Dallas STILL kicking Hasan

He broke his neck to get on this site to defend his grandpa 90when Grandpa got caught hosting a fundraiser for a candidate in the 13th congressional district GOP primary.  But professional chicken chaser Dallas Woodhouse is still working away at kicking the former chairman of the state party: 

North Carolina Republican Party officials say the former state chairman is misleading about how they alerted him on a meeting last month in which party activists sacked him.
Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse released a party staff memo this week challenging allegations that Hasan Harnett made at last weekend’s GOP convention.Harnett says he didn’t receive details about the charges against him and people on the Executive Committee who signed a petition seeking a removal hearing by the committee April 30.images (5)The memo says the party sent the charges and meeting notice five ways.
The memo included documents showing one package sent to Harnett’s home had been refused.
Harnett was accused of overstepping his authority and working to bring down the party’s computer system.
Harnett didn’t respond Wednesday to a text seeking comment.

Lee County GOP vice chairman Jim Womack once again took on the thankless, hopeless task of trying to talk sense to Brad’s, um, “challenged” little brother:


While I appreciate you sending me the Memo earlier today, and now this link
to a Washington Times article, I find it curious that the NCGOP continues to
fan the flames about the former Chairman being deposed. These matters are
normally best left for internal party consumption. Surely you un130219_womack_034derstand
the circulation of statements in state and national media only foments more
grass roots discontent with the NCGOP. Local party activists are becoming more and more disaffected with each new note that is released. Unless it is your plan to destroy the chances for state and local candidates to be successful this fall, I should think you would prefer to suppress ratherthan promote discussion of Mr. Harnett’s case.

Moreover, I think we both know there were many Baby-Says-Shut-Up-Pictureviolations of the party’s
Plan of Organization and Roberts Rules of Order during the whole run-up to
the April 30th hearing and the conduct of the hearing itself. The more
attention you draw to those events, the riskier it is that the NCGOP might
be sued for malfeasance, whether slander, libel or other tort claim.
Perhaps your general counsel hasn’t coached you on media release best
practices. I’d suggest you use caution. Else you may suffer the same (or
worse) treatment as Mr. Harnett.


Jim Womack

Of course, the boy wonder COULD NOT take a hint:

On May 12, 2016, at 01:31, dallas.woodhouse@Dallasncgop.org wrote:

Jim you defended him. He made claims in public and to the media. and In front of the entire Convention. So we responded. Should we not provide the requested information?
Should we not be transparent ? He would not address these things privately when we asked him to step into the staff office at the Convention. He surrounded us with a handful of his supports and video Cameras.

We said we would provide the information and we are doing so.

Womack TRIED once more:

Dallas, my point was merely that the party should avoid these2_Founding_Father_facepalm_thread_8998251 very public statements against Mr. Harnett. To further escalate these points about Hasan only harms the party. I was under the impression the party was trying to get unified. This media attention will not accomplish that objective.

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9 thoughts on “Dallas STILL kicking Hasan

  1. “Should we not respond?”

    This is where the NCGOP staff outsmarted themselves. By making sure Harnett could not be at the hearing, he’s not bound to confidentiality, BUT THEY ARE. But as usual, they think that rules only apply when they’re convenient.

  2. Well, lets recap. When the issue was the impeachment of David Lewis, who deserved it, General Counsel Stark ruled that the executive committee could not consider the matter because even though the leader of the impeachment effort timely sent Lewis a certified letter at the address on his voter registration with the charges and notice, that was insufficient as Lewis claimed he never received it. (Heck, maybe, he refused it, too, or just let it sit at the post office)

    When the issue was Hasan Harnett, however, Stark ignored the issue of whether it was actually received and ruled that the matter could go forward merely on the basis that it was sent.

    With Lewis, it had to be both sent and received. With Harnett, it only had to be sent. These rulings are totally inconsistent, and the only thing that explains them is that in each case, Stark was making a ruling consistent with the position of his faction of the party’ position.

    Lewis and Harnett should have had the same standards applied to them, and clearly they did NOT.

    These double standards are a disgrace to our party, one for the white liberal and another for the black conservative.

  3. It looks like Jim Womack has wised up. He apparently has realized that the dirty tricks by the establishment creeps have once again shot the party in the foot, the head and the ballot box. Can you say Romney’s defeat? Was it Casey Stengel who said, “It looks like Deja vu all over again.” Well, the nitwits are destroying the chance of success for NC Republicans. They are yesterday. They refuse to make way for the New Republicans. If they had any class, the scalawsgs who voted for the Hasan coup would resign. Those on the central committee, who did not vote for the overthrow, could be joined with new blood and put the party back together. Robin Hayes could become a statesman and bring that about. If he does, NC will see an invigorated GOP that will campaign with great energy and bring many people into the party, black, brown and young whites. If the party is to be successful, it will be inclusive, not decisive.

  4. Great Jim Womack. Thanks to tell truth about falsehoods of Dallas Woodhouse! Kick Woodhouse out of GOP!

  5. A lawless party for a lawless time. I vote no confidence. You NC GOP dudes are on your own. Many of us don’t even recognize the NC GOP organization as something legitimate.

    1. Good! That is exactly what we want! Don’t go away mad; just go away! We do not want you little people. Look, you just screwed up our plan for the National Committeeman and if we had not pulled some tricks out of our ass, you would have screwed up our plan for National Comitteewoman, too. Now, shoo, go away, before any more things like that happen.

      1. Uh, “Dallas,” I ain’t going anywhere. I just don’t recognize the present NC Chairman and ED as having any legitimacy.

        I should have been more specific about which GOP dudes I was talking about.

  6. Dallas Woodhouse was booed by delegates at the recent state convention. From what I am told, he is the first NCGOP Executive Director ever to be booed at a state convention. He needs to take a hint and resign. He is not wanted by many party activists and he is an impediment to the party, not an asset. He badly needs to be GONE.

  7. Dallas you resign and so should his pal chief RINO Tillis, the fakest Republican of them all.

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