#ncga: Meanwhile, Inside the caucus room …

sneak-peek2The word I am hearing — from folks inside the joint House-Senate GOP confab with the governor — is about dramatic contrasts.  Gov. McCrory and the House leadership were passionately arguing for changes to HB2.  Senators, on the other hand, sat there coldly, but respectfully, and listened to the governor.

A revised draft sellout compromise — heavily influenced by Skip Stam — has been sent back out among the GOP honorables. Early reports on the sellout indicate that the move was being heavily influenced by the NBA.   Seriously smoking hot scuttlebutt around the legislative building says a major Jones Street player close to GOP House leadership is in line for a job in the NBA front office.  (I swear, if this whole sellout is rooted in furthering a political weasel’s career ambitions … ) 

I am told this is going to be sold as “no big deal,” ”no major changes to the original bill.”  But after months of standing firm on the concept of boys in the boys locker room and girls in the girls locker room, the Jones Street GOP is now moving toward codifying the concept of gender interchangeability.  

I can see Roy Cooper now — firing up all of that videotape of McCrory passionately defending HB2 on TV, and then showing video of hizzoner announcing this sellout.  

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  1. I worked at a political booth at a public event not long ago and was surprised at the amount of comment from the public over HB2, most of it highly positive for the Governor and legislature. The electorate is engaged on this issue, and betraying them now is political malpractice for the NCGOP. Any modification will be viewed by voters as a climbdown and a sellout. Our candidates do not need this. It could be fatal for the governor’s reelection.

    It is good that common sense and political savvy seem to still exist in the Senate. They clearly do not in the House leadership.

    Knuckling under to arrogant corporate bullies like the NBA just makes it worse. We do not need to start down that path or the corporate bullying will continue. A good up-yours to them would be to introduce a bill tongue-in-cheek to modify the rules of professional basketball in North Carolina. Tell them if they stay out of our baliwick, we will stay out of theirs.

    And who is this ”Jones Street player” who wants to throw the governor, the legislature, and the party under the bus just to enhance his own job prospects? His name ought to be outed to the whole party. That just sucks.

    Special interest power plays like this are a huge black mark on the whole party, especially when conducted in sneaky, underhanded backroom deals. Tim Moore and the whole House leadership have demonstrated that they are totally unfit for office. The governor has demonstrated something we have known for a while, that he has no political savvy or anyone around thim who does.

    Hopefully, these idiots will not blow up the GOP’s chance in November.

    1. Hopefully, the Senate also understands that this won’t help their colleague Buck Newton in his race, either.

      1. Buck Newton is a first rate guy. Hopefully his Senate colleagues will not knife him in the back on this one. Generally, I am more impressed with the Senate standing with the people than the House doing so.

      1. Well, well! Little Timmy Moore’s Chief of Staff! That says it all. That worm Moore is more interested in helping this suckweasel get a new job with the NBA than he is about reelecting our governor or the GOP holding legislative seats. And Somers is abusing his position to feather his personal nest for a new job.

        Isn’t this the guy that the Haymaker outed as having a long history as a registered Unaffiliated who always took Democrat ballots in primaries? It looks like he may be carrying water for the Democrats as well as himself on this issue.

        Timmy Moore is a Benedict Arnold traitor and the House caucus needs to ditch him and his Quisling leadership team just as fast as they can. If they do not, their fingerprints are on the treason, too.

    1. Dear NBA.

      Please take your team out of Charlotte and leave NC all together.


      People that want Charlotte great again

  2. That McCrory would sell out my daughter’s safety for a bunch of racist thugs at the NBA says it all about him and the imbeciles who advise him. I will say it again to our dim witted governor–HB2 is the ONLY reason I am voting for you. Back off a millimeter and you have lost my vote.

    Where the hell is Dan Forrest?!?! He continues to disappoint with his faux conservatism.

      1. Maybe the poster who commented on that can give you the names, but one liberal establishment twit that clearly needs to stopped from getting there is Clayton Somers, Timmy Moore’s Chief of Staff. Somers is trying to screw the GOP, the governor, and the legislators to get himself some personal green stamps with the NBA to get one of those NBA front office jobs. Somers is the one behind the sellout on HB2. He and his boss Moore, who has gone along with it, both need their walking papers.

          1. He seems to be a blatantly self seeking opportunist trying to feather his own nest at the expense of the organization responsible for his holding his current job. And a liberal. Those are worse than being a racist, and they are compelling reasons to stop him from his self-serving sellout on HB2 which will also keep him, probably, from that plum front office job at the NBA that he craves.

            Tim Moore utterly lacks any judgment at all in hiring such an individual. His prostituting himself and the Speakers office to the NBA corporate bullies is much worse that the sex with lobbyists that occurred in Tillis’ Speaker’s office.

          2. Of all the corporate bullies who tried to pressure NC, why is it only the NBA that they have responded to? Why not PayPal and some of the others? Now, any corporate bullying is wrong and only the truly weak and moronic politicians respond to it, but why are they just responding to that one? Is it because the NBA dangled a plum job in front of Tim Moore’s chief of staff? There is a real stench of corruption about the whole affair that probably deserves a criminal investigation.

            NC does not need a sign above its legislative building saying ”Will cave in to corporate bullies”, or one that says ”Will sell out our principles for plum jobs for our elite”

      2. Are you kidding? Look at the complexion of the players on every single team. Where is the diversity? Where is the equity? Why are black athletes including LeBron allowed to don “breathe” shirts and not a peep out of the front office? Can you imagine if a white player wore a “All Lives Matter” shirt? And, I should have added misogynistic … Isiah Thomas and Kevin Johnson (read Michelle Malkin’s scathing expose on that creep) come to mind.

        But, all of this is besides the point. Until the NBA puts a transgender on one of its teams, stay the hell out of my bathroom.

        1. So is the NHL racist since there are very few non-white players? Is the PGA racist for the same reason?

    1. I got an email from his campaign last night asking for money. Until he’s off the fence and takes a stand, he can wait.

  3. On a side note, I also have wondered what’s up with play-it-safe Lt. Gov.? I receive a lot of emails touting his conservatism and a very weak agenda. Is he planning to take a Roy Cooper styled free ride for eight years and then, run for Governor as a hard charging defender of conservatism? If so, he could use some backbone and better advisors.

    P.S. NC was doing quite well without an NBA team. Tell,em where to stick their meddling.

  4. Regular folks understand, if you LOOK weak, you probably ARE weak. These Jones St. idiots have already “failed the test” by that standard.

  5. It is amazing to watch the House leadership cave to special interests. Tim Moore needs to be lead out in hand cuffs, along with Saine and Lewis and Dollar. North State Journal..Where is your story on Dollar? You have something one him but are afraid to print. How long do we have to suffer these fools??? If you print NOW we can get a true R to take their place in the election. Wait and we have a Dem taking their seats…

  6. North State Journal is an establishment hack paper. Looks at its coverage of the coup against Hasan Harnett. They are not going to attack liberal big spending establishment hacks like Nelson Dollar.

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