The Seinfeld campaign

200_s-1Jerry Seinfeld once famously described his long-running eponymous hit sitcom as a show ‘about nothing.’  One could easily say the same thing about this year’s election season.

On a national level, we have ObamaCare tearing the guts out of our health care system. We have a record governmental debt.  More than 90 million Americans who COULD WORK are not. We’ve had more riots in the streets during the last eight years than I can remember in any other period.  And we’ve got terrorists shooting up and blowing up our streets.

And our stupid, bought-and-paid-for drive by media has been the most worked-up about whether Gennifer Flowers and the rest of Bill Clinton’s victims would be in the front row of last night’s debate. weekend-at-hillarys

We’ve got a woman who can barely walk on her own — or, for that matter, speak coherently — being heralded as a credible, serious choice for President of The United States. And a guy who turned a few million in seed money into a billion dollar empire is being fiercely challenged on whether is mentally or physically capable of running our bloated, dysfunctional government.

Last night’s debate produced NO QUESTIONS on Benghazi, the email server in the bathroom, or the Clinton Foundation.   Why is that stuff important?  Benghazi goes to the heart of her priorities and decision-making.  Benghazi demonstrated that, for Mrs. Bill Clinton, politics outweighs saving the lives of Americans in distress or protecting our national honor and / or interests.

The Clinton Foundatiodumb-reporter-new-york-timesn stuff is important because it offers compelling evidence that Hillary has been trading governmental favors for cash payments.  THAT is bribery.  It puts our national security at risk.

The email server is important because (1) it was a clear attempt to evade Freedom of Information Act requests, (2) it exposed classified material to our enemies, and (3) facilitated the activities of questionable legality related to the Clinton Foundation.  You can feel so much more comfortable saying stuff in email when you don’t have those pesky government employees bound by the FOIA – -and who can be subpoenaed by Congress and the grand jury — administering the mail server. 

It’s a clear lack of ethics and morality.  The leftists are cheerleading for someone arguably much more machiavellian and ruthless than Richard Nixon.  And they worked like demons to get him out of office for that stuff. 

Never mind that Hillary has boasted about wiping away The Second Amendment, wiping away our national boundaries,  and taxing the bejeezus out of our nation’s most successful.  (You know, the people who actually create those jobs things.)images-1

We had to get to the *really important stuff* last night.  We had to beat up The Donald over the whole “birther” story.  Never mind the fingerprints of one Sidney  Blumenthal — Renfield to Hillary’s Dracula — are all over the origins of the story about Obama being born in Kenya.  The guy has made it through nearly eight years at 1600 Penn without being indicted or impeached.  In the words of President Pantsuit Pneumonia: What difference does it make now?  (We’ve already been scammed.)

We also had to hear about The Donald’s less-than-a-handful of belly-up deals among billions of dollars of real estate developments.  There are hills and valleys in business.  The trick is to — in spite of the government — ensure there are more hills than valleys.  Trump clearly has done that.

It’s interesting that we get subjected to this questioning of Trump’s qualifications, when Hillary’s whole existence has been based on marrying that guy from Arkansas.  She got her first sweet law fi1-Trumprm job while Bill was attorney general of Arkansas.  She got to be first lady when he got elected president.  She made it to the Senate thanks to being Bill’s first lady.  She ran for president the first time based on her time in the Senate and on having been married to Bill.  She got named Secretary of State thanks to having been a senator, and a candidate for president who also happened to be married to Bill.   And here she is once again — being taken seriously thanks to her spouse.  What a feminist success story.  Moving up in the ranks thanks to your lecherous whore of a husband.

Take away all of this personal nanny-nanny-boo-boo stuff, and what do we have to base our election decisions on?  Not much.  Nobody is talking about eradicating ObamaCare anymore.  You know, that monstrosity we gave the Republicans a majority to based on their promises to kill it. 

NOBODY on either side in DC is taking the immigration problem seriously.  We’ve got all kinds of laws on the books that need to be enforced.  Heck, our very own Richard Hudson has a bill out there halting the Syrian refugee influx until Obama tells us its safe.  *Oh, joy.*

Congress has the power of the purse as leverage to affect federal policy.  Yet, the Republican masters on Capitol Hill are in agreement with the Democrats in The White House that the dollars must keep flowing.   DC is creeping us toward yet another armed conflict — this time in Syria.  We have NO DOG in that fight — which puts us perilously close to a collision course with Russia.  8715_nsj160923jeopardy2f

Republican officials statewide and nationally are parroting Democrats with the ”Hey, look how much WE spent” meme.  WHAT happened to conservatism?  What happened to shrinking the government – -backing it off of us?  THAT kind of thing is what actually creates jobs.  THAT kind of thing is what actually promotes risk-taking that produces economic growth and expansion.

With a debate that mirrors the front pages of those tabloids you see in the grocery check out line, there is no wonder all of the polls are so tight.  You have some people lining up with candidates based on long-standing party loyalty.  Some may even be doing so based on their love for certain reality TV shows.  

But for those looking for a reason to vote FOR a candidate, there is not a lot to grasp hold of out there.  Continuing a tradition of tolerating this and voting for the lesser-of-two-evils is not a very promising strategy for nurturing and continuing this grand American Experiment.