Stay! (McCrory seeks to preserve Voter ID for November vote)

patGov. Pat McCrory and his lawyers are looking for a solid from US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts: 

Governor Pat McCrory has formally requested U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts to stay a ruling by the Fourth Circuit and reinstate North Carolina’s Voter ID law.

“Today we have asked Chief Justice John Roberts to stay the Fourth Circuit’s ruling and reinstate North Carolina’s Voter ID law,”
said Governor McCrory. “This common sense law was upheld by the U.S. District Court. Our Voter ID law has been cited as a model and other states are using similar laws without challenges.

“Allowing the Fourth Circuit’s ruling to stand creates confusion among voters and poll workers and it disregards our successful rollout of Voter ID in the 2016 primary elections. The Fourth Circuit’s ruling is just plain wrong and we cannot allow it to stand. We are confident that the Supreme Court will uphold our state’s law and reverse the Fourth Circuit.”
A formal petition asking the Supreme Court to hear the case will follow this request for a stay.

The chief justice CAN say ‘hold the phone’ on doing X until the full court can review X.  But, so far, Roberts has been far from a profile in courage.  He basically rewrote court1ObamaCare in order to save it from being overturned on constitutional grounds.  

This IS actually a great move on McCrory’s part.  IF Roberts grants a stay, voter ID can stay alive for the November voting.  An appeal of the 4th circuit’s ruling will be filed by the state with the high court. It likely won’t be heard until 2017.  (However, we may have governor Cooper and attorney general Stein to deal with by then.)  

If this all works the way McCrory hopes, it will mean a lot less chaos and confusion on Election Day –two “crops” the Alinskyites and BluePrinters have been sowing in the state for four years now.  

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  1. McCrory is doing all he can for honest elections in North Carolina. We will now see if Roberts has any vertebrae left in his backbone or whether he will crap out to George Soros, the WWII Nazi collaborator and convicted insider trader who has financed all these lawsuits against Voter ID laws (and finances a lot of other bad things like Black Lives Matter, the transgender campaign, MoveON,org, Media Matters, etc.)

  2. I wouldn’t count on Roberts doing the right thing, and if I’m right, the GA should reconvene and word-for-word enact Indiana’s US Supreme Court-approved voter ID law.

    1. These corrupt far left judges appointed by Obama, and rubberstamped by Burr and Tillis, would probably try to strike it down based on substituting North Carolina for Indiana. They have the power so they do not have to have real reasons. But they ought to try that if Roberts wussies out.

      Remember that their goal is to turn out the illegal aliens for the Democrat ticket. That is why Soros paid for all of these lawsuits against voter ID laws. Soros’ home country, Hungary, has itself always required a photo ID to vote since the fall of communism. Funny, he does not seem to have a problem with it there. So does virtually all of Europe, east and west.

    2. Yeah, as good an idea that is, I am sure the 4th Whacko court would find a way to overturn it and send back to the drawing board.

  3. Here is what I penned for the Wilmington Star News and am told it published this week: I BLAME THE REPUBLICANS
    Our common sense NC Voter ID Law has been entirely negated and many headlines read that Democratic justices are responsible. So, I did some digging and found out that the three jurists who made this decision from the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, are indeed all Democrats—Justices Wynn and Floyd were nominated by Obama and Justice Motz was nominated by Clinton. Yet, digging further I found that Justice Floyd was promoted by Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and had a full Senate confirmation of 96-0 in 2011 when the Senate was led by Democrats.
    Also under a Democratic controlled Senate, they confirmed Justice Wynn who was introduced by Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) who advocated for his confirmation.
    The 3rd jurist is Justice Diana Motz. In 1994, Clinton nominated Motz who was unanimously confirmed by the Senate.
    If you want to lay the blame on Democrats for the reversal of our common sense voter ID laws, please look deeper and ask yourself why the Republicans consistently confirm leftist judicial nominees. These three Republican approved jurists have over-turned the voice of the people in North Carolina who over-whelmingly supported a strong Photo Voter ID policy by electing a Republican majority in our state legislature. I don’t blame Democrats for nominating jurists who reflect their unconstitutional leftist ideology, but I do blame Republicans for ceding their duty and confirming them.

    1. Which is precisely why Obama enabler Burr must go in November! Next is Obama enabler part 2 Tillis.

      This election has shown us the true colors of the elites. The GOP is in cahoots with the Dems — and they all hate Trump. Reason enough for voting for him in my mind.

    1. The Supreme Court ruled so, but George Soros is spending a lot of money this year refighting the battle in front of liberal judges. Soros, who was a Nazi collaborator as a teenager in Hungary in WWII and later a convicted insider trader, also funded the ACORN voter fraud organization. Soros and his ilk want to make sure that the Democrats can vote as many illegal aliens as possible. That is what the fight is really about, not about black voters.

    1. The comment software automatically blocks anything that looks like a web address, to stop spam. The administrator can clear them for posting, but doesn’t always get around to it.Try using a URL shortener like bitly, but be sure to strip the http etc. off the beginning. Then, people can just drag & drop this into their address box:
      (Huffington Post story wondering why if it was so important to appeal the 4th Circuit ruling, did McCrory wait over two weeks to do it?)

  4. Another example of Federal invasion of state’s responsibility to manage its own election rules. Increasingly Federal jurists invade areas of state responsibility to the point that the term “Federalism” is meaningless. Can only support the efforts of Gov. McCrory to oppose this invasion.

  5. A Democrat activist NAACP judge was appointed to hear the voter ID trial on September 26. How did this happen? He was appointed by another Democrat judge. And we are supposed to do nothing? Where is the NC GOP and the General assembly on this disgrace? That same judge is also a candidate running against justice Bob Edmunds. More conflict of interest and yet I suspect the NC GOP and our general assembly will do nothing about this.WHY??

  6. A Democrat activist NAACP judge was appointed to hear the voter ID trial on September 26. How did this happen? He was appointed by another Democrat judge. And we are supposed to do nothing? Where is the NC GOP and the General assembly on this disgrace? That same judge is also a candidate running against justice Bob Edmunds. More conflict of interest and yet I suspect the NC GOP and our general assembly will do nothing about this.WHY??

    1. It seems like there should be a demand that this obviously biased judge recuse himself. The NAACP is a party to these lawsuits, so any judge endorsed or supported for his office by the NAACP or who is or has been a member of that organization has a massive conflict of interest. If they fail to recuse themselves, there should be a complaint filed with the Judicial Standards Commission. If they wimp out, then such a judge should be impeached and removed from office by the legislature. Throw their corrupt buttocks out!

      1. So any judge that is a member of the NRA or was endorsed by them should have to recuse themselves from a case involving guns? OK, noted.

        This is the luck of the draw, fellas. Maybe you shouldn’t have drafted a law so obviously meant to impact people of color. There would be no guarantee that when the predictable lawsuit is filed, a judge with the right, shall we say, “pedigree” would get it assigned to them.

  7. Vast majority of N C Citizens believe that voter fraud made the photo ID Law necessary. Restoring confidence in elections requires that rules be instituted to ensure only eligible citizens may cast verified and counted votes.
    NC Board of Elections should institute a rule that any voter who will not voluntarily show a photo ID must be finger printed. The NC Voter Rolls need to be entered in computer data bases so that cross checking from county to county will readily reveal duplicate registrations. Walk-in one day register and vote folks need to be entered and identified, by finger print or photo, in computer data bases every night.
    Anyone found to have voted more than once must be charged with a felony crime and when convicted punished to full extent of the law.

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