#ncpol: Thom tho$$es conservatives under the bus. (OUCH!)

Thom Tillis says we need to get over ourselves on this whole ‘small government’ nonsense: 

Since the election, I’ve heard some of my fellow Republicans claim that the party received a decisive mandate from voters.

Let’s be clear: the American people didn’t give the GOP a stamp of approval or a mandate to ram through an ideologically-driven, far-right agenda. If the election was a mandate for anything, it was for elected officials in both parties to break through the gridlock to finally start producing results.

Americans from all walks of life have voiced their deep frustration with Washington’s seeming inability to get anything constructive done. For decades, they have watched politicians talk a good game while failing to deliver. They have watched as politicians intentionally create chaos and widen the partisan divide for their own personal gain.

During the election, Donald Trump seized on the nation’s discontent, convincing voters in swing states that he was the candidate who could drain the swamp while Hillary Clinton was the candidate of the status quo.

Republicans should remember that when Trump campaigned, he wasn’t holding up a conservative manifesto at every rally. Instead, his message was simple: cut deals and deliver results.

If Republicans now operate under the incorrect assumption that they have a broad mandate, they are doomed to repeat same mistakes made by Democrats over the last eight years. Democrats misinterpreted the mandate for change in 2008 as an ideological mandate to move the country sharply to the left. They rammed through policies like ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank with little, if any, bipartisan support. Democrats paid the price at the ballot box, and Republicans will meet that same fate if they misinterpret the results from November.

What the vast majority of Americans want now is for both parties to cast aside their petty partisan differences in order to deliver solutions that benefit the nation.

Unfortunately, the far-right and far-left are already mobilizing to prevent that from happening, ensuring that we keep the status quo: polarizing rhetoric, stalemate in Congress, and no meaningful results.[…]

Quick lesson:  ANYONE who throw  far- in front of the word right is not, and has never been, a conservative.

The far-left has vowed to stop Trump every step of the way, even though he hasn’t even been sworn in yet. These extreme voices already seem to be influencing the rhetoric of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who recently made the proclamation that the only way he would work with Trump is if the President-elect “moves completely in our direction and abandons his Republican colleagues.” If Schumer is sincere about closing the door shut on bipartisanship, then Democratic leaders want to maintain gridlock.

Meanwhile, the far-right is already creating their own definition of what “draining the swamp” means. They’re demanding Republican members to go on record supporting their agenda, which is certainly not the same agenda the American people voted for. This is nothing new. For years, so-called “conservative” for-profit special interest groups have attempted to turn every provision in every bill into a litmus test of ideological purity. They promise to primary any Republican who dares to even think about working in a bipartisan manner.[…] 

“Litmus test of ideological purity”?  Oh, you mean stuff like doing what you said you were going to do when you were down here campaigning lying to the voters?  *Imagine, the nerve of demanding Republican politicians stand by the party platform. *   (I bet that party loyalty stuff sure gets in the way of paying back the donor$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.)

Both the far-right and the far-left want to maintain the gridlock and dysfunction. Together, they represent the single greatest threat to producing progress for the American people.

Our founding fathers thought “gridlock” and “dysfunction” was great.  They purposely wove into the very fabric of our Constitution.  A lot of harm gets done with people “crossing the aisle” to “get things done.”

I, for one, have no intention of sitting down and watching another re-run of the same divisive partisanship we see year after year. I resolve to work with my colleagues to succeed in producing the good rather than failing to produce the perfect.

I’ll be reaching across the aisle to find opportunities to work with Democrats on the issues that desperately need to be addressed: reforming the nation’s broken immigration system, providing regulatory relief, overhauling the VA, reforming our criminal justice system, and modernizing our nation’s crumbling infrastructure.

Republicans are in power and have the potential to deliver historic results – but only if we work together with the Democrats who also want to see progress. We owe it to the American people to set aside the areas where our ideology may prevent progress, and find common ground where there are plenty of opportunities to produce good results. It is time for Republicans to step up and lead.

Did anybody vote for THIS?  If we wanted someone to work with the Democrats, we would have sent ol’ Kay back for six more. You’re in the majority party.  Why not work on hammering through the agenda that got you that majority? 

32 thoughts on “#ncpol: Thom tho$$es conservatives under the bus. (OUCH!)

  1. Tillis is insane, delusional and a complete ass. If this editorial is not a whistle call to any viable conservative candidate considering a run against him, I do not know what is. We must send this fool packing.

  2. I am very much troubled by this piece. I will not write most of my thoughts for now, but there is one I wish to address here. Perhaps what I find most troubling is the belief that one can sit down with committed liberals and get them to move in the right direction at all. I am sorry to write this, but my experience and my careful observation over a long period of time lead me to the inescapable conclusion that the left will not agree to anything that does not advance their agenda of bigger government, more government control, more spending, more dependency, ever higher taxes (and not just on “the wealthy”), more regulatory control. etc. In fact, the left will not simply advocate for these positions in good faith, they will intimidate and yes, even lie to advance their agenda. They will never give up identity politics and they will continue to label all who resist their economic and social agenda as haters, bigots, racists, sexists, homophobes, Islamophobes, advocates for the wealthy, enemies of the people, deniers, etc. (I could go on and on). I wonder if it is not dangerously naive for our representatives in Washington to not understand this reality. Yes, talk to the other side. Yes, do not act haughty in victory like Obama. But understand the cold reality and plan for it and act on it accordingly. I hope Senator Burr, given the nastiness with which they went after him last time is now fully aware of this. There are already books out about how to resist Trump and what he wants to accomplish. There are millions who will not acknowledge Trump won and is president. Expect those in Congress on the left to dig in even harder. The first test will be confirmation of a Supreme Court justice in the Senate. Does anyone really think those Senators on the left will accept any nominee worth having? And make no mistake, any compromise candidate will end up on the left side of the court and will not be worth having. I cannot define “mandate,” but I do know that when we have the presidency, both houses of congress, and an overwhelming number of governors and state legislatures, the people are expecting a new direction and will not be satisfied with more of the same so that those in Washington can sing Kumbaya. Let’s pass tax reform, spending restraint, regulatory relief, Obamacare replacement, etc. Enact good, principled, conservative legislation and I think the politics will all work out.

    1. Not sure any of us know who Richard Burr is anymore, assuming we ever did, but Tillis has been pretty transparent to anyone watching him since we won the General Assembly in 2010. I’ll never forget his little spiel to the North Wake GOP club some years ago where he stated that we can’t move too quickly to impose a conservative agenda on a State that isn’t used to conservative policies. I knew he was a fraud right then and there.

    2. EXACTLY you cannot sit down with people and compromise when your values are 100% in disagreement with the other side


      Baptist and Presbyterians can both agree Jesus is Lord and but disagree on smaller theological issues

      Baptists and Agnostics can only agree that both are putting they faith in the wrong thing and the Agnostics will not stop until they rid they world of anything leading back to God

      The two party system is now the party of the God fearing and the Non believing and so there is no room for compromise because giving in a little you give up everything. The only thing you can do is press your values forward and make the case why your values are the ones that have the best chance of making for a successful nation and try to keep the majority of the nation with you

      This is a war over values and raising a white flag in this case is loosing everything because the other side will never give up fighting anything good

  3. So Tilli$ wants to ”produce progress”. That ought to get the progressives to have a thrill run up their legs. That language should tell conservatives that Tilli$ never has been one of us and never will be. We can see how Tilli$ defines ”progess” by looking at his voting record which is left of center.

    Conservative Review – Tillis gets an F with a lousy 35%

    Heritage Foundation – Tillis gets an F with a crappy 47%

    Tilli$ is one of those swamp creatures in the swamp that Trump wants to drain. We need to start working to build a primary challenge now. Mark Meadows for US Senate 2020!

  4. I heard they had legalized pot in Washington, but didn’t realize Tillis was inhaling the stuff. Apparently, he has overdosed. What the hell is this man thinking? From observing his selling of seats on the Board of Governors to his lackluster record in the Senate, he puts his real contempt of the voters on full display with this diatribe. He obviously has no vision for our country. He fails to recognize the historic opportunity Republicans have to reclaim some small part of our culture which has virtually been destroyed by eight years of Obama. The antics of the radical left are on full display, but just what of the “far right” concerns Tillis? He doesn’t say. What conservative issues does he so loathe? He is too much of a coward to tell us. This man is a pure fraud–a 14 carat fraud in every respect. I have this message for the Senator: A lot of hardworking NC Republicans will be in DC this weekend for Trump’s inauguration. Please show them some small measure of respect and not show your face!

  5. “Did anybody vote for THIS? If we wanted someone to work with the Democrats, we would have sent ol’ Kay back for six more.”

    My question to you is have you ever had to govern before? We can work together on things and get better results. You would know this if you would get off the couch and work for a better change in state/national government.

    1. “working together” to put forward more bad government policy is not “better results”.

      I’d prefer gridlock.

  6. This guy is barely a republican. He and McCain and Graham will be the new Three Stooges of the Senate.

  7. “Did anybody vote for THIS?”

    Unfortunately “yes”.

    If people did not understand who this Dem-lite, spend-more, bigger government, elitist guy was… then I have to think they were willfully not paying attention, or they “do” like all that stuff he’s about, and then they’re just what I call “wrong”. 🙂

    There’s no “holding his feet to the fire”… he doesnt care, and now he’s entrenched well enough it’ll be even more difficult to get him out of office.

    This is, really, what we get when we settle for “at least he’s not a Democrat”.

    1. Yes. Too many of us voted for this. I did not. I wrote in John Rhodes. Yep, the same Rhodes that Tillis was recruited by his deep pockets masters to replace in the NC State House. He has been groomed to be where he is. He in no way represents North Carolina, Republican principles or anything else other than his deep pocket masters. He began as the anti-conservative. Why should we expect anything different now?

      1. We need to remember where Tillis came from, He was corrupt Speaker Jim Black and turncoat ”Republican” Richard Morgan’s liberal primary candidate against one of the most outstanding conservatives in the NC House, John Rhodes. Tillis has been an enemy of conservatives since he first showed up in politics, and he has been an ally of Democrats..

  8. Even more sad when you realize this seat was once held by the great Jesse Helms. I voted for Brannon in the primary and Tillis in the general, but I cannot believe we ended up with the worst choice because of Pastir Mark whatever his name was from Charlotte.

    1. Yes, the pastor from Charlotte became a worker of iniquity the day he allowed himself to be a tool by the Usurper and others, to derail better men and women from securing the Republican nomination for Senate.

    2. Mark Harris was far better than any alternative we had, and all this stuff about him running to stop Brannon for Tillis is nonsense. Mark told me he was thinking of running months before I ever heard of Brannon.

      1. Amen, Rep. Pittman!

        And if people are going to try to primary Tillis with Brannon again, IT WILL NOT WORK.

        Find someone else, please.

      2. As much as I admire Rep. Pittman, I must say that if he had not heard of Greg Brannon before he announced for Hagan’s seat (which, BTW, was well before Rev. Harris announced), he has not been paying attention to NC politics. Rev. Harris’s entry into the primary field, apparently with the encouragement and blessing of Robin Hayes, was what split the vote and allowed Tillis to win. If the field had not been divided, at least maybe we would have had a nominee who was NOT Thom Tillis!

        1. Thanks for saying something kind about me first. However, it was not a lack of attention to NC politics on my part. I heard of Brannon shortly after he announced. What I am saying is that Mark had told me he was considering running months before that. So, while it is true that having too many candidates in the primary played to Tillis’ advantage, I don’t believe that is why Mark ran.

          1. My point is that no matter why he ran, there was already a good candidate in the race, and by entering the race anyway, he gave the NC GOP establishment Tillis as senator, which is what they wanted. Unfortunately, they used Rev. Harris.

  9. Tillis is a swamp creature now through and through. To quote from a must read book by Sen. H.L Richardson, Ret., “Confrontational Politics”, “Controlling the brute force of arbitrary government is heady stuff indeed, the most corrupting and harmful influence in the history of man.”

  10. I want Sen Tillis to work with the democrats. They need serious help, and he knows how to help them change their thought processes: by teaching them the truth. You insult him now. You’ll be eating those words later.
    And yes, I did vote for gridlock to be broken and both the parties to start working and quit just talking everything to death. Your opening paragraph is exactly why I voted for him.
    Now, why don’t you go find some real news and report on that? Like who’s going to run against all those “leaders” not attending the peaceful transition of power? That would keep you busy on something productive.

    1. When you lie down with dogs, you get fleas. But then Tillis is already a liberal, with his low 35% score from Conservative Review.

      Tillis is nothing but a surrender monkey at a time that the GOP has won all three main government entities for the first time in decades. Shameful!

  11. NC is blessed with two of the worst GOP senators in the country. But yet so many people who say they are conservatives keep voting for them. Thanks for NOT holding them accountable. As long as you keep thinking of the “team” instead of the country we will continue to go down the drain to hell.

  12. If Tillis wants to play the part of fence straddler opposing the Trump agenda he should plan to keep his bags packed and a one-way ticket back to NC at hand!

  13. I just heard Rush LImbaugh barbeque Tillis on this bit of stupidity. Rush pointed out that this is deliberately playing into the hands of the Democrats, the left, and the media and was intentional by Tillis to undermine both Trump and the GOP in Congress.

    Tillis is the NCGOP’s very own version of Benedict Arnold.

  14. When Tillis runs for re-election, conservatives need to all agree on one candidate to take him out. The conservatives in South Carolina will need to do the same to take out Lindsay Graham. A majority of NC Republicans will want Tillis gone, but we have to agree on one candidate to do the job. We can’t split the vote like we did last time. It’s just that simple.

  15. Wonder if the then Speaker remembers these words he said to me ( on a State wide conference call) in April of 2013 after I said, ” I am afraid if the gamefish bill passes it will damage the Republicans in the east”. He said, ” Browny, if the fishermen do not give up something, when I am gone in about 20 months, somebody is going to come along and take away everything they’very got. Politically, the Republicans can afford to lose a couple of seats and hold on to the majority,”

    He will be correct about his first assertation unless the current N C G A prevents the CCA from doing so. N C is at the point where right confronts wrong with regards to the apparent corruptive nature of the DEQ, DMF, MFC, and most recently even Robin Hayes and his Wildlife Federation aided and abetted the demise of N C’s commercial fishing industry. Tuff to be an American producer of fresh seafood with the BIG OIL money behind the CCA.
    The Speakers second statement is already proven correct.

    Browny Douglas

  16. It is actually true that at least Thom Tillis was not given a mandate in 2014. In fact, it bears remembering that he only got 46% in that primary, which means 54% of Republican and unaffiliated voters voted against him. He got less than 50% in the general election, too. I would agree that’s not a mandate. The people did give Congress a clear mandate in 2016, however. It is “WORK WITH TRUMP, NOT WITH THE DEMOCRATS!” As for someone running against Tillis in the primary in 2020, conservatives would have to settle on one candidate with a lot of money and a thick skin.

    1. The Tillis race is a good example of why we should restore the need to achieve an actual majority to win a primary. Allowing a 46% candidate to be our nominee clearly means having nominees who spit in the eye of the party faithful, like Tillis has done since he has been in the Senate. If Tillis had had to get a majority or race a runoff, we likely would not be cursed with him as a Senator.

      Unfortunately, we have RINO liberals like John Hood who want to end runoff primaries altogether. Between his opposition to runoff primaries and his support of handing redistricting over to the Democrats, John Hood is one of the biggest enemies of conservative in North Carolina.

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