McCrory + House, Senate GOP to huddle Wednesday on HB2

download (2)(No word yet if John Hood will be providing the entertainment.)

The confab gets together at 11 AM tomorrow.  The sellout bombshell that detonated today will still be causing aftershocks within the GOP caucuses in each chamber.

 I am told an awful lot of members are angry because (1) this deal was struck behind closed doors by a small, exclusive group, and (2) it hangs everyone out there looking like fools after weeks and weeks of defending HB2 from the leftist hordes and the lying driveby media. 

It’s pretty clear that ol’ Pat’s Uptown Charlotte pals finally got to him.  Those Chamber  and Myers Park social  confabs the last several weeks had to be mighty uncomfortable affairs  for the CharMeck RINO set. Snip20160418_1

This is a huge poke in the eye to the NCGOP base.  (The Democrats could not have done it better.)  Some out there may be thinking the base will still be there in November.  *Where else will they go?* (Ask Mitt Romney that question.  Millions of GOP voters who came out for McCain in 2008 sat home for him in 2012.) A hell of a lot of people are so upset with Raleigh Republicans — sticking with the team ONLY because of HB2. 

THIS is what you call one of those watershed moments.  If things go badly for the NCGOP in November, an awful lot of the blame can go toward this particular sellout.  You can look back at THIS particular moment in political history.

Many Republican members of the legislature will have plenty of time to lick their wounds and think about this over the next few years as they relive the Jim Black / Marc Basnight era from their subterranean basement offices and desks in the nosebleed section of their respective chambers.

15 thoughts on “McCrory + House, Senate GOP to huddle Wednesday on HB2

  1. Once more I concur with Larry Pittman.
    The God given ability to reason, is, the exercise to discern right from wrong. The right decision has been made. Why Change? Is muscle $$$$ going to trump moral principles? I hope not.

    Browny Douglas

  2. The Boys In The Backroom WILL “sell out” the base…. The radical Left /MSM Media WILL still hate them and roast them and laugh at them …. “the base” WILL desert them …….

  3. Screw you, GOPe. HB2 is the ONLY — and I cannot possibly stress that word enough — I am voting for Pat. This b/s comes to pass and Pat can kiss my vote good bye.

    Where is Dan Forrest?!?!?! Maybe now he will finally realize what a POS McCrory is…

  4. This insane effort to find a ”middle of the road” position reminds me of one of Senator Jesse Helms’ observations, that the only thing you find in the middle of the road are yellow stripes and dead skunks. Someone else, who I do not recall, made the observation that in the middle of the road, you get hit from both directions.

    This is just the sort of sellout on a high profile issue that caused the poll numbers of the GOP Congress to sink into the toilet among GOP voters. In their case, over 60% of GOP voters said they felt ”betrayed” by the GOP Congress and over 70% disapproved of them. Dumping Boehner for Ryan pulled to wool over the eyes of some, but many are realizing that Ryan is just Boehner 2.0.

    What Timmy Moore is doing is just like Boehner’s rotten backroom deals with special interests who care nothing about the principles of GOP voters and most often actually distain them and Democrats. HB2 pulled McCrory’s bacon out of the fire from his ill-advised attack on our Confederate veteran ancestors, and now some total idiots in our party want to throw it back in, and piss off an even larger part of the base. Do they have a political death wish?

    This is also not going to satisfy the Gaystapo or their corporate bully partners. This asinine piece of legislation will just cause BOTH the Gaystapo and the GOP base to be sour on the politicians held responsible. These idiots are pushing a Lose-Lose piece of legislative excrement. There is a real danger that many GOP voters will not even know that their own legislator stood firm if the majority screws them on this issue, and all our legislators get tainted with a sellout.

    What our legislators really need to do is tweak our criminal laws so that corporate bullies like the NBA, PayPal, etc. can be prosecuted in criminal court for extortion.

    If the GOP wants to win, they really need to dump that sellout traitor Tim Moore as Speaker before election day.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed that the usually more sensible Senate rides to the rescue to stop this nonsense. They at least have typically exhibited competent leadership, unlike the House. If anyone can stop this betrayal, that is who can do it.

    I and my family will not be voting for any politician who sells out on HB2. There is not a dime’s worth of difference between an Obama Democrat and an Obama Republican except that one stabs you in the front and the other in the back. I would rather face a stab in the front than a cowardly stab in the back.

  5. I’ve been telling myself for several months that I would hold my nose and vote for Trump. The “Clinton alternative” is simply TOO DANGEROUS for the entire, stinkin’ republic to allow HER to win. And, we could be closed out of winning positions on SCOTUS and immigration for a GENERATION.

    HOWEVER, the same is NOT true for McCrory or ANY NC RINO who gets all weak-kneed on HB2. It’s the ONLY legislation I’ve been truly proud of all year.

  6. Will the HB-2 sellout be a separate piece of legislation or will it be hidden in “that budget” ? still stand all amazed at how much torture my GOP conservative friends friends can take.

  7. The House Democrats are having a celebration lunch at their caucus meeting at 12 today. They have to be THRILLED. Only 26 House Rs are uncontested this November. We will lose House majority over this nonsense.

  8. That’s the spirit! Let’s leave our party and turn the majority of the NCGA over to the Dems. Higher taxes, more regulation, frozen teacher pay, Sgro’s discrimination bill – this is what we need. C’mon people, do you really want to go back to that?

    1. Many of us were cured of voting for the lesser of two evils by the sellouts of Boehner and McConnell, and others by the slimy actions of McConnell and the establishment in their dirty tricks in the 2014 US Senate primary in Mississippi. HB2 has been one of the bright spots with McCrory, and hopefully will continue to be. As to legislators, we do not need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Those of us politically active will know whether our own legislators stood firm or caved and will vote or not vote accordingly. I’m afraid that too many low information voters will not know who did what and they will all be tarred with the brush of whatever the majority of them do.

    2. Not really, but at least with a democrap you know they are going to vote against your wishes because they tell you so. With the Republicans, they tell you they are going to stand for somewhat conservative values and issues….then vote right in line with the Regressive Leftist dogma.

  9. Left the GOP years ago. Won’t vote democrat because of the progressive leftist policies. Won’t vote McCrory this time if he sells out on HB2. Nor will I vote any GOP candidate who does. They better hold fast because if they sell out on this issue they are as sick as the perverts who want men in the same restroom as little girls. We’re tired of it. A rino is a rino is a rino…..

  10. I am only voting for Trump. Rest of my ballot will be blank. Will never again vote for Republicans–they cannot be trusted.

    1. There are lots of Republicans who are solid conservatives and can be trusted. In the Congress, we have Walter Jones and Mark Meadows from NC. We have a number of solid individual NC House and NC Senate members, like Larry Pittman who often posts here. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Study each candidate closely instead of relying on a party label to vote either for or against them,

      I would trust Larry Pittman long before I would trust Donald Trump. Trump has flip-flopped way too much, and his recent backing off on deporting illegal aliens is very troubling. I will still probably hold my nose for Trump, but there are several more dependable conservative Republicans on my ballot that I will have more enthusiasm in voting for. There are also races I will probably leave blank because the Republican nominee is not much different than their Democrat opponent. You really have to look race by race.

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