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Gov. Pat’s pyrrhic parting pardon

We’ve been hearing a lot about Barry Obama’s pardoning of an unrepentent terrorist scumbag today.  There was one particularly troubling incident that went under the radar in Raleigh, as administrations changed, that we need to share with you: […] Janet Danahey had been serving a…

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Gov. Pat: The Sequel ????

I have picked up some pretty high-level, credible chatter from sources talking up a 2020 rematch for governor between Roy Cooper and Pat McCrory.  Team McCrory cites the relative closeness of the 2016 race as the biggest reason their guy ought to get another crack…

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#ncpol: Taking Care of Pat

There are smoking hot rumors out there are about outgoing governor Pat McCrory getting a cabinet post in the new Trump administration in DC.  The most smoking hot rumor is that ol’ Pat will get the  top post at FEMA. As many of you know,…

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#ncga: Speaker Timmy, Gov. Pat reportedly SHOVED aide’s appointment to district court bench down chief judge’s throat

That’s the word we’re getting from deep inside the political machine in our state’s capital city. We reported earlier that an associate in the Law Offices of Speaker Timmy in Kings Mountain ran, and lost, a race for a District Court judgeship in November.  This…

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An Insider’s take on the downfall of Gov. Pat

There has been a lot of interesting feedback on my autopsy of the McCrory era.  One piece of feedback, in particular, was especially intriguing.  It comes from a Team McCrory insider who is so inside they can tell you what the governor is having for…

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#ncpol: Pat, we hardly got to know you.

So, our third Republican governor since Reconstruction is going down in history as the first North Carolina governor to be voted out of office.  Some people have laughably tried to pin Pat McCrory’s loss on some imagined right-wing stridency. I have been networking with some…

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#ncpol: An interesting observation

Here’s The Winston-Salem Journal:  […] According to complete but unofficial results, Cooper won early voting statewide 1.52 million to 1.34 million, while McCrory won Election Day by an 845,579 to 681,035 margin. The absentee vote to date is 89,920 for McCrory and 80,989 for Cooper….

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Did I-77 toll brouhaha end up killing McCrory’s reelection?

“There was a lot of cash attached to this deal.  Tillis got the money and went to DC. McCrory stayed in Raleigh and took the blame and the beat-down.” —  Senior GOP source on the impact of the I-77 toll road dispute —- A lot…

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Pat McCrory. (What happened?)

Right now, the popular thing is to scream about vote fraud.  There is some interesting evidence out there to support that argument.   Current returns show about a 5000 vote statewide for Cooper. But why didn’t these cheaters nail Burr? (Granted, he does cave and…

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Gov. Pat’s lawyer: McCrory AGAINST HB2 before he was FOR it

As one can imagine, a lot of emails get leaked to the media in the final weeks of an election. It appears The Charlotte Observer got their hands on some from the governor’s chief counsel: Three days after Gov. Pat McCrory signed House Bill 2,…