Gov. Pat’s pyrrhic parting pardon

We’ve been hearing a lot about Barry Obama’s pardoning of an unrepentent terrorist scumbag today.  There was one particularly troubling incident that went under the radar in Raleigh, as administrations changed, that we need to share with you:

[…] Janet Danahey had been serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole since pleading guilty in 2002 to four counts of first-degree murder and one count of first-degree arson.

Okay.  Life sentence without parole for FOUR counts of first-degree murder and ONE count of first-degree arson.  She pleaded guilty to that.  First-degree means you intended to do it.  Got it?  Sounds like a pretty reasonable sentence — short of putting her on death row.  MORE: 

McCrory commuted her sentence to make her eligible for parole in 12 years.

Wait.  What?  Parole after 12 years for FOUR counts of first degree murder and one count of first-degree arson?  She’s served FIFTEEN.  Please explain: 

She was 23 when she started a fire at an apartment complex near the UNC-Greensboro campus, later claiming that she had meant it as a prank on her former boyfriend.

Oh, yeah.  Burning down a building as a “prank” on your former boyfriend.  That’s quite a knee-slapper.  Glenn Close HAD to be impressed.  

[…] The blaze spread quickly and four young people died.

And somebody thinks it is a good idea to let someone — who thinks setting fire to a building occupied by people is FUNNY — back on the streets among the rest of us?

[…] Danahey petitioned then-Gov. Bev Perdue for clemency in 2012, but Perdue left office without making a decision in the case.

Danahey is now 38.

Bob Harris long ago forgave Danahey, he told the Greensboro News & Record. Harris’ daughter, Elizabeth Harris, was 20 when she died in the fire. “I still have a big, empty hole in my heart,” he told the News & Record.

He said he would have preferred Danahey had immediately been paroled in December.[…]

I wonder what the other three victims’s families think.

I know Pat is back in Charlotte with the missus and the dog whose name he can’t remember.  But THIS requires some further investigation and more answers.  There is clearly some bigwig politician or donor behind the scenes on this one.  

Four lives got snuffed out mercilessly.  When we’re allowing political connections and / or contributions to trump justice, WHAT HAVE WE BECOME?