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Doofus v. Dan: The great debate of 2020

    Last night,  you got your only chance to see the two main candidates for governor, Roy Cooper and Dan Forest, in the same room answering questions and stuff.       I watched it with two political pro friends (who have no dog…

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“The dozens” meet #ncgovdebate

Roy Cooper and Pat McCrory and Jim Stockdale Lon Cecil got together for a debate last night.  Believe it or not, HB2 got mentioned.  (I know — SHOCKING.)   *Can you BELIEVE that one of these guys will be governing our state over the next…

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#NCSEN: Two F-students reenact 2014’s Hagan v. Tillis

I thought last night’s Senate debate sounded very familiar.   Deborah Ross spouted all of Kay Hagan’s hard-line feminist and socialist talking points.  Richard Burr, just like Thom Tillis two years ago, threw up a lot of non-specifics peppered with a bunch of talk about “crossing the…

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#ncpol: The AG has been RUN OVER. (Call the crime lab.)

Pat McCrory would be IN MUCH BETTER SHAPE politically if he had governed the last four years like he carried himself in last night’s debate.  He sounded like an actual Republican, and called Roy Cooper out like he should have been called out long ago….

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The Seinfeld campaign

Jerry Seinfeld once famously described his long-running eponymous hit sitcom as a show ‘about nothing.’  One could easily say the same thing about this year’s election season. On a national level, we have ObamaCare tearing the guts out of our health care system. We have…

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#ncgov: WHO approved THIS ?????

Governor Pat McCrory’s reelection campaign has provided us with many a face-palm moment.  And yet there’s another one on the horizon.  SOMEBODY in that camp OKed the governor participating in a debate on October 11 moderated by Chuck Todd, host of Meet The Press.  …

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#ncsen: Burr camp says NOT refusing to debate. (They say NO ONE has invited him to debate.)

Yep.  Click HERE to listen to Burr campaign spokeswoman Mary Comer spin this nonsense.  Here are some of the,um, highlights: “No one is refusing to debate.  That is simply false […]  There is no debate.  The senator has not been invited to any debate. [..]…

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#ncpol: Rush busts NCGOPers for efforts to sabotage Trump at debate

We reported earlier about how all the folks who did such a bang-up job saving the necks of Dallas Woodhouse and David Lewis last weekend were rewarded by Woodhouse and Lewis with tickets to last night’s presidential debate in South Carolina.  Professor Limbaugh, of the…

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NC-02: The Great Debate Post-Game Show

“Mr. Seacrest, can we get a THIRD option?”   THAT was the quip texted to me during Monday’s debate between Renee Ellmers and Clay Aiken.  Unfortunately, we’re not voting for the winner of a game show here.  We’re choosing someone to vote on our behalf…

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NC-02: Clay’s Child Support. Renee’s Indignance. (Welcome to The Great Debate Pre-Game Show.)

We’ve got a political debate that’s sure to draw a lot of media attention here in town Monday night. I really hate using something like RadarOnline as a source.  But, hey, wasn’t it The National Enquirer that busted wide open the story on John Edwards…