#ncgov: WHO approved THIS ?????

meet-the-press-chuck-toddGovernor Pat McCrory’s reelection campaign has provided us with many a face-palm moment.  And yet there’s another one on the horizon.  SOMEBODY in that camp OKed the governor participating in a debate on October 11 moderated by Chuck Todd, host of Meet The Press.   What, Laura Leslie was not available?  Hell, why not Chris Fitzsimon? 

The Wikileaks hack of the DNC’s email revealed what a lot of us had already assumed:  El Chucko is Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s lapdog.     (*Chuck, this must stop.*)  McCrory also has some previous experience with Todd — having appeared on Meet The Press during a visit to Washington in April.

Here’s an example of Todd’s, um, “even-handedness” during that interview: Fitzcryin-eyes-closed

“How did the state of North Carolina, the state government, not overreach in just the same way?” Todd then asked. The NBC host noted wtfthat Charlotte discussed the issue at length, whereas the North Carolina legislature called a special session to rush the legislation through in one day.

“You guys debated for, like, ten seconds. I mean, don’t you regret the time of debate?” Todd asked.

McCrory replied by explaining that he’s met North Carolinians who support the new state law. He then argued that the legislature needed to pass the state law before April 1 in order to prevent the Charlotte ordinance from going into effect.

Later in the interview, Todd asked McCrory how refusing to protect gay and transgender people in state law differs from refusing to protect people from racial discrimination. […]

*Gosh, I wonder what El Chucko is going to want to talk about during the debate.*  

Todd also recently told his fellow drive-by sycophants at WRAL that McCrory signing HB2 will kill Republicans up and down the ballot. 


Oh, yeah.  This sounds like a GREEEEEEEAT idea.  Letting this guy moderate a debate less than a month before election day.

15 thoughts on “#ncgov: WHO approved THIS ?????

  1. I wonder if the Trump campaign will roll over for similar biased moderators?

    If McCrory has already committed to this, maybe the NCGOP could earn its keep by blasting away on this biased moderator. The McCrory campaign is really missing the leadership of Jack Hawke who would never have let them get stuck in this position.

  2. Very tired of GOP elected officials trying to please those who are committed to their own defeat.

    Just stop. Idiots.

  3. The Governor should cancel. He has nothing to lose and all to gain by doing so. It will shore up his standing amongst voters with good sense. He should ride HB2 across the finish line.

    Browny Douglas

  4. If McCrory’s people have been reading this site or others like it, they know he lost you long ago. Some on the hard right will still pull the lever for him, but just enough will leave it blank to spite him, to cost him the election.

    He knows that the votes he can still get are in the middle. And the middle doesn’t buy the argument that he should avoid the MSM completely.

    You have my sympathies – moving to the center is a last-ditch, probably losing strategy for Pat, but it’s the only move he has left…

    1. McCrory has always really been at the center any time he goes to the right is just to pander to the base but he lives in the middle. Look at his time being the mayor of Charlotte he led from his safe space in the middle and pandering to the uptown business community

    2. First, the problem with this biased moderator is not merely in the fact that he was chosen, but in the fact that he will try to skew the debate to his side, by choice of questions, and sometimes by more direct means like disputing what a conservative candidate says like Candy Crowley or David Crabtree did in debates. That is why a biased moderator like this skunk needs to be avoided.

      Second, while I hear a lot of disappointment with Governor McCrory over patronage and some issues he has dealt with, HB2 has assured that there will be very few Republicans leaving a blank in the governor’s race. While enthusiasm levels are not what they have been in the past for McCrory, most conservatives will still pull their levers for him.

      The candidate I hear the most talk of leaving the race blank on is Burr, and also some on Trump, but very few on McCrory.

      The reason to not have a biased moderator has nothing to do per say with the conservative vote. It has to do with not letting the biased liberal moderator distort things for the entire voting population.

      Republican candidates need to start giving a very loud ”NO” to debate moderators from the biased liberal MSM generally.

    3. I think you take the debate wrong. He has not necessarily “lost” us, but there are many many grievances against him. My guess is that most of us when choosing a lazy idiot like Ol’ Roy as an alternative will certainly pull Pat’s lever. I think just like at the national level, the alternative is so foul that voting against the whacko left will be what happens.

  5. Barry, those that leave “it” blank are not voters with good sense. That will accomplish nothing towards defeating the Leviathan left. The conservative ship cannot be brought to an even keel and a steady course until it clears the leftist debris that impedes it’s forward motion. Only then can the right begin to cleanse itself.

    Browny Douglas

  6. Barry, those that leave “it” blank are not voters with good sense. That will accomplish nothing towards defeating the Leviathan left. The conservative ship cannot be brought to an even keel and a steady course until it clears the leftist debris that impedes it’s forward motion. Only then can the right begin to cleanse itself.

    Browny Douglas

  7. Letting a leftist moderator chose all the questions or even most of them is the very worst part of having a leftist moderator, and there is no good reason to let a moderator choose the questions at all. That is not the way debates were done in politics until media got so darn assertive in recent decades. The only fair way to select questions is to do it the traditional way, like they did in the famous Lincoln and Douglas debates, and that is to let each candidate chose half of the questions. The stinking moderator has no business choosing the questions to begin with.

  8. Wow, if Pat is tired of being in the Gov mansion, why not just step down and let Lt. Dan run? From the way it looks he is actively trying to lose the election. First, by not actually attacking Ol’ Roy when there is so much low hanging fruit…and that Carolina Comeback is not the only story that needs to be told. Second, by letting the whacko leftists control the debates….WTF is up with that. Pat needs to fire whomever he let make that decision…even if it is himself.

    1. The left would be all for suggesting Stalin or maybe his latest incarnation, Obama. Tyranny is not what we had in mind.

      Big media protects the left, like Cooper, and tries to gut anyone who is not in their ”politically correct” bubble. Those who work at McClatchey newspapers or WRAL would, I am sure, have fit right in working for Pravda in Stalin’s day.

      1. Whoa Guv, you put Pravda too far to the left. Most of what the WRAL and McC crowd produced would be considered too much like leftist propaganda to them.

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