Another federal judge, another slap at North Carolina

A George W. Bush appointee on the federal bench has ordered the University of North Carolina to STOP enforcing gender-segregation of locker rooms and bathrooms: NEWS_shitin_jennamackey

[…] A federal judge on Friday temporarily blocked the University of North Carolina from enforcing the state’s so-called “bathroom bill” from applying to three transgender plaintiffs in a challenge brought by LGBT rights groups.

Judge Thomas D. Schroeder of the US District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina wrote that the plaintiffs had “made a clear showing” that they are likely to succeed on their claim that part of the law violates Title IX.
“The University of North Carolina, its officers, agents, servants, employees, and attorneys, and all other persons acting in concert or participation with them are hereby enjoined from enforcing (the law) against the individual transgender plaintiffs until further order of the court,” Schroeder wrote.
The ruling means that plaintiffs are not subject — for now — to the requirements of the law that blocks transgender individuals from using bathrooms and locker rooms that match their sexual identity. The university said late Friday it was reviewing the order but will “fully comply with its directive.”[…]

What’s Title IX?  Here’s the federal Department of Education: judge

No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.

Translation:  You take federal money? DC OWNS YOU. 

Title IX is that manna from DC that has blessed us with such national treasures as “girls’ wrestling” and female football players. It’s also helped kill football programs because a school gave more money to that male-dominated sport than it gave to female athletic programs. 

 So, three guys dressed like girls can go into the ladies restroom and locker rooms, but no other guys CAN?

And HOW does HB2 violate Title IX?  If you have male parts between your legs — but dress like a woman — you are still a man.  (Men’s Room for YOU.)  If your official ID says you are male, Men’s Room for YOU.  

I can throw on a wig and lipstick, but I’m STILL a man.  Contrary to what the fringe left wants to cram down our throats, your wardrobe DOES NOT determine your gender.  


If you go to great pains to actually look like a woman, no one is going to give you any grief about using the ladies rest room.  But most of these people tend to look like men in lipstick and pearls.  Like in THIS police training video. 

Here’s more on this Schroeder guy: 

U.S. District Judge Thomas Schroeder, a former corporate lawyer known for representing the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, scheduled oral arguments for Monday on whether the state can require transgender people to use restrooms in many public buildings that match their birth certificates, rather than their gender identities.


“With regard to judicial philosophy, he’s pretty right-wing,” said Norman Smith, a longtime Winston-Salem attorney. Smith suspects Schroeder would “feel comfortable in wanting to uphold HB2,” even though he’s considered more moderate than some other Republican-appointed judges inThe-10-Richest-Transgender-People-In-The-World-2 the state.

“When he was put in the court by Bush, there was a sigh of relief from the plaintiffs’ bar” that the president didn’t pick someone more conservative, Smith recalled. […]

*Gotta keep that plaintiffs’ bar happy!*   (And to think we keep getting sold on the idea that we need Republicans in charge so we can get conservative judges.)



13 thoughts on “Another federal judge, another slap at North Carolina

    1. I thought it was against policy to blame Bush.
      55% of NC citizens disagree with Hate Bill 2. Over 60% say it has harmed the state. Now we see even the GOP appointed Judicial branch lining up against it. Not a great move Governor.

      1. When you actually ask what HB2 does – protect bathroom privacy from people of the opposite sex – polls show North Carolinians overwhelmingly support it. The far left media has created a negative brand around the term ”HB2” if people do not know what it is. This is the law that keeps grown men from being able to go into bathrooms and shower rooms with women and little girls.

  1. John Roberts was supposed to be conservative and he sold us out on Obamacare repeatedly as did “Republicans” in Congress. Why follow these rulings, the democrats and government agencies like border patrol, officials in sanctuary cities only follow the laws they agree with. So why do we?

  2. The problem we have here is arrogant judges abusing their power to legislate from the bench, totally defying the concept of separation of powers.

    The federal law involves discrimination based on sex, not based on the mental illness of these gender deniers. When the law was passed, it was never intended to mean anything other than real men and real women, not the wannabees. If that federal law is to be changed to embrace the gender deniers, it is up to the legislative branch, Congress, to consider that and either do it or not do it. Instead we have arrogant judicial tyranny of judges trying to do the legislative branch’s job. They need to be slapped down very, very hard to put a stop to this abuse of power.

    There needs to be a parade of impeachments of judges who violate the separation of powers by legislating from the bench. Remove them from office and cut off their pensions. There will be establishment Bush judges sometimes who need to go as well as radical Obama judges. Judges need to be compelled to be judges and not wannabee congressmen.

  3. Republican presidents have appointed some of the most liberal and worthless judges in the country. The GOP itself is just one gigantic fraud on the conservative movement. Have you not noticed that the entire Republican Establishment is supporting Hillary? Time to join the Conservative Party.

    1. Well, consider what they have to choose from. Even the most conservative of judges come through the cesspools like UNC Chapel Hole where they are constantly bombarded with all these silly “social justice” issues. Eventually when you are being indoctrinated often enough without really knowing it you have become liberal.

      I am personally working to combat some of this with my children by teaching them about the how the media is usually pushing socialist issues, how their teachers are doing the same thing, teaching them that globalclimatewarmingchange is not real science, and that anyone speaking of “social justice” is really just trying to implement socialism. I think it is resonating as someone in church referenced social justice and changing working to change the church’s stance on abortion (hopefully they will not come to sanction killing babies and selling the parts..but you never know)
      and my son looked at me and shook his head. I guess you have to start at home.

    2. There is another angle to where this judge comes from. Republican presidents usually rely heavily on GOP Senators to make recommendations for federal district court appointments. In the Bush administration, that would have either been Elizabeth Dole or Richard Burr. Schroder is from Winston-Salem, the home turf of Burr, so I would strongly suspect that he was a Burr recommendation. I would bet that Burr’s fingerprints are all over his appointment.

      This is what we get from electing Obama Republicans like Richard Burr who are in bed with the corrupt crony capitalists of the US Chamber of Commerce.

      At the very least, Burr would have had a veto over this appointment, and since this was a local guy for him, Burr should have known what Schroder was. I would bet the involvement was a lot deeper than that, but regardless, it is something that gives conservatives heartburn about voting for Burr again after his miserable record in DC.

      Schroder has made a very political ruling in the middle of an election campaign that relies on totally rewriting a law rather than applying it as written and intended. He is applying a very bizarre Obama administration misinterpretation that had already been struck down by a federal court in Texas. That is reprehensible. He is doing nothing but playing Democrat politics against our governor and for Obama / Clinton.

  4. I concur with everything said above.. by both groups.. the problem for Senators and with Senators is they are elected by an entire state, so they arent in safe seats, and lets be honest UNAs and then Soft R’s run from onslaughts of negative media into voting for the wrong guy., Senators watch this and try to brand themselves as either the right guy or at least not that guy! State wide voting also ensures a moderate more often than not… I know not always but typically. Being viewed as an obstructionist doesn’t work anymore. People want nice and the other partys people act like asses and then get portrayed as nice and we are treated in an opposite manner. So people see them as nice! Maybe we have an image problem. Maybe we should have a larger vision of politics as business and buy ourselves some newspapers… because as great a blog as this is its views need
    a radically larger audience..

    1. I am not sure people want “nice”, sure they need to act respectful…but they need to actually stand up for what they campaign on and for what the people back home elect them to stand for. I would have loved for Burr to at least have stood up to not populate the 4th circuit with whacko judges as an example….but he wanted to get along….this plus the other ways Burr has screwed us means I will be voting for his Libertarian opponent.

    2. Most people vote on issues important to them, not on whether someone is ”nice”. Ever hear the saying that nice guys finish last?

      It is often difficult to compare directly the tactics of running as a hard charging conservative on issues versus running as a nice guy who is bi-partisan, but one such comparison that is easy to make is to compare the results of the ND US Senate race with the race for its single statewide House seat in 2012. Both shared the same voters, the entire voting population of ND, both were open seats with no incumbent, and both had the same background races elsewhere on the ticket. The GOP candidates were as different as night and day. The Senate candidate was a disciple of Karl Rove who stressed being bi-partisan and ”reaching across the aisle, while the House candidate was backed by the conservative Club for Growth and ran on red meat conservative issues. The Senate candidate who was the nice bipartisan guy lost but the hard core conservative running with the same voters for the House won handily.

      Conservative issues win races, not being a mealy mouthed moderate.

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