McCrory putting the shiv to Raleigh Republicans

They hated his guts while he was governor.  But ol’ Pat sure is giving the lefties what they need these days.

Exhibit 1:  McCrory has teamed up with the other living former governors (Hunt, Easley, Perdue, Martin) to publicly campaign AGAINST two of the constitutional amendments being promoted by General Assembly Republicans.

Exhibit 2:   McCrory was on Meet The Press this morning describing the state’s congressional districts as “gerrymandered.” He also confessed that he’s worried about a “blue wave.”

Here’s the transcript:

[…] CHUCK TODD: Back now with end game. David Wasserman, who covers the House for our friends over at the Cook Political Report put out a tweet on Thursday after that disappointing performance for the G.O.P. and Troy Balderson in that red Ohio district. And his tweet says this, “Republicans, watch out.” And he tweeted, “Signs you’re in danger of a wave. Number one, your voters aren’t turning out. Check. Number two, your incumbents are getting out-raised. That’s happening, check. Number three, the other party has candidates in virtually all 435 districts. Check. And you keep waiting for things to get better, and they don’t. Check.”And guess what, things only got worse this week when Congressman Chris Collins of New York was indicted on charges related to securities fraud. Collins, after saying he was going to fight on, suddenly decided yesterday to suspend his campaign even though it may be impossible for Republicans to physically replace his name on the ballot at this late stage. They’re trying to figure that out. Governor McCrory, do you see a wave coming against your side?

FMR. GOV. PAT MCCRORY: I’m very concerned. In North Carolina, we have two competitive congressional races, all the rest are gerrymandered where there are no competitive races after the primary. But in the two competitive races, the Democrats that are running have no track record whatsoever. They do not talk about any Democratic policies, they take no stands on anything. And they’re raising a ton of money.[…] 

Couple McCrory’s words with those of state Rep. David Lewis and you’ve got TWO NCGOPe players as potential star witnesses in the left’s efforts to throw out our congressional districts.

13 thoughts on “McCrory putting the shiv to Raleigh Republicans

  1. I wish that President Trump would name the idiot McCrory as ambassador to some out of the way place like Mongolia on Nepal or Swaziland so that we would never have to listen to his stupid spew. He more he runs his yap, the less any thinking Republican can stomach him running for ANY office again.

  2. Swaziland would be too good for McCrory. It’s hard to say who is the most despised Republican in NC–it’s a three-way race between McCrory, Bob Orr, and Bob Edmunds.

    1. The three way race for the most despised “Republican” would be between McCrory, Tillis, and Burr.

      Bob Orr has become a useful idiot for the left, but he is only a bit player.

      Bob Edmunds is not really a politician and he is himself the victim of Paul Shumaker’s idiot advice – first the dumb “retention election” that stripped voter rights, then the idiocy of a non-partisan election. Edmunds meant well and did not know that Shumaker was a dump smuck. The real blame on Edmunds loss falls on Shumaker and on the legislative idiots like David Lewis who pushed through the legislation that Shumaker wanted.

  3. McCrory has a knack for looking conservative while being liberal. If re elected he will do the same things he did when last in office. He has no political skills that are useful in a fight. That is why he lost the governor’s seat.

  4. Rarely ever agree with McCory BUT,,, North Carolina is gerrymandered to high heaven. The only justification GOP has is that everyone does it. As for the constitutional amendments being proposed, I have not read a single word of them. Instead of maintaining their professed “conservative revolution”‘ they reverted to crony capitalism and corruption. Any blue wave just might be a RED REVULSION

  5. The NC Republican Party may never recover from the disastrous McCrory governorship and his political appointees–most of whom were incompetent.

    1. Or the ousting of a convention elected state chairman allowing for the reign of Dallas and Grandpa…… #NotThatKindOfRepublican #ConservativeBeforeRepublican

    2. Too many of McCrory’s political appointees were NOT REPUBLICAN. Half of his cabinet were not even Republicans, and the ones who were Republican were, with one exception, not political activists who were savvy on issues and policy. The swamp had as full as reign in the McCrory administration as in that of most Democrats.

  6. Most Republicans in NC just want to forget about McCrory and move on. He turned out to be a political con man and we should have known better than to elect him. Conservatives in Charlotte warned us, but we did not listen. Time will tell how badly he damaged our cause, but it’s time to move on and learn a valuable lesson from all of this.

  7. McCrory isn’t the only Con”servative” artist willing to backstab Republicans back home. When President Trump tried to push a rescission bill through the Senate to cut spending, he was betrayed by just two Republican senators. Susan Collins, predictably, was one. Richard Burr was the other. Of course, were Burr up for re-election next go-round, it would have been Tillis doing the dirty deed, as these two scoundrels have colluded this way before.

  8. McCrory will be running for governor in 2020, as a Republican. When he loses to Dan Forrest, look for Pat McCrory to kick his crown across the stage in anger, and encourage his primary supporters to vote for Cooper.

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