Can we call it a ‘Comeback’?

Former Gov. Pat McCrory has been here and there criticizing the media — and other folks in Raleigh he feels let him down — to anyone who will listen.  It’s been mostly behind the scenes.  Until NOW.  Look at what popped up on Twitter:


Where was this fight when he was in office?  I agree with the man on this front.  All of these driveby media and leftist politico d-bags spent months and months screaming about how North Carolina’s economy was tanking.  Now, after their mission has been accomplished (McCrory gone, Cooper in), they’re running stories about how great things are.  What a pack of crap-weasels. 

Is McCrory stepping out like this on social media — taking shots at old foes — a signal of his 2020 intentions?  The political rumor mill has been hot and heavy about an attempted McCrory comeback that year.  I’ve heard from all kinds of political players from Murphy to Manteo who have been getting felt out about a potential McCrory comeback.

With Dan Forest, Thom Tillis, and Richard Hudson already seriously being talked about for the 2020 gubernatorial primary, THAT race is setting itself up to be quite the blockbuster.


13 thoughts on “Can we call it a ‘Comeback’?

  1. McCrory, Tillis, and even Burr have never had to duke it out in a serious primary, and have never demonstrated anything in their playbook to suggest they can deploy a first class ground game like the one Team Forest ran last year. Blockbuster indeed.

  2. McCrory has been given three shots at the Governor’s Mansion. He blew two out of three in races he should have won but ran poor campaigns. He does not need a fourth shot, especially since in the one term he did serve, he largely ignored GOP activists in staffing his administration while appointing way too many Democrat politicals. The fact that McCrory’s cabinet was only half Republican should be a huge signal to the GOP base that we can do a lot better in 2020 than Pat McCrory. Jim Holshouser and Jim Martin had cabinets which were ALL Republican. Jim Martin had no trouble getting reelected.

    Dan Forest for Governor!

  3. Gov. Pat McCrory lost an election and for awhile seemed to be lost and confused. While he lost the election, I thought if he was reelected he would have been able to carry out more of his plans, the time for him to be governor is over.
    I feel he could have a much larger impact if he ran for a national office eithe as a representative or to replace Senator Burr in 2022.

    1. McCrory needs to learn to pour piss out of a boot before he runs for another office .

  4. The only fight that McCrory ever got fired up about was confiscating the SCV license plates—which action cost him re-election. Who cares now what he says or thinks.

  5. The worst governor of all time! Go back to Duke Energy and fix the river U messed up with ash,clean it up with your hands ,fools vote for U

  6. He is and will be from here on out just another one and done governor that couldn’t get elected to dog catcher in this state .I called him mccorkier because of him allowing contractors to screw over the citizens of this state

  7. McCrory is a poster boy for why big city mayors should never be nominated for governor. He never could figure out if he were coming or going. He was barely a Republican and NOT a conservative.

    Dan’s the man. He should have primarired McCrory last time. If he had, we would not be stuck with that idiot and Soros bootlicker Roy Cooper today.

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