The ‘Stupid Party’ flexes its muscles in Moore County

The once-great columnist and pundit George Will once christened the GOP establishment and its acolytes as “the stupid party.”  In other words, these people witnessed the great successes of President Reagan’s victories, and yet continued to try to mimic the statists who own the other party.

Moore County — home to The Pinehurst Resort and other great golf locales – has a total voter registration that makes it safe territory for right-leaning candidates.  Yet, the county GOP continues to pad its leadership with left-leaners registered Republican and trot out candidates of the same ilk.

We had a conservative revolution locally in November 2022.  Die-hard conservatives took over the county board of commissioners and the county board of education.  This was pretty much accomplished by working AROUND the useless RINOs populating the county GOP leadership.

It’s pretty obvious to anyone who gets out of the house regularly that Thom Tillis is clearly the most despised individual in this good state. THAT is a bipartisan sentiment.  Yet, the NCGOPe continues to prop him up, chase off critics, and run off potential primary challengers.

Tillis has meddled in primaries against conservatives.  He has worked against the party’s platform and activists on issues like amnesty for illegal aliens, gun control, same-sex marriage, and government spending. There’s a great case to be made for party disloyalty.  There’s a great case for censure. 

Conservative Review gives Tillis a 49 percent (F) Liberty Score.  That means, when it comes time to vote for smaller government, Tillis is mostly a failure.

Some like to tout Heritage Action ratings (63 percent) or ACU ratings (39th out of 100 and a 68 percent grade, as of 2021).  Both of those entities have evolved into GOPe suck-ups.  Both measure party loyalty, as opposed to likelihood to vote for smaller government.  The GOP leadership is not always about shrinking government.

Reports indicate that roughly 30 percent of the county party organizations have passed censure resolutions.  Some surprising counties — and some surprising leaders — have jumped on the censure bandwagon.  Showing your disgust with ol’ weedeater head is a pretty safe, pretty popular thing to do these days.


Yet, bright-red Moore County’s county party leadership decided to give Thommy Boy a break.  The RINO apologists — led by their commander-in-chief George W. Little, who helped give us THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS and THIS — suggested a censure would look bad for the party and hurt the county’s ability to get federal money from Tillis. 

Do these people think we register Republican and vote Republican only because we like the pretty (R) ???

Tillis works for US.  If we have truly been reduced to having to BEG and PLEAD with a lying dirtbag for a share of our hard-earned, yet confiscated money, our society and our nation have truly been lost.

Why vote Republican at all if you’re basically getting 98 percent of what the Democrat statists are giving you?  This lily-livered fusion Democrat-lite strategy is likely more responsible for GOP struggles here than any alleged purpling of the political landscape. 

If Tillis did what he has been doing in the private sector, he could be charged with multiple counts of obtaining property by false pretenses.  In other words, FRAUD.  He led us to believe we were investing our trust in a conservative US senator.  THAT did not get delivered to us.

Residents of the Texas and Arizona southern borders are being terrorized and overrun by illegal alien border-crossers.  Tillis worked to foil President Trump’s efforts to secure the border, and now works with Democrats and his Chamber pimps to further weaken border security.  

Our economy is being destroyed by runaway spending.  Tillis voted against the recent budget-busting omnibus spending bill, but utilized a parliamentary trick to help it escape the Senate. More fraud against his constituents. 

Tillis took a bunch of money from the gay rights crowd and stuck it to his church-going supporters by championing gay marriage protections at the federal level.  He didn’t campaign on that.  More fraud, and pay-to-play as well. 

Tillis partnered with Democrats to further chip away at our 2nd amendment rights.  He and his campaign had the nerve, in 2014, to attack other Republicans for being insufficiently pro-gun.  More fraud.

*What’s not to love, eh, RINOs?*

The Moore County GOP would have been hailed as heroes if they dared to vote in a matter that agreed with the county’s conservative majority. Instead, they have ensured they will fall further into irrelevance and continue to be worked around in future elections. 

We’ve had success with the work-around strategy locally.  Jesse Helms had success doing the same with the National Congressional Club.  He ignored the NCGOP hierarchy for most of its career. They contributed little to his success.

You all out there can do this too.  It will take hard work. But if you want to have any hope of getting leadership that respects your beliefs, you’ve got to get it done.