Monkey Business Report: Campaign signs in NC-02

Attachment-1I am hearing things are getting a little rough on the ground in that 3-way fight between George Holding, Renee Ellmers and Greg Brannon. My sources are telling me that some of the Holding campaign’s yard signs are disappearing to be replaced with signs of similar style that claim Holding supports the dreaded Common Core curriculum.  (Of course, there is no ‘paid-for-by’ statement on the signs so you can tell where they came from.  They’re certainly not Holding’s.) 

Yanking up someone’s campaign signs from a spot where they had permission to plant them, without their permission, is UNCOOL to say the least.  I don’t care whose signs they are.

I decided to do a little research to see if i could find ANY basis for the claim Holding supports Common Core.  I found a House vote from 2014 on H. Amendment 53 to HR5.  The amendment’s purpose was IDed as:  To prevent the Secretary of Education from using grants or waivers to coerce states into adopting or keeping Common Core or other national standards.

According to tracking from FreedomWorks, both Ellmers and Holding voted YES on that amendment.  If you have a link, or any other kind of reference, showing George Holding supporting Common Core, please get it to us.

According to FreedomWorks, these are Ellmers’s conservatism rankings:  2011 – 77%, 2012-42%, 2013-64%, 2014-55%, 2015-52%. .

Here are Holding’s: 2013 – 77%, 2014 – 86%, 2015 – 90%.

5 thoughts on “Monkey Business Report: Campaign signs in NC-02

  1. I have been seeing many” Hiolding voted for common core” signs, typically around elementary schools. The idea behind this location, I think, is many parents drop their kids off at elementary schools and will see them. It’s a shame, Holding voted for the cromnibus, had never criticized Boehner or Ryan to my knowledge? Boehner and Ryan are the biggest Obama enablers there are? There is no one good to vote for in the 2nd district. Holding is certainly not as conservative as some would portray.

  2. Holding is a self funded candidate who doesn’t rock the boat. He is preferable to Ellmers who wants to save the penguins.

    Trump somehow endorsed her because of low energy or because she is a woman. Or because Trump has let McCarthy and Ellmers know they should be careful.

    The Pauls/Brannon are all over the map on Trump.

  3. The No Child Left Behind reauthorization bill was the typical political bill, Congress tells the public one thing and the details of the bill tell otherwise.

    “In short, this bill purports to fix the problems created under NCLB (some of which were, in fact, created outside of NCLB but incorrectly attributed to it, e.g. Common Core), but there is evidence that it doesn’t, in fact, fix federal overreach, and, in many instances, like in standards and mandated testing, it increases it.”

    One week is not long enough or somebody would have called Alexander on his B.S. that this bill allows parents to opt-out and that it would get rid of Common Core. It does neither. As far as “fixing” No Child Left Behind how can one say that with a straight face. It doesn’t even do that.”

    I don’t know how Holding voted> If he voted Yes, then perhaps that is the basis for the message on the signs. Congress pushed this bill through when the public was opposed to it. Of course, the Chamber of Commerce was happy.

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