most conservative member of the North Carolina delegation.  Ellmers is regularly ranked as the most liberal House Republican representing North Carolina.


Whaaaaaaaa??? This is coming from a woman who took in ONE MILLION DOLLARS from DC-based PACs and special interests in the 2014 campaign.  Most of her money this time around comes from folks in the DC area who have personal interests before Congress.  So, this line of attack is the vilest form of hypocrisy.

Oh, and it gets, um. *better*:


WHAT conservative victory is she babbling about?  Her effort to kill a ban on late-term abortion?  Her effort to revive the pork-laden special-interest giveaway known as the Ex-Im Bank? Her back-stabbing moves against people trying to kill ObamaCare? Her votes FOR amnesty for illegal aliens?


So, is giving the FCC even MORE power an example of a “conservative victory”?


Whaaaaaaaaa??????  This lying lying lying lying, um, woman has been out there for amnesty every chance she can get.  She cussed out constituents who came to her office to try and talk some sense into her about amnesty. She lovingly addressed a rally by illegals in Asheboro.  She sided with Democrats on a number of efforts to salvage amnesty.

A shameful, damnable liar is what we have HERE, ladies and gentlemen.




15 thoughts on “#nc-02: Drivebys perplexed by Right’s rejection of Ellmers

  1. A buddy of mine got a push poll on her behalf the other day. I’m waiting for mine. At the Franklin Co. Convention she said she was not supported by
    Congressional leadership. I was there on behalf of another candidate so I did not ask her if Paul Ryan is her boss. Can’t wait to get rid of her

  2. Someone needs to run ads tying this lying witch to her votes for amnesty for illegal aliens. Ellmers voting record fits a lot closer to liberal establishment kingpin Kasich than it does to the ”build the wall and deport the aliens” position of Trump.

    Renee Ellmers is as phony as a three peso bill. I want to puke when I hear the radio ads where the announcer claims she is a conservative.

  3. Don’t forget Holding is the one that got the donations for June 7 primary to start over. I vote for no incumbents.

      1. Why kick out a conservative that has some sway though? Freshman congressman have no ability to get anything done and are given jurisdiction over a portfolio of low profile issues. Holding didn’t have to sell his soul like RINO Renee did, and he might not be perfect but at least he’s sane.

        1. Because Holding is full of conservaTALK, but he still votes for debt ceiling hikes, CR-Omnibuses, Boehner, and Ryan. Need more? That’s just for starters.

          1. Yes, I would like more. The debt ceiling hike and cromnibus were the same thing and boehner/Ryan were both chosen with a strong number of conservative votes. Also, I know that they are not conservative leaders, but that only gets back to my previous point that conservatives don’t get to rise in the ranks and get into leadership positions because the minute they even are perceived as doing one thing out of step they are booted from office. The establishment candidates grow in seniority, and influence within the structure of the House, because Conservatives eat their own and continually send up new Congressmen.

            I said Holding wasn’t perfect, but in my opinion he hasn’t done anything egregious that would be worth it to me to roll the dice with wild card/perennial candidate Greg Brannon.

      2. Got burned on Brannon before, and if Née Née gets reelected, he should be held personally responsible!

  4. George Holding has been a voice and vote for the Bush-Cheney war and spy machine since he arrived in Washington. If it wasn’t for them no one would have to worry about terrorists and border walls and there would no tolerance for government spying on our phone calls and email. Vote for Greg Brannon – the true Ron Paul – Walter Jones – Liberty Republican.

    1. Border walls are necessary to keep out the flood of economic migrant invaders and the Mexican drug cartels, even if the terrorism situation did not exist.

      We should be doing what European countries like Hungary, Bulgaria, and Macedonia are doing. They have border walls and their armies helping man the borders to stop the invasion of migrants. Hopefully, we will not have to do what Slovakia just did and shoot migrants at the border.

    1. Wow, 2nd District is a real mess. I’m thankful that I’m in the 3rd. We’ve just got to defend Jones against a gazillion out of state dollars and dump truck loads of GOP establishment hostility.

      1. Respectfully to you and Kim:

        These people (okay, cretins) represent (okay, misrepresent) the entire country, not just the districts who voted for them.

        Please take the conservative fight wherever you are needed, and don’t allow the relative peace in your region to keep you from acting elsewhere in the name of freedom.

  5. Brannon is the man we need. He will be a fighter for our principles, not just a bystander.

    We’re running out of time and Ellmers and Holding have both proven they won’t aggressively seek to restore our founding principles and use the power of the purse.

    This race is perfect for Brannon. Turnout should be 20,000 or less and he received 27,000 votes in the district just a month or so ago. He also have thousands of patients which live in the district.

    If his campaign can identify and mobilize supporters this is a very winnable race for him.

    The poll his campaign put out has..
    36% Brannon
    27% Holding
    25% Ellmers
    12% Undecided

    We need a pro-active representative, not just someone who says the right things but does very little to address the problems we face.

    I Back Brannon

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