#nc-02: Nee-nee in THIRD PLACE ???

If you believe consultant Carter Wrenn, THAT is apparently the case: 

Renee Ellmers was being clever. She thought. By telling voters George Holding had opposed ‘the U.S. Army.’Renee Ellmers (Ellmers for Congress)

But it turned out to not be clever at all.

Because when Holding explained that Ellmers was claiming he’d voted against the Army because he’d voted against Obama’s Omnibus Budget Deal – the earth shifted beneath Ellmers’ feet.

Two weeks ago, in his second poll, George Holding and Renee Ellmers were running neck and neck (at around 25% of the vote each). With Greg Brannon trailing, in third place. 

George’s third poll came back yesterday and Ellmers had destroyed her own credibility. She collapsed. Dropping from 25% of the vote to 18% while George Holding soared by over 20 points to 46% of the vote.[…] download (1)

Soooooooo — If my math is correct, Holding and Ellmers account for 64 percent of the vote.  That means the remaining 36 percent is either FOR Greg Brannon or Undecided.  Unless the undecided vote is at 18 percent or more, that means Greg Brannon is in SECOND place in this race. MORE:

[…] That was bad news for Ellmers. But it got worse: Her Favorable/Unfavorable ratings had flipped and turned upside down. Her Favorable had plummeted to 25% while her Unfavorable had soared to 50% — twice as many voters were Unfavorable to Ellmers as were Favorable. 

Worst of all, for Ellmers, 60% of the voters said she is trying to mislead them to be reelected – while only 20% said she’s not. And that 60% of the voters – who say Ellmers is playing fast and loose with the truth – are voting for George Holding overwhelmingly.  download (2)

Ellmers tried an old Washington Insider trick and, in the end, blew her own foot off. And, with just three weeks left to Election Day, she may well have blown herself out of the race for Congress.

Ellmers now has two toxic problems: Her votes for Obama’s Budget Deal and for $750 billion in Food Stamp spending. And her sleight of hand. Which, in two weeks, turned a horse race into an election where she trails George Holding by 28 points.  

Oh, sweet irony.  Granted, Carter is working for the Holding campaign.  But. in 2010, he guided Renee Ellmers to victory over Democrat Bob Etheridge.

9 thoughts on “#nc-02: Nee-nee in THIRD PLACE ???

  1. She’s awful on multiple levels. But it hurts to see Holding pull into first because he’s so status quo in DC. We need a conservative warrior who will challenge the House leadership to further a conservative agenda, and a guy in love with his Ways and Means committee seat can’t do that.

  2. Her credibility took another major hit when she claimed (during WRAL debate last week) that Holding was an immigration attorney. When he clarified that he was a federal prosecutor, and as such, prosecuted immigration cases, she doubled down. Must be the most weak-minded member of congress ever.

  3. Renee Ellmers left the district for DC and never looked back. She is a “touch and go” rep who flies in to touch those who agree with her and give her money and then she is off to here establishment buddies. Nay Nay to Renee née………

  4. It’s about time Ellmers’ track record of lies and selling out her constituents to the globalists Zuckerberg and Chamber of Commerce has finally caught up with her. Here’s hoping this poll is accurate.

  5. I voted for Renee and was glad when she went to Washington, mainly because Bob E. had been there too long. The fact that Renee has worked hard in the battle to keep Pope AFB open and save the air wing there and at Goldsboro I salute her that. However voting for anything Obama presented was too much. I will not be voting for any incumbent this election that has been in Washington over 6 yrs.

  6. Holding may not be perfect, but he is drastically superior to either of his competitors!

  7. Renee Elmers has a record for endorsing Amnesty for Illegal immigrants. With the American citizen’s job loss in N.C., her numbers may continue to drop.

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