Gov. Pat: The Sequel ????

I have picked up some pretty high-level, credible chatter from sources talking up a 2020 rematch for governor between Roy Cooper and Pat McCrory.  Team McCrory cites the relative closeness of the 2016 race as the biggest reason their guy ought to get another crack at Cooper.

It’s no secret that Lt. Gov. Dan Forest has had his eyes on a run for governor in 2020.  This kind of chatter ought to signal Team Forest that they need to get their man out front and asserting himself as the TRUE leader of the NCGOP.  All of these McCrory whispers could cause donors and volunteers to sit on their hands and hinder Forest’s preparations for 2020.

19 thoughts on “Gov. Pat: The Sequel ????

  1. I pray that Pat does not get another run, just trading doofuses in the Governor office is counter productive. Hopefully Lt. Dan is starting to lay his foundation to be the next Governor of this state.

  2. Lt. Dan received around 83,000 more votes than Ol’ Roy, statewide. Sounds like Lt. Dan is our man.

  3. With Cooper trying the Obama executive order route on expanding Medicare he should be impeached. That way Lt. Gov. Forest assumes the Governorship and avleg up on 2020.

  4. I think it’ll be time for Governor Dan in 2020 or maybe we can all talk Rep. Jimmy Dixon into running 😉

  5. Not going to happen. Patsy won’t do what he needs to do to keep himself relevant. If he did not do it while Governor what makes one think he would do it out of office. I stupidly tossed my Dan Magnet. Would put it back out in a year if I thought He would have a primary.

    1. Very true. Patsy screwed his contributors, he had all the answers within his own simple mind but gibt ass whipping as people that spend their money on politicians do not ever forget a unthankful politician.

  6. McCrory disappointed many Republican activists in the state with many of his underwhelming appointments and with some bad policy. Stick a fork in him, he is done. Dan Forest is the man of the future for 2020, and has a mutual respect relationship with GOP activists, unlike McCrory. Forest is a proven votegetter, ;unlike McCrory who has bungled two campaigns for governor now. Forest has won both of his statewide campaigns, while McCrory has lost two out of three.

    1. True. Forest has already started to reach out to County leaders to build relationships, something McCrory never did.

  7. Lord knows McCrory is a has been in life and politics. His ego has the length of the I-77 toll roads he envisioned. Let him be buried and gone forever.
    Dan Forest could have beat Cooper in the 2016 election if available. Dan does not need a primary opponent in 2020. Why does McCrory want to suffer another defeat unless he decides to run as a Democrat and primary Cooper. That I can see as a choice for good old boy Pat.

  8. McCrory was the victim of his own political ineptness, absence of a conservative ideology, and a totally incompetent chief of staff–Thomas Stith.

  9. McCrory’s political future is dim, just as is his wit.

    Go home, Pat. Not back to Charlotte, but pack that carpet bag and take it back you your native OHIO! Dan Forrest would be a much better choice than the milquetoast moderate jellyfish that McCrory has been!

  10. To hear him tell it behind closed doors, longtime-entrepreneur-turned-powerful-Congressman Richard Hudson has the 2020 nomination locked up.

  11. I don’t know about Hudson, but the loyal base has no more interest in McCrory. He never was one of us. Now that he is gone, insiders are admitting what a disaster he was. May he rest in peace back home in Charlotte in RINO Land.

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