‘No-Show’ Robinson gives debate advice to GOP presidential hopefuls

The same guy who cannot be bothered to step on a stage with his four gubernatorial primary opponents is out telling folks how they ought to run their presidential campaigns:

North Carolina Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson on Friday excoriated Republican presidential candidates who participated in the second primary debate for not focusing on the issues facing average Americans and instead treating the political process as a game.

“I did not watch all of that debate. I was at the first debate in Wisconsin, and I’m gonna be completely honest with you: I was very disappointed by some of the things that were said by some of the candidates,” he said on the “Just the News, No Noise” television show. “That was far too many zingers and not enough substance. These folks need to realize that this country is in a crisis mode. Right now.” […]

This guy JUST skipped out on GOP primary debates in Wake and Mecklenburg counties.  He’s been absolutely invisible in Raleigh while the big issues have been debated.  In fact, he waited until AFTER casinos got dropped from the proposed state budget before announcing his opposition to them. 

Robinson doesn’t want to appear on stage with the likes of Dale Folwell or Mark Walker because he knows he’d lose BIG TIME once voters started comparison-shopping.  Folwell and Walker have actually accomplished some substantive stuff.  They’ve gone to the mat over tough issues.

Dale Folwell saved the state unemployment insurance program from default and insolvency.  He’s got the state health plan and state employee pension system looking the best they have in years.  Mark Robinson can tell you about his three bankruptcies, his bad check charges, his eviction, and – maybeBalanced Nutrition. 

Can anyone remember the last time Robinson used the bully-pulpit of his office to try and influence debate on pressing issues in front of the legislature or governor? He’s been making the out-of-state talk show and speaking circuit.  He’s established himself as a great source of political red-meat. Great after-dinner entertainment.  But I think you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who can honestly point to Robinson as a font of policy substance.


[…] “Our border is wide open. Our economy is in shambles. Our dollar is being threatened and if it falls, we’re going to find ourselves in a bad spot this time. Our country is literally at war for its survival,” he insisted. “And I don’t need people coming up on stage throwing zingers at each other.” [….] 

Seriously?  Take a break and go over to YouTube.  Search for videos of Mark Robinson speeches.  Watch a few, and then come on back over.


[…] “I don’t need Chris Christie on stage trying to insult Donald Trump. What I need is some strong folks that are going to step up with some real solutions and some backbone, that are going to push back against what’s going on right now, and undo the absolute disaster that has been created by the Biden administration,” Robinson continued. “It’s time to stop playing games, and realize this is not a game. We are at war here, literally, for the soul, and for this nation survival. These candidates need to act like it.”