As a possible replacement for Biden: ROY COOPER ????

Some may see this as complete nonsense.  After all, it is coming from The Land of Nonsense that crime-ridden, rat-infested, poverty-stricken, god-forsaken patch of land between Virginia and Maryland. 

He presided over a veto-proof Republican majority’s collapse and surrender on Medicaid expansion. (A lot of political mileage can be accrued from that video of the Medicaid expansion signing at the governor’s mansion, with Tim Moore standing close by and clapping like a seal.) Roy Cooper and his team have managed to get a lot of what they wanted from legislative Republicans on green energy as well as stymie a number of conservative attempts at reform.

It’s clear that our beta-male governor is North Carolina Democrats’ 800-lbs. gorilla. Ol’ Roy has been viewed by many as a tough 2026 opponent for US senator Thom Tillis.

During his time as governor, Ol’ Roy has spent a lot of time hanging out in DC and playing a little ball in the national political arena.  It wasn’t long ago that he was hosting the Japanese prime minister in Raleighadding “foreign policy experience” to his CV.    Many observers have seen these actions as an audition for a role in a second Biden administration. 

Cooper is term-limited.  He’s gone at the end of the year.  If he were somehow elevated to the national Democrat ticket, he would not be required to vacate the governor’s mansion.  (If he did so, Mark Robinson would be elevated to the top job – for a little practice – just before the November gubernatorial election. )

National Democrats could point to Cooper as a relatively moderate, more acceptable alternative for voters — as compared to Kamala, Gavin Newsom, or Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan.  He could give Democrats what they got from Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton (and tried to get from John Edwards.).

More importantly, Cooper brings with him TWO statewide wins in a state the national Democrats see as very important.

Also, we ARE getting close to national convention time — where changes to party tickets can be easily made.