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Moore County to follow Brunswick, Pitt lead on amnesty resistance?

Sources within county government tell me that the Moore County board of commissioners is preparing a resolution mandating that county authorities (1) refuse to cooperate with resettlement of the border-crashing kids from Central America, and (2) enforce ALL current immigration laws to their fullest extent….

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Those US-Mexico border-crashing “children”? Eligible for ObamaCare.

Yep.  That’s right.  Barry Obama’s world-class web site lays it all out for us:  In order to buy private health insurance through the Marketplace, you must be a U.S. citizen or be lawfully present in the United States. The term “lawfully present” includes immigrants who…

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Feds dumping border-crossing kids in the Carolinas

The Department of Homeland Security is pretty much ignoring the flood of illegals pouring across our southern border.  But they have PLENTY of time and manpower to go raid the home of THIS Statesville couple and seize their car — over EPA emission standards.  There…

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Brunswick County leaders say NO to Barry Obama’s amnesty games

We’ve got a full-blown crisis at the Mexican border.  People are pouring into our country from the south — bringing poverty, sickness and God knows what else with them.  Barry Obama and his party speak of this development as a great thing, and are doing…

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The SCAM at our southern border

Nope, I am not talking about places in the vicinity of Rock Hill or Dillon. I’m talking about the stampede of unaccompanied children across our border with Mexico.  Obama and the rest of the statists in DC are trying to describe it as a humanitarian…

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NC-02: Ellmers THE ONLY NCGOPer to back welfare for illegal immigrants

Renee Ellmers is the luckiest broad in the Milky Way galaxy.  She would be little more than a political footnote if not for this video.  In 2012, redistricting lagged for so long that she avoided a substantial primary opponent.  In 2014, a deep pocketed potential challenger…

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#NCGA: Another bill watering down E-Verify introduced in House

In 2013, Gov. Pat McCrory lost a veto fight with the legislature over the use of E-Verify for checking citizenship of workers in North Carolina. Late last week, some Republican House members —  Riddell, Whitmire, Brody, and Dobson  — filed a bill to amend Article…

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NC-02: Ellmers says immigration reform NOTon top of voters’ lists. (So why push it so hard?)

She’s been all over the country and all over the media talking up the subject.  “Comprehensive immigration reform.” “A pathway to citizenship.”    Some may see those terms as code that tap-dances around its true meaning: amnesty for illegal aliens.  Ellmers has positioned herself with…

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US House Republican leaders: O-Care here to stay, amnesty by August. (And don’t forget to RE-ELECT us.)

Congress is the only place I know of where you can tell your bosses you are not going to do what they want — AND KEEP YOUR JOB. Cathy McMorris-Rogers (R-WA), BFF to our very own Renee Ellmers, is the newest member of the House…

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Boehner, Ellmers mock and show disdain for amnesty opponents

Speaker John Boehner, who Renee Ellmers says is her ”boss”, went back to his Cincinatti-area district to call out Tea Partiers and other amnesty opponents on The Hill and around the country:  House Speaker John Boehner theatrically mocked his fellow Republican Congressmen for being afraid…