#ncpol: STILL not getting it …

Hillary Clinton can’t get past November.  And, apparently, neither can Pat McCrory: 

Former Gov. Pat McCrory says Trump voters who voted for the Libertarian candidate in the governor’s race were partly to blame for his loss last year, and he says he’ll wait until next year to decide if he’ll run again in 2020.

McCrory did a lengthy interview Sunday with David Chadwick, a Charlotte pastor who hosts a religious radio show on WBT. The interview marked the one-year anniversary of McCrory’s election loss to Democrat Roy Cooper.

McCrory said he initially ran for governor to change what he calls a “a good ole boy culture of corruption” in state government, and while he succeeded during his four-year term, there’s more to be done. “I see that culture start filtering back, both Republicans and Democrats,” he said. […] 

*Oh, you mean stuff like folks getting special attention from government officials based on how much campaign money they cough up?  Hmmmmmmm?*

“That’s why I won’t rule out running again. I will think about it after the 2018 elections, and I’ll see if I can afford the alimony payments.” That comment was a joke about his wife, Ann McCrory, who is less than thrilled about the prospect of his return to politics.

He says Ann has “basically moved out of Charlotte” because of threats and harassment the couple has received there. “Here in Charlotte I’d go to events and people would do the ‘F. U. McCrory,’ and ‘you blankety blank blank,'” he said. “The college campuses were the worst. My wife wouldn’t walk with me. One time we went to Asheville, and she walks on the other side of the street from me, because she didn’t know what would happen.”

The former governor also reflected on his re-election loss, suggesting that one reason was the differing messages when he’d appear with Trump at campaign rallies. McCrory would highlight his “Carolina Comeback,” while Trump would paint a negative picture of the economy. “I lost about one or two percent of the Trump vote that went and voted for the Libertarian,” he said, adding that coupled with House Bill 2 and I-77 toll lanes, “it was really a death of a thousand cuts.”

A lot of RINOs are getting ready to learn THIS hard lesson:  To get votes, you have to GIVE people a reason to vote FOR you.  When you blow off the party’s commitment to lower spending and lower taxes, conservatives have a problem with you.  When you collude with Thom Tilli$$$ and some other political cronies to shove toll roads down people’s throats, you can expect some resentment. 

Ol’ Pat inflicted an awful lot of those thousand cuts on himself.

It’s Dan’s turn, Pat.  (The sunset is that-a-way. Please ride off into it.)

10 thoughts on “#ncpol: STILL not getting it …

  1. Check the “camps” of all those RINOs and you’ll likely find Paul Schumaker (sp?) hiding behind a potted palm. Schumaker is the “help me lose” consultant that many RINOs employ … Paul’s “go to the middle” strategy has killed more politicians careers than “genital selfies”…. or at least as many.

    1. Senator Jesse Helms said it best – “The only things you find in the middle of the road are yellow stripes and dead skunks”.

  2. McCrory has finally figured out those toll roads killed him politically, but he does not seem to comprehend the other things that did like his attempt to end the SCV license plates, and his collusion with the radical CCA against the commercial fishermen. HB2 was a wash because McCrory outperformed Trump and Burr in many eastern counties, specifically because rural voters liked HB2.

    McCrory is a loser who would be a disaster as a gubenatorial candidate. He betrayed Christian conservatives in working to repeal HB2, so now neither side of that issue likes him or trusts him. The toll road, fishing, and SCV issues have also not gone away. McCrory should have won all three of his races for governor, but lost two of them through his own stupidity. We need a winner like Dan Forest, not a loser like McCrory.

    Then there is McCrory ignoring GOP activists in staffing his administration and using Democrat holdovers and even bringing in new Democrats instead. NO, we do NOT need another McCrory disaster administration.

    McCrory just needs to go away. I had hoped that Trump could help arrange that. At least make him ambassdor to the Bahamas or something, so he can be put out to pasture.

  3. Get a clue, Pat. You lost me with your feverish support of Chamber-sponsored Common Core. Screw with my kids and there will be consequences. This issue no longer grabs front page headlines but, trust me, the long term implications of a no-nothing-math-generation will be lasting and profound. Go away!

  4. All the SCV members were betrayed by McCrory and voted Libertarian. This alone cost him the election. A total idiot who still doesn’t get it. His insiders are now blaming everything on Thomas Stith. Stith was also an idiot, but the buck stopped with McCrory.

    1. It was the UDC, too. Most SCV and UDC members typically vote Republican, but McCrory spit in their eye and they made an exception in his race. Without Jack Hawke around to advise him, McCrory had almost zero political savvy.

  5. Republicans and Democrats don’t really believe your votes belong to you, just as they don’t believe your money belongs to you. That is why the claim someone “cost” them a vote when they lose, and say the government will “lose” money if there is a tax cut.

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