Movie time with The Haymaker!


A few weeks back we wrote a piece about the movie Amerigeddon — a very creepy political thriller that hits waaaaaaay too close to home — directed by Mike Norris, son of Chuck.  As we told you, this is some honest to goodness conservative entertainment. It has a great limited government, 2nd amendment message. We don’t see much of this out of Hollywood. So, when stuff like this comes around, we need to embrace it enthusiastically.

The movie is on a limited run right now in the Charlotte area.  The film’s producers say it has done much better than expected at the box office.  They are attributing that success to the play we gave the film prior to its North Carolina debut.

The limited run  ends on Sunday.  A generous soul has provided The Haymaker with a load of tickets for the 5:30 showings of Amerigeddon at Regal Stonecrest at Piper Glen Stadium 22 in Charlotte this Friday and Saturday.

Want to go?  We can hook you up with FREE tickets, while they last.  Send us an email by clicking the “Email US” link at the top of this page.  Give us your name, how many tickets you need, and a good email address.  We will be emailing you pdf images of the tickets you can print out and use at the theater.