Uh-oh. Guess what the day after tomorrow is? TRUMP-day!

It’s pathetic watching the self-proclaimed party of tolerance, crossing-the-aisle, and working together plan their boycotts and stink-bomb attacks, spew their slander, and otherwise stink up the joint over the results of a duly-conducted free election.  *You’ve got the massive assets of the filthy lying drive-by fake media, Hollywood, academia, and government and you STILL can’t weasel your way into four more years at 1600 Penn.  I’d be frustrated and butt-hurt, too.*

An awful lot of countries see transfers of power only after a lot of bloodshed and violence.  We do it every four or eight years, and only after it is blessed by a vote of the people. Believe me, I hated the results of 2008 and 2012.  But I did not waste one minute plotting to stink-bomb the Planned Parenthood LGBT one-legged multicultural omnisexual DIVERSE Celebrate-Obama inaugural ball.  (No. sir, I did not.) 

Prior to his presidential campaign, these same people currently calling for Donald Trump’s head were loving him.  He and Melania got invited to all of their A-list parties.  These people were falling all over themselves to stay at Trump hotels and play his golf courses. They all wanted him on their TV shows.  Heck, Bill and Hillary Clinton even went to his and Melania’s wedding.  

But Trump stepped in it royally by blocking the ascension of blocking Hillary, the patron saint of welfare, misery and government servitude, from her destined roost at 1600 Penn.  And that meant WAR. 

I’m old enough to remember the garbage the media and the rest of the leftists threw at Reagan and Helms.  The intensity of the anger and the savagery of the slander was absolutely appalling.  The moronic News & Observer opined daily about how racist and evil Jesse Helms was, and how much he hated blacks — all while civil rights legend James Meredith went to work daily as an aide in Helms’s Capitol Hill office.  Never mind that Helms’s long time best friend and chief of staff — Clint Fuller — was put on a KKK hit list.  Fuller, while a newspaper editor in Franklin County, NC, won a journalism award for exposing the local leadership of the Klan on the front page of his paper.  

With Reagan, there was the same kind of hollering, only more intense and on a larger scale.  But anyone who looks at the facts saw that — across the board — Americans as a whole benefited from the Reagan agenda of the 80s.  Those good things carried into the early 90s until George Bush and the Democrats decided to bust the bubble by spending more and raising taxes.  The Reagan years made America stronger domestically and internationally.  But you’d never know it if you listened solely to the butt-hurt sore losers on the left. 

2017 is different.  The drivebys no longer have a monopoly on the flow of information.  They are bleeding money and laying off employees while digital new media is rapidly fulfilling the needs of Americans.

I am not all that sure what we’re in for over the next four years.  I feel pretty good about most of Trump’s cabinet picks.  He’s found a lot of solid, accomplished, experienced people who don’t NEED the jobs they’ve been appointed to.  And that worries the Washington establishment.  They are so used to wheeling and dealing with folks who seek bigger and better things (and paychecks) after leaving the administration.

One of the biggest things that worries them about Trump is that he can’t be managed.  He has a direct connection with the people like Reagan did.  He has everything he could possibly need.  He can’t be bought.  He doesn’t NEED the job.  The grifters who run DC are really nervous about such a wild card moving into the top job.   They scream RACISM and NAZISM and SEXISM — just like they did with Helms and Reagan.  But that crap is just as hollow and empty NOW as it was THEN.

Americans have watched frustrated for decades as scam artists bought their way into office and stayed there with the assistance of deep pocketed influence peddlers.  Trump has offered up every indication he plans to shake the place up.  And with the rude reception he’s received so far, why wouldn’t he? 

Our country is in a precarious position. We are dangerously close to being surpassed by China as THE global power.  These bi-partisan grifters in DC have already mortaged our great-great-great grandchildren’s future via their noxious vote-buying and job-security scams.  HOW could turning a bull in a china shop loose in DC prove to be any worse than what these people have already done?

Donald Trump is a human being.  He will do things that please you.  He will also let you down.  Our job is to stand strong on the principle of taking power from the government and giving it back to the people.  Donald Trump is a pretty smart guy.  He’s had quite a successful track record.  He has to understand who and what he owes the next four year to.

Dismiss the Nazi, Klan, Russia, etc. talk for the pablum that it is. Bill Clinton never got a majority of the popular vote.  Democrats hollered like stuck pigs when Republicans brought up his secret visits to the Soviet Union. *Barack Obama is not a Muslim AND WAS born in America.*  * Fantasy! Irrelevant, we were told.*

Even though I don’t have a clue as to what we’re going to get, I think the next four years are going to be fun to watch AND pivotal for the future of our country.