CCA, NC Chamber & solar interests behind McCrory comeback tour?

Pat McCrory sure has been visible lately.  We’ve been hearing behind the scenes for months that he was feeling folks out for a political comeback in 2020.  At recent political events in Raleigh, McCrory would not rule out a 2020 run for governor.

Now comes this video from a group called Citizens Science — an organization affiliated with NC Sound Economy, which is a coalition featuring heavy-hitters from the CCA, The North Carolina Chamber, and various subsidized solar energy proponents.  The video, posted on the Citizens Science Facebook page features McCrory pretty much parroting the CCA talking points in their battle with commercial fishermen.  It sure looks like a campaign video to me.

At least it’s now out in the open.  But it DOES look like somebody didn’t learn a damn thing from 2016.

16 thoughts on “CCA, NC Chamber & solar interests behind McCrory comeback tour?

  1. I have friends posting on social media about this. It appears that there is a trial balloon being floated to see if there is any traction. From what I have seen it was shot down. I aimed at it myself. I would hope that others do the same. The man ran for Governor three times and won once. Last year he ran behind quite a few other candidates who were on the ballot statewide. Including candidates with low approval ratings and offices with a lower profile.

  2. Who will McCrory tour with next? The round reverend? George Soros? Barack Obama?

    Between a special interest that wants to jack up our electric rates, a special interest that wants to destroy our commercial fishing industry, and the mother of all special interests, the advocates of corporate welfare, crony capitalism, big spending, and amnesty for illegal aliens, the Chamber of Commerce McCrory has linked himself to enemies of freedom and limted government.

    Never McCrory!

  3. I would hate for this to happen, it would be a poor choice again between that goober Cooper and Pat. I think I would just abstain and reserve my right to complain no matter which of them made it into office. The only good choice is Forrest.

    1. The upside? If Tillis gets in the primary, it would be two RINO’s and one conservative seeking the nomination. That would split the RINO vote.

  4. I’m a soul of caution. I cannot anoint Lt Dan, yet. Its shocking sometimes the politicians that sell themselves to this CCA. Its practically all the key pols in both parties.

    I’ve heard nothing from Dan Forest on the stacking of the MFC and possibly other regulatory agencies by a perverted appointment process that lacks checks and balances. Dan’s been silent, but I HEARD Lt. Dan sent a recorded message to the CCA banquet congratulating and bragging on John Bell for his Legislator of the Year Award.

    One person out there that could run for Gov and has demonstrated by his deeds that he’s not in the CCAs pocket….Sen. Berger. Republican grassroots people owe it to themselves to ask Dan Forest some pointed and public questions. If my info on Dan and the CCA is incorrect, I apologize in advance. For now I’m a Berger fan, believe it or not.

    1. I hope you are incorrect. I have wanted Dan Forrest to be Governor ever since I first met him when he came to Cabarrus County when he was just starting to run for Lt. Gov. Sending congratulations to John Bell may have been nothing more than just a social nicety. I don’t know. But it does make me wonder. I have already told Mr. Forrest that I will do anything I can to help him become Governor. I would hate to have to back off from that. Not that Dan necessarily needs my support. I would just hate to have to rethink it.

      1. For clarification, saying that Dan sending congratulations to John Bell makes me wonder was not meant to be against congratulating John. It was meant in reference to CCA.

    2. I could sign on to Berger too. He has done great work in the GA, I just have not heard if he would be interested in taking a step down in the state power structure.

      1. This session, he has NOT done great work. The recent big spending budget is a prime example as is his betrayal on HB2. He may be getting ready to stick it to us again on the solar boondoggle bill. Lets see what he does on that solar bill.

    3. A year ago, I would probably have gone along with you on Berger being one to consider., but in the last year, Berger has systematically betraying conservatives of all stripes. If he hasn’t gone over to the CCA yet, he probably soon will.

    4. To my mind, Berger only committed one indiscretion, but it was a huge one, HB2. DF, on the other hand, may warrant your caution. I’ve liked him, most Republicans do, but as Todd says, he has a history of quiet political indiscretions. Like the time he told us that ConnectNC was about nothing but roads. And when it became apparent that this wasn’t the case, he never spoke up in opposition. I’d hate to think that DF would pull a Tammy Fitzgerald on us but I sense that he would.

  5. It would be more likely that McCrory primaries Pittenger than run for Governor again. Berger is my second choice, behind Dan, but I would like to see Phil Berger primary Tillis in 2020.

    1. Mark Meadows is a much stronger conservative, and is the one who needs to run for the Senate.

  6. I offer these words from Louisiana attorney and past State Representative during his defense of his State’s commercial fishermen. ” The ultimate issue will be how we regard our fellow man. Do we believe that money and might are always right? Do we believe we may enrich ourselves by making others poor? The problem is not a gear problem; it is a people problem.”

    With regard to NC’s fishing problem (CCA) these words are very appropriate. However for those who have no conscience, they are meaningless. And yes I believe these words transcend issues.

    Browny Douglas

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