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#ncpol: Thilli$$$ picks a fight (with a GIRL)

When it took you thirty-some years (some 17 community colleges and an online correspondence program) to get your bachelor’s degree, it takes some pretty big cojones to act all superior and question someone else’s intelligence. But, THAT is our junior senator for you.  Thom The…

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Thilli$$$ theams with Dems to Thry and Thump Trump

Our very own ethically-challenged junior senator is once again “crossing the aisle.”  Thom The Therrible and his sidekick Susie spent the entire Republican National Convention following the Trumps around, trying to get noticed — with visions of that house at The Naval Observatory dancing in…

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Thilli$$$$$: We need MORE foreign workers!

Yep.  Our junior senator is carrying water for his patrons in The Chamber AND causing trouble for President Trump all in one fell swoop: The White House complained Monday about Democratic obstruction of President Trump’s nominees, but a Republican senator is the chief roadblock for…

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#ncpol: Thom WHO ???

That’s right. According to a major national survey, a whopping 30 percent of North Carolina voters say they either Don’t Know who Thom Tillis is, or have No Opinion of him.  (Only Michigan Democrat Gary Peters fared worse.  Thirty-four percent of his constituents either don’t…

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US Senate ready to blow O-Care repeal?

That’s what it looks like.  And a group of conservatives, from the House and Senate (including our very own Mark Meadows), is calling them out on it: Conservative senators and allied outside groups are on the verge of rebellion against the Senate’s Obamacare repeal effort,…

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North Carolina’s junior senator participated in yet another pro-amnesty photo op, and the driveby media assumed position, ready to drool and take dictation: Representatives from the construction, hospitality, farming and seafood industries sat down with U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis in Raleigh on Monday to share…

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Tillis collapses, taken away by ambulance, during DC 5K race

The story is here.  Once again, life-and-death episodes make political differences look really, really tiny and insignificant.  I’d say it’s mighty appropriate right now to take a TIME OUT and focus on wishing the very best for Thom Tillis and his family as they deal with…

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Tilli$$$$: Call me a RINO, please. (And make the check out to T-H-O-M …)

It didn’t work on Tucker Carlson.  But Paul Shumaker must have convinced our weather-vane of a junior senator to give it one more crack out in public:  […] Tillis had more to say about other topics, including one particularly memorable quip. When he dies, he said,…

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Let’s Get ready to RUMBLE: Thilli$ vs. Forest ?

If you believe social media — (and why shouldn’t you) — IT is apparently ON LIKE KING-KONG.  Check out what we stumbled across on Facebook today: If you notice, this appears to be sponsored  by something called The Principled Leadership Fund.  Their website features images…

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Thilli$$$: ‘We don’t need no steenkin’ wall.’ (Everything is working JUST FINE.)

Our junior US senator was Tucker Carlson’s victim Monday night.  And the Fox host sat there for most of the segment in utter disbelief — like we often do at this site — at the utter bullshit and nonsense pouring out of this charlatan’s mouth….