Lieutenant Governor ‘No-Show’

I’m amazed at the number of people who are ready to throw themselves on their swords to slip Greensboro’s Mark Keith Robinson into Raleigh’s executive mansion. I’ve tried to get some of the most die-hard Robinson fans I know to explain this to me.  Quite often, I get responses ranging from empty consultant-contrived slogans to absolute nonsense.

He’s Like US.  Really?  The public record is loaded with documentation of numerous evictions and legal claims against Robinson and his wife.  I’ve had some tough times in life.  Many of you have, as well, at one time or another.  Any time my obligations began to equal or exceed my income, I worked out arrangements with creditors.  Most all of them want their money.  Most of them are glad to get it – one way or another.

As late as a decade ago, Robinson and his wife were being chased into court over unpaid rent. Robinson recently paid some delinquent property taxes after being “reminded” by a TV station.  He joked about how he’s “not very good at math.”   Robinson also quipped that – if anyone gets him to handle money – someone’s going to jail. 

Let’s not forget Balanced Nutrition. 

The governor administers our state’s budget. Are you comfortable at handing that responsibility over to someone with this kind of track record?  We all know folks who are “not very good at math.”  Are we ready to elect THEM governor?

This guy will get more blacks into the GOP.  The NCGOP has slipped further into third place during the Robinson era in Raleigh.  Robinson can’t even convince his own kids to register Republican. 

He’s a warrior for conservatism.   Really?  Many of these folks point to the “famous” speech he delivered to the Greensboro City Council about guns.  I found tape of it on YouTube.  It was — to put it kindly – a rambling mess not too different from what you’d get from the guy at the end of the bar at closing time.  For what it’s worth, that speech did NOTHING to positively alter the political climate, or the crime rate for that matter, in Greensboro.

Robinson delivers a great rant.  Especially when he’s unchallenged. A ghost-written memoir has been published that supposedly lays out his platform.  But what evidence do we have of Mark Robinson ever identifying a problem, and then proposing and implementing a solution?

One candidate in the governor’s race saved our state’s unemployment insurance system from default and bankruptcy.  That candidate also has the state employees health plan and pension plan sailing smooth and looking the best they have in years.  And it’s NOT Mark Robinson.

One friend told me he admired Robinson for standing up to Roy Cooper’s efforts to tear down Confederate monuments.  I thought about that for a minute, and then asked HOW MANY monuments were saved by Robinson’s efforts.  I was met with silence.  (That’s what I thought — zero.)

Look at all of the horrible stuff that has been rammed through the legislature: Medicaid expansion, InnovateNC, legal weed, and casinos. I haven’t heard a peep out of Robinson on ANY of that stuff.  In fact, many of those issues are at the heart of the current state budget stalemate in Raleigh.  (Robinson took nearly $8K from the casino interests.  That MAY have something to do with the silence.)

It’s pretty safe to say Robinson has had little to no impact on the debate that got us to where we are now.

He shows up for us.  Really?  I know of dozens of instances where Robinson bailed on a commitment to show up to or speak at a fundraiser or other event.  We’re talking last-minute bailing, where the fliers promoting his appearance had already been printed.

There have been two GOP debates for the 2024 governor’s race. Robinson has missed both. How is that respectful to the voters you want to represent post-2024?

State treasurer Dale Folwell, one of Robinson’s opponents in the race,  highlighted Robinson’s attendance problem:

But, but, but, he’ll be the first black dude.  THAT should only be important to Roy Cooper’s low-T fan boys.  Most people in modern-day North Carolina care first and foremost about whether someone is the best-qualified.  Looking at the entire field out there in the gubernatorial primary, it’s safe to say Mark Robinson IS NOT.

Liberals are the ones out there lowering / “adjusting” standards so that more female faces and faces-of-color show up around the office.  That stuff makes certain people feel good, but it does little or nothing toward increasing efficiency or ensuring excellence.

We shouldn’t play their perverse game. I’m for securing the best available.