Tillis: Trump needs a serious primary

Come to think of it — SO DO YOU, THOMMY.  So. Do. YOU.

Axios has all the glorious highlights:

Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) is cheering the prospect of multiple candidates entering the GOP’s 2024 presidential primaries.

Why it matters:“I think [former President Trump] needs to come before the American people … and build a case,” Tillis said at an Axios News Shapers event on Wednesday.[…]

Says the guy who couldn’t be bothered to jump on a recent conference call with NCGOP leaders entitled “A conversation with Senator Tillis.”


  • […]”On policy trajectories, I had very few differences with President Trump.”
  • “We all have our different styles and personalities, and there were some instances where I disagreed with him, and I’ve told him that.”[…]

“Very few differences”?  I count several:  amnesty for illegals, the border wall, cutting federal spending, gun control, gay rights.  (I’m sure there are more.)

Tillis avoided a very expensive, potentially nasty primary in 2020 thanks to a Trump endorsement.  And look at how he repays the favor.

*I understand that the trauma inflicted from a weedeater-delivered haircut CAN do a number on the memory.*


[…] Tillis described his state of North Carolina as an important bellwether.

  • “I think people talk about trending red or trending blue, I really do believe that North Carolina is a purple state and is likely to stay that way for some time.”[…]

Actually, Thommy, PURPLE is the color your face will turn if ANY of the countless North Carolinians you’ve screwed over and lied to ever get their hands around your scrawny neck.

Republicans who make it hard to differentiate themselves from the average Democrat are likely to face close, close races or even LOSE.

Thommy, himself, has never cracked the 50 percent mark on Election Day.  

SO, anybody out there STILL feeling queasy about censuring this weasel? Anyone? Anyone?  (Cunningham? Anyone?)