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#ncpol: Matthew the new star of North Carolina’s elections?

As people all over eastern North Carolina scramble to recover from last weekend’s storm, there is another angle the storm’s aftermath will impact:  the November election. You have hundreds of thousands of people in the eastern part of the state either without power, without water,…

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Filthy lying rabid lefties smelling blood: Pat McCrory and, um, “hate groups”?

Wow.  The “peace and love” crowd is approaching this election with all of the compassion of a Great White amid a herd of seals.  They had North Carolina within their grasp in 2008, but it slipped away in 2010 and 2012.  They’ve hauled out the…

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#ncpol: THREE COUNTIES join NC Fisheries Assoc. in suing THE STATE re: job-killing regs

We’ve written previously about this scuffle between state regulators and commercial fishermen along the North Carolina coast.   Now, it appears things have spilled over into the courtroom. Just in time for a big statewide election.  The North Carolina Fisheries Association, The Carteret County Fishermen’s…

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Elon poll: McCrory UP, Burr DOWN (both are tight, tight, tight)

This one was  a phone survey of  644 North Carolina voters between September 12th and 16th.  (The margin of error was +-3.86 percent.) Governor: This survey has McCrory leading Cooper 48.7% to 46%. McCrory was the choice of 63% of white respondents, 7% of blacks,…

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Civitas poll: Trump TIED, McCrory UP

Civitas continues its streak as the ONLY pollster showing Governor Pat McCrory with a lead over attorney general Roy Cooper.  If ol’ Pat DOES pull it out, Civitas is going to end up looking pretty good in the polling world.  Civitas shows McCrory up over…

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#ncpol: Saving Private McCrory

I have to be honest — the polling so far does not look good for our Republican governor.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen a survey showing him on top.  And those most recent two that did came from his buddies at Civitas. Roy…

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Q-poll: Burr UP; McCrory, Trump DOWN

Quinnipiac University is the latest to throw its two cents into this year’s elections.  Their poll of 751 likely voters (MOE +-3.6%) was taken from August 31 to September 7. PRESIDENT.   The QU survey has Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump 47% to 43% in North Carolina….

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#ncgov: Peck-ing away at the polls

It’s usually not a good sign when your candidate’s team starts publicly poo-pooing the polls. After weeks of not so friendly findings being released publicly, Governor Pat McCrory’s team went public with some criticism of the polls (especially the latest from Monmouth and CNN): First,…

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Stay! (McCrory seeks to preserve Voter ID for November vote)

Gov. Pat McCrory and his lawyers are looking for a solid from US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts:  Governor Pat McCrory has formally requested U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts to stay a ruling by the Fourth Circuit and reinstate North Carolina’s Voter…

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#NCGOV: The tale of the $$$$, by county

WBTV out of Charlotte has a heck of an interesting graphic.  They’ve broken down the latest fundraising totals for the two major candidates for governor, county-by-county. If the map on the linked page has any correlation to standing in the polls, Team McCrory really has…