Rats abandoning McCrory’s HB2 ship?

Gov. Pat McCrory and the Republican leaders on Jones Street have b5669cd6593190.imageeen fighting the good fight on HB2 lately.  The media and their Democrat enablers have been successful at painting a bill that clarifies the General Assembly’s role as the final word on all government policy in the state as BIGOTRY.  *And WHO can be FOR bigotry?* 

Well, there has been some dissension among the ranks.  Sandhills Community College, here in Moore County, is funded with state tax dollars.  Its longtime board chairman, George Little, is a long-time friend and supporter of McCrory.  Yet, the school’s president — John Dempsey — came out publicly against HB2, saying that he wasn’t going to adhere to it.

Now comes the UNC board of governors and new UNC president Margaret Spellings.  The UNC board was appointed by the governor and the Republican majority on Jones Street. Spellings, a former Republican official at the federal level, was hired by those GOP appointees on the  UNC board.

Spellings and the UNC board have come out saying they won’tspellingsedit be enforcing HB2:

[…] University system President Margaret Spellings wrote in an affidavit that, pending the outcome of the North Carolina case: “I have no intent to exercise my authority to promulgate any guidelines or regulations that require transgender students to use the restrooms consistent with their biological sex.”

The university system’s lawyers went further, noting in a filing that the state law contains no enforcement mechanism and the university system also hasn’t “changed any of its policies or practices regarding transgender students or employees.”[…]

How HAVE you been keeping men out of women’s locker rooms and restrooms ????  HB2 is little more than a clarification of existing policy and law.  Most places, if they NEWS_shitin_jennamackeyfind a man in the ladies restroom, call security or police and have the person escorted out, and / or charged with criminal trespass or committed to the rubber room. 

How do you tell if someone legitimately “identifies” as a woman?  I can see it now — hordes of teenage boys “identifying” as girls in order to get a peek inside the girls locker room.

Up is down.  Black is white.  Girls are boys. Boys are girls.  How have we reached this point — where a government set up to act on the wishes of its people ends up telling its people what it IS and IS NOT going to do? 

This is about more than bathrooms.  The “opposition” is based on a desire to fundamentally change our culture, our economy, and our society in such an Orwellian manner that only Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels could appreciate.  download (6)

Marx and Engels sought an economy where everyone is just as poor as everyone else.  Feminists want us to believe there is no difference between men and women.  The radical gay rights movement wants to expand on that by further watering down the  gender lines.

Give these people an inch, and they will take a mile.  The civil rights movement started off with a noble mission of ensuring the protections of The Constitution were applied to ALL Americans.  (The right to vote, for instance.)  

It has evolved into admissions quotas for colleges, so-called “affirmative action” in hiring practices, and various government set-asides based on recipients’ skin Snip20160402_3pigmentation.   In this case, more than a mile has been taken.

Measures like HB2 are aimed at protecting your church from being bankrupted or shut down for declining to host a gay wedding or reception.  From your business being bankrupted via endless litigation spearheaded by government or non-profit-funded lawyers.

It’s a last-ditch effort to save the religious freedoms in The First Amendment from the same crew that swears Madison, Franklin, Hamilton, Washington & the boys all were really talking about abortion in the Fourth Amendment. HB2 doesn’t change a thing from any rights people had yesterday or ten years ago.  It does try to slow down the efforts to finish the conversion of our society into a modern-day Gommorah. 

11 thoughts on “Rats abandoning McCrory’s HB2 ship?

  1. Our elected members had courage to pass HB2. I am glad they did it, it needed to be done. They should not be bullied into backing down, but praised for standing up.

  2. Sounds like a couple of administrators need to update their resumes. Let them find other work outside of NC..

  3. Go ahead Pat appoint a bunch of Rino / Democrats. Oh, you already have!

    Maybe they will put signs out and knock on doors this election. Somehow they are always end up on the winners side.

    Surly they will Donate money to you Pat.
    My mistake the Donor class gives to both sides.

  4. As soon as a UNC co-ed is assaulted in a bathroom by some sex-crazed deviant, Spellings will be history. Good riddance. Time to get rid of all the RINOs on the BOG as well.

    1. Sex crazed deviant behavior that is not consenting has always been illegal and is actionable through the law. Hate Bill 2 does not change that it just discriminates transgender citizens.

      1. Letting the opposite sex into bathrooms and locker rooms facilitates sexual perverts getting an opportunity to get at victims in a way that really have a hard time doing now. It is not insignificant that the main leader behind the Charlotte bathroom ordinance that started all of this is a convicted child molester.

        As to the ridiculous charges of ”discrimination” and ”bigotry”, I think this exchange between an idiot leftie Congresscritter and a law professor is very telling:


        1. Name the child molester. If it is Sevearance, he did NOT lead the ordinance. More false hype.

          1. He may not have been on the city council of the Peoples Republic of Charlotte, but he led the outside forces pressing for it. It was only after it passed that his own past became an embarassement and he was pushed aside.

            And what about how that law professor handled that stupid leftie congresscritter?
            (in the link above)

            A boy who imagines himself a girl is little different from one who imagines himself Napolean. Both need mental health help, not a free pass to whatever restroom (or palace) they choose.

        1. Behavior should not be the basis for establishing a protected class, and that is what the left is doing on this one.

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