EVERYBODY gets a show !!!

Now, where’s MINE? 

Bill Lumaye, formerly of WPTF radio in Raleigh, is up and running on Facebook — of all places. Dan Forest has a TV studio.   Now comes word that Pat McCrory has a regular radio gig on WBT-AM in  Charlotte. *Finally, the big guy lands a steady paycheck.*

Surely, this will fuel the speculation ol’ Pat is seeking a primary rumble with Dan Forest and a rematch with Roy Cooper in 2020.  What better way (and cheaper way) is there to keep your name out there than with a show?  (Ask the guy at 1600 Penn about that.)  *Look out, Rush.*

One HAS to wonder if Dan Forest will ever be a featured guest on WBT’s new Pat McCrory Old Time Gospel Hour.   

6 thoughts on “EVERYBODY gets a show !!!

  1. I’m not one to believe that anyone is entitled to a nomination, but the Lt. Governor has shown the capacity to unite the Republican Party and draw crossover and unaffiliated voters. I’m am certainly going to speak out and advise the leadership of the Party to seriously consider lining up support behind Mr. Forest and use the time to spend on defeating Cooper.

  2. And Thom Thillis is sending out fund raising letters this past week. His letters are a bit ambiguous, though, he’s not too clear about why he’s raising funds.

    1. Tom the terrible Tillis should never run for office as a republican again. He is a Failure a F rated republican failure and time for the republicans in NC to stand strongly against his type

      1. The story I’ve heard is that he craves the highest office in the land and the obvious way to get there is through the Governor’s mansion. Assuming that’s true, it’s hard to believe that he’s oblivious to how badly he’s damaged himself with the base, and how ignorant he as to how formidable Dan Forest is likely to be.

  3. The rumors I have heard are that both McCrory and Tillis will run for Governor. That should insure a win for Dan Forest. He’s my candidate.

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