#ncpol: Amnesty and the June primary

Donald Trump has made immigration a major issue in the presidential race.  On the congressional level, a number of candidates on the ballot for the June 7 primary have staked out interesting positions on the problem of illegal aliens: wall

  • District 2:  During last week’s televised debate, George Holding told the audience he’s not at all interested in giving a break — a “pathway to citizenship” — to people who have already broken the law.  We were also reminded during the debate that Renee Ellmers voted against (1) defunding Obama’s executive order on amnesty (2) as well as a bill prioritizing the deportation of sex offenders.
  • District 6:  In a non-televised candidate forum in Sanford Friday night, Mark Walker told the audience he is NOT for deporting illegal aliens already living in this country.
  • District 9:  Robert Pittenger has earned praise from a pro-amnesty PAC run by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.  Mark Harris was supportive of a pathway–to-citizenship resolution passed by the Southern Baptist Conference while he was head of that organization.

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  1. If you don’t want them coming across the border than why are those employing the immigrants not being targeted? All the focus is on the supply side while WE are providing the demand.

  2. Deeds not words mean more. Both Ellmers and Holding have shown they are not Conservatives and are only out for themselves and the job they are currently holding. The more time they rack up in office the better their benefits are afterwards. Both think they support veterans but they sure don’t try to improve veteran benefits or healthcare. Ellmers is supposedly a nurse; she should be stomping all over the VA everyday. Neither get this veterans vote; Senator Traitor (Burr) as well.

  3. illegal aliens — if you are in the usa illegally you have to go — it really is this simple — there is no other option get the heck out of our county

    1. Food service, landscaping, construction, crop harvesting. Expect a huge slowdown in these and other work these immigrants perform as well as an increase in prices.

      1. We have enough welfare recipients who could be put to work in many of these capacities.

        As to construction, that is a real sore point. Until the illegal aliens invaded and started undercutting wages, construction paid above minimum wage and was a good step up for working class white and black citizens. When the illegal arrived, these citizens were cut out of those desirable jobs.

          1. Sadly, many of these weasels did it because the illegal aliens (they are NOT immigrants, the law calls them ”illegal aliens”. Using the term ”immigrant” for these illegal aliens is a massive insult to real immigrants) would undercut the wages of American workers. Construction jobs used to be reasonably good paying jobs for working class white and black Americans. Now Americans are largely frozen out of these jobs.

          2. So I also should have used the term “UnAmerican” contractors since they were basically inviting foreign workers to the U.S.

  4. There are other races where this issue resonates:

    3rd District:
    Walter Jones – only ”A” rated member of the NC delegation by major anti-amnesty group Numbers USA, staunch opponent of amnesty
    Taylor Griffin – biggest fundraiser is Paul Singer, whose two main issues are amnesty for illegal aliens and gay rights. Singer, who is a major Democrat bundler, would not be backing Griffin so strongly if Griffin had not committed to him on his two pet issues.

    13th District:
    Harry Warren is the leading proponent of NC drivers licenses for illegal aliens in the General Assembly and otherwise has strongly supported illegal alien measures.
    Andrew Brock endorsed Marco Rubio for president, whose only claim to fame in the Senate was as a member of the infamous pro-amnesty Gang of 8 and as a major supporters of amnesty for illegal aliens. Supporting a presidential candidate who has been the face of the pro-amnesty movement is a huge red flag.

  5. There’s a clear choice in district 6 and it’s Chris Hardin. I’ve suspected for years that someone with Walker’s background could not be able trusted on Immigration. As for district 13, Army-Retired is on target. Only Greg Brannon can be trusted to do the right thing and the voters in NCGOP-13 have a rare opportunity to end the careers of not one, but two RINOs on June 7th.

    1. Greg Brannon is running in District 2, against Ellmers and Holding, not in the 13th.

  6. The US Constitution and common sense guide my policy positions. Learn about my positions at duffieforcongress.com and vote for Ryan Duffie on Tuesday June 7.

  7. Everyone should read Breitbart’s article on what Hillary plans to do if elected. None of the above mentioned races will mean squat if She wins. More importantly, the rank and file Cruz supporters / never Trump folks better wake the hell up. A country without borders is no country. Usher in Hillary with your “principled self righteousness” and kiss your country good-bye.

    1. You should have thought about Trump’s inability to get elected in the general before you voted for him. Don’t blame the Cruz folks.

      1. You are a fool, Michelle. Please stop listening to Cheetos face Beck. Did you even read the Breitbart article about Hillary’s plan for the border and first 100 days plan for amnesty? A country without a border is no country. Again, keep up with the self righteousness and kiss your country good bye.

  8. Tox, didnt you support Walker in 2014? Perhaps I am not remembering correctly.

    In fact, wasnt illegal immigration one of the key issues that his opponents were attacking him for?

    1. Reluctantly, and only because his run-off opponent was such an ass. However, like many, I realized what we’d elected in January 2015 when his first act was to break his word that he’d never vote for Boehner to be speaker.

  9. In 2014 Walker’s mobile version of his campaign website purposed legalizing 12 million illegal immigrants. At the same time the desktop version of his website was tough on illegals. On Pittenger’s campaign website he supported legal status/work permits for illegal immigrants. He scrubbed that off his website around the time Cantor lost.

  10. How can you support Todd Johnson and the Dee Stewart mafia??

    Harris is the conservative in the race and the only option if you want to unseat the criminal that’s currently in there!

    1. Dee Stewart is absolute poison. He is a liberal Republican operative, who has sold his soul to the far left. Any candidate he is involved with should be avoided like the plague. Dee Stewart lies so much in his ads that I would not trust what any Stewart candidate tells you about their positions on ANY issue.

  11. Sue Googe, candidate for the 4th district, does NOT support amnesty. Googe is for securing our border and defend US’s sovereignty . Please read my issues page http://www.suegooge.com/issues.

    Jobs, liberty and country!

    Please vote Sue Googe for US congress in the 4th district on June 7th.

    God bless America

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