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Drivebys: Punk’d or willing participants in anti-HB2 petition scam?

The Gay News & Observer and its buddies in the Gay News Network gave us all kinds of great headlines about anti-HB2 petitions and pictures of anti-HB2 activists carrying all of these boxes allegedly filled with petitions. Well, Team McCrory has done for the public what the…

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HB2 is THE LEAST of Pat McCrory’s problems

The GAY News&Observer (GN&O) is portraying the short session that kicks off today on Jones Street as do-or-die for Governor Pat McCrory. Will the honorables shove a knife in ol’ Pat’s back for November by failing to repeal the *ghastly* HB2?  Let me be clear:…

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Politifact: *Gay mafia? What gay mafia?*

Politifact wants us to repeat after them:  Republicans lie.  Democrats tell truth.   This time, this Orwellian bunch is targeting Gov. Pat McCrory’s claim that the gay lobby is more powerful than the NRA: When one thinks of the country’s most powerful lobbying groups, acronyms…

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Monkey Business Report: Judicial appointment edition

It’s unusual to hear about Republican political shenanigans in yellow-dog Democrat Robeson County. But it looks like our simian friends have been quite active there recently.  There was a state district court seat coming open in the county.  Judge John Carter, a black conservative-leaning former…

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The sounds of Pat McCrory — once again — folding.

Our fearless leader, in the wake of boycotts by and various Broadway shows, has issued an executive order regarding who gets to use what restroom. Of course, after weeks defending the legislation, our man on Blount Street is back-pedaling furiously: […] North Carolina Gov….

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Politifact: Community College is NOT THE SAME as college. (Wow. Just … )

Politifact NC COULD have had a field day with all of the lies surrounding the campaign for ConnectNC.  But they decided to stick with their time-tested double-talk nonsense like, oh, THIS:  If it’s not the same as college, then WHY call it college?  What the…

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ONE MORE piece of dishonesty uncovered in ConnectNC scam

Hey, what’s ONE MORE LIE between friends suckers fellow human beings um, whatever? Nick Ochsner of Charlotte’s WBTV — the last driveby even pretending to DO HIS JOB — has produced another zinger. Fresh off of getting Gov. Pat McCrory on video denying that he…

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The ConnectNC campaign — Illegal ????

That’s what some legal experts are suggesting in the wake of the truth-mangling pro-bond campaign’s success on Tuesday.  Nick Ochsner of Charlote’s WBTV, apparently the only driveby still doing real journalism, has the low-down:  Governor Pat McCrory, some North Carolina state universities and the state’s…

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Gov. Pat, THOSE “politicians” and free stuff

Yes, on this very election day, our fearless governor has taken to social media: You mean, like, if some politician tells you that voting for a bond issue WON’T mean a tax increase, even though it did the last time one got approved? That kind…

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#ncga: Listen to Dean Wormer, son.

”Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.” — Dean Wormer, Faber College ————————— Jason Saine is living the American dream.  Plucked out of the waiting room at the employment office and dropped into a state House seat.  Given a powerful committee…