ThommyT’s “same-sex” tap dance

John Hood is NOT the only NCGOPe-type who can tap-dance.  Our senior US senator can apparently bust a move with the tap shoes when he wants to.

It’s becoming pretty clear that Tilli$$$ is feeling the heat over his passionate advocacy for the Respect For Marriage Act (RFMA).  Our senior senator was a key player in winning federal protection for same-sex “marriages.”

His work for the RFMA has been the basis of a statewide, county-by-county effort to censure  him. A significant effort is being organized to really zap Tillis with a mega-ultra-super-duper-MAGA censure at the NCGOP’s state convention.  Every censure that gets approved assures that Tilli$$$ will not be able to attend GOP functions in that locality nor use party resources in any election or reelection bid.  County-level censures have passed the 1/3 mark and are closing in on the 1/2 mark. 

All of this anger apparently has Theam Thom a wee bit nervous.  They tried to put together a “Conversation with Your Senator” conference call some time back.  The purpose of the call was to soothe local party leaders statewide and answer their questions.  One big problem?  Tilli$$$ himself did not bother to show up for this “Conversation with your senator.”  Another problem?  The call participants, supposedly a collection of the party’s mushiest of the mushy RINOs, showed NO LOVE to the man. 

Theam Thom was convinced that most of Tillis’s problems centered around RFMA.  They’ve since learned that folks back home are angry at the man for a long list of things.

Currently, the senator’s team is distributing this glossy piece of propaganda to party organizations across the state to assure the “little people” that RFMA is actually *not so bad.*

The Tillis propaganda suggests that RFMA changes nothing as long as the Obergefell Supreme Court precedent stands.  Okay.  If it changes nothing, why DO IT?

Here’s Thom:

[…] The Supreme Court ruled in its 2015 Obergefell decision that the Fourteenth Amendment requires a state to issue a marriage license between two people of the same sex. The decision effectively overturned laws in more than half of states, including North Carolina’s, immediately requiring every state to recognize and license same-sex marriages.

While the vast majority of legal experts on both sides of the political aisle expect the Obergefell ruling will remain the law of the land and never be overturned, I know there are still many good North Carolinians who believe in traditional marriage. As your U.S. Senator, I strongly believe those views must be respected and their religious beliefs must be protected.[…]

It doesn’t sound like he’s including himself and Suzi in this group that believe in “traditional marriage.”  He appears to be talking about OTHER PEOPLE.

Speaking of legal experts, the folks at The Alliance for Defending Freedom (ADF) have a rebuttal to the Tillis propaganda.  (The ADF is a pretty good group of conservatives who have the resources to deploy quality lawyers to defend conservative ideals.)

This presentation by ADF offers an excellent rebuttal to the RFMA and its supporters (like Thom Tillis).  Read through it and pay close attention to the highlighted areas.

The conclusion you should come away with?  Our senator has lied to us.  AGAIN.

The real reason Tilli$$$ has been so gung-ho about this bill is because the gay political lobby  threw a huge fundraiser for him in DC just before the 2020 election.  This is all about paying them back.

You want ThommyT to take action?  You HAVE to pay him.  (It’s the way he rolls.)