Current Biden talk harkens back to Reagan in 1984

It seems like just yesterday.  The incumbent president – up there in years – has a horrible debate performance against his general election opponent.  Talk exploded all over the political universe about replacing the old fogey.  The incumbent went on to have a much better second debate and rolls to a massive victory in the general.

That was Ronald Reagan running against former VP Walter Mondale in 1984.  The drive-by media and the political jackals smelled blood after that first debate and went full-bore to get Reagan removed.  President Reagan was 69 when he took office in 1981.  He was 72 during the 1984 race.  Reagan left office in 1989 at age 77 — a year younger than Joe Biden when he was sworn into his first presidential term in 2021.  

To many of the people who saw the debate on CNN the other night, the thought of reelecting Joe Biden was – to put it kindly – horrifying.

But there’s something else to think about.  There is a shocking number of low-information registered voters in this country.

 Every election day, I am disturbed by how many people approach me seeking a list of recommendations on who to vote for.   Most people are not reading blogs or watching the news like we are.   There is also a shocking number of people who trade their votes for a free Coke and hot dog.  Important decisions about the future of our communities, states, and nation are being made by quite a few people in a very lackadaisical manner.  (Look at Pennsylvania’s rookie US senator John Fetterman. )

One of the most notorious cases of propping up a politician in a manner akin to the plot of ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’  I can recall involves the late US senator Quentin Burdick (D-North Dakota).  

The people of North Dakota elected him to the US Senate SIX TIMES from 1960.  I encountered him during my time on Capitol Hill from 1990 to 1991.  Burdick regularly had two aides at his elbows, steering him to wherever he needed to be.  They appeared to help him cast votes.  The guy was there physically. Mentally, however, appeared to be another question.

The poor guy looked like he really needed to be in a nursing home and not the US Senate. (Meanwhile, Strom Thurmond was swimming laps each morning in the congressional gym and doting on his 30/40-something wife.)

Burdick died in office in 1992.

My point?  The actual politician does not matter much.  What really matters is WHO is whispering in the pol’s ears.  WHO has the most access to, and influence with, the politician.

We have so many people out here in the electorate who will — without hesitation or question — vote for a name or a (D) or (R) party label.

I’d be surprised if they toss Biden. I could see an ouster of Kamala and the insertion of someone more palatable in the #2 spot.  Just in case the ol’ 25th amendment  DOES have to be rolled out in a second term …