#ncpol: let the amnesty sell-outs commence!

sellout(*sigh of exasperation*)  The recently completed elections made it crystal clear how the American people feel about Barry Obama legalizing amnesty via executive order.  For some reason, we have this bipartisan desire in this lame duck congressional session to pass a long-term government funding bill that takes away just about any leverage the new Republican majority will have to fight Obama on amnesty.

Amnesty opponents have advocated passing a limited, short-term funding bill that does not include any money for implementation of amnesty.  Fifty House Republicans have circulated a letter advocating this approach.  (Walter Jones is the only North Carolinian whose name is on that letter.) 

Political observers agree that the best option available to tie Obama’s hands on his executive order plans is to go the short term route.  Why would Republicans agree to a measure that gives Democrats so much influence on spending for the whole FIRST year of a nefoxxw GOP-dominated Congress?  Why would Republicans — who hold one of the two chambers on Capitol Hill right now — want to paint their party into a corner for a whole year?  Why is Walter Jones the only member of the North Carolina delegation to sign on to this letter?

Things look like they are getting worse.  Virginia Foxx has already let it be known that she is standing with the appropriators favoring the long-term approach. In other words, she is all for tying Congress’s hands in the amnesty fight. It’s quite gutless to pull this just after facing the voters in November.  Foxx is a member of House leadership.  Sounds like it’s more important to keep Weepy John happy than to fight for the future of our culture and our country.  

Patrick McHenry is also a member of leadership. So, his sellout should be coming any day now.  Renee Ellmers is quite the leadership butt-sniffer. So, she should not be far behind.

Here’s a predi1107charlie_brown_lucy_footballction.  The House will pass a long-term funding bill. Barry will issue his order.  The GOPe will scream holy hell — for the benefit of the rubes back home — but then qualify said screaming with something akin to: ”there’s nothing we can do. The money is already appropriated.”   Kinda like the crap they pulled with ObamaCare.

I swear. These people are like Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown.  We keep believing that Lucy is not going to pull the football away. 





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  1. This would be a betrayal of massive proportions. Of course, the original question is why that idiot (or traitor) Weepy Boehner would have even agreed to a short session, which predictably puts the GOP at a disadvantage. Adding a long term CR to the mix is pure insanity or selling out to the Big Government left. A short term CR keeps the leverage to deal with both Obamacare and amnesty, which is absolutely essential.

    This may well be the deathknell of the Republican Party if these Quislings get away with their sellout to Obama. They are Vichy Republicans – collaborators with the Obama regime. Every Quisling who votes for a long term CR needs to be primaried and removed from office; that is if there is still a Republican Party that is still politically viable. And to make sure they are gone, there also need to be conservatives waiting in the wings to go after them as unaffilaited candidates, should the Quisling survive the primary.

    Liberal Democrats who stab you in the front are bad enough, but turncoat ”Republicans” who stab you in the back are much worse.

    It would be great if someone announced a primary challenge to Foxx before her vote on a CR.

    We are seeing the damage to the UK’s Conservative Party by being weak on immigration. That is the number one issue on which the UK Independence Party (UKIP) is riding to beat them like a drum from the right. Foxx may think she has a safe seat, but so did Cameron’s Conservative Party at Clacton, but a few weeks ago, UKIP took it away from them in a special election by a landslide 60% to 30%, and immigration was the number one issue. Polls show that Cameron’s Conservative Party is going to lose another special election for another of their former safe seats this week at Rochester and Strood to UKIP which is leading them by double digits in the polls, and again immigration is the number one issue. Then there was the election earlier this year for the UK seats in the EU parliament, where UKIP came in first and the Conservative Party third, the first time in its centuries old history that the Conservative Party ran third in a nationwide election, and the first time in over a century that a party other than Labour or Conservatives won one. Immigration is that powerful of an issue.

    Polls in the US showed that stopping illegal immigration was the number one issue for GOP voters in the election just past. If a spineless or treasonous GOP leadership in DC betrays them on an issue of that magnitude, then expect the US to have its very own version of UKIP haunting the GOP. Maybe Boehner and McConnell ought to get on the horn and talk to Cameron about what it feels like to have your party’s voters and activists desert them over poor policy positions on an issue of massive importance to the voters.

    1. To the point about being stabbed in the front versus being stabbed in the back, I could not agree with you more. I often use this question make the same point.

      Who do you think the American Patriots despised more – General Cornwallace, the professional soldier and their sworn enemy, or Benedict Arnold, the professional soldier who stabbed them in the back?

      My bet is they despised Benedict Arnold more.

  2. 1) The GOP establishment/leadership gets at least some of the amensty they still want, without having to face the same level of anger and blame from their own voters.

    2) They get an issue they can use against Democrats to fire up the usual Republican voters.

    3) Polls and what “the people” want is mostly irrelevant – these guys will “always” be “at least they arent Democrats”, and since it seems that’s why we vote for them, that’s pretty much all they need. My guess is they feel that theory was confirmed pretty soundly in the last elections.

    4) Isnt this exactly what we expected them to do? If not.. I dont understand why.

    1. David Cameron thought he could get away with taking his party left on issues including immigration, too, and it is coming back to haunt him and the establishment of his party. Watch what happens this week at Rochester and Strood, where like Clacton, immigration is the number one issue.

      If the GOP ”leadership” betrays us on this issue, it will be time to either force them out of that leadership and get some real leaders for a change, or start working to build our own version of UKIP. Of course, we may also need to start looking for places to emigrate to ourselves if Obama, Boehner, and McConnell conspire to make America part of the Third World through immigration deform. I am really keeping my fingers crossed that Boehner and McConnell will uncharacteristically rise to the occaision to fight this thing hard.

  3. This was recently scrubbed from Robert Pittenger’s website a few months ago. “Undocumented workers who desire to stay in the United States should be offered the opportunity to register with local authorities, providing fingerprints or other physical identification in exchange for some sort of work permit or legal status.” Looks like Obama may have an ally in Pittenger.

    1. Our entire congressional delegation ought to be held accountable for backing Boehner for speaker, period. I really hope Walker is true to his word that he’ll not vote for Boehner.

      1. Organize to bar their entry into Moore County for any elected purpose. Those who support the McConnell- Boehner-Ellmers-Obama combine become PNG in Moore County. Mount disruptive protests if they make it in here. Moore County against GOP despotism. Time to get ugly, folks.

    2. Pitiful Pittenger needs a stronger primary opponent next time, and / or an independent conservative challenger in the general election. Pitiful Pittenger is nothing but an undocumented Democrat. He needs to go.

  4. More really bad news – “Sen. Mike Enzi confirmed Wednesday that he wants to be the next chairman of the Senate Budget Committee and is in negotiations to supplant the panel’s current ranking member, Sen. Jeff Sessions.”

    Yep, the GOP leadership is fully attacking conservatives.

    Work the phones people, don’t just post comments.

    1. I wonder if there is any way to take down McConnell? Conservatives could and should hold Boehner hostage to force him to stand up for GOP platform and principles on this critical issue. The way to do that is to get enough conservatives to pledge to either vote present or vote for an alternative candidate on the election of Speaker of the House to keep Boehner from being elected. Boehner should be told that unless he uses all tools availible to fight the amnesty decree, then conservatives will block his election as Speaker, and continue to stop that election until the GOP caucus produces a different candidate. The establishment has played hardball with conservatives far too much. Now it is time to play hardball with them, for the sake of the survival of both the country and the party.

      Also, individual Congresscritters who are a problem could be threatened with conservatives running independent conservative candidates in their races in the next general election or primary opponents, whichever is better positions to eliminate them.

      After what those stinkers did in Mississippi, NO tactic should be off the table to hold their feet to the fire to support the party platform and principles. REMEMBER MISSISSIPPI.

  5. I think it was in 1848 that Karl Marx wrote the ” Communist Manifesto”. I read that book in 2008. In 2014, my sense of reason concludes that there is no effective argument to the contrary that the current POTUS is a Marxist. He is assembling his troops.

    1. I agree with you about Comrade Obama, but the problem is that we seem to have some of their ”fellow travellers” in our party, too.

      1. Obama does draw his ideology from a mix of authoritarian sources. His Obamacare and Carbon credit trading schemes, for example, are examples of classic fascist economic doctrine.

  6. Relax.

    It is all theater.

    The big corporations want amnesty as much as the liberals. Amnesty will come just like same-sex marriage, gays in the military and sagging jowls.

    The Republicans will be outraged and they will dance with Obama over his executive action. Then when the final curtain comes down amnesty will be the law of the land and everyone will go home and watch TV.

    It was inevitable but it did make for some good campaigning.

    1. Relax, you say?

      I prefer, “Never, never, never give up.” (Winston Churchill) and, “Do not go gentle into that good night . . . Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” (1914–1953) Dylan Thomas.

      Our nation’s light isn’t just dying. Most of our Republican “leaders” are holding it down, while Obama and the Democrats smother it with a pillow.

      I don’t want to relax, jr. cooper.

      I want to drive out the cringing, pasty-faced Booboisie of both Parties. They are shabby, dishonorable, and unworthy of their offices.

    2. Whatever you are smoking, it is something other than a tobacco product. Amnesty will ultimately destroy both the Republican Party and the country. If the beltway establishment sells us down the river, then conservatives are going to have to regroup under a different banner. The establishment may try to whistle past the graveyard on that one, but it did not work out so well for the Whig Party, and it is not working out so well for the British Conservative Party right now. And in the later case, being wobbly on immigration is their biggest problem that is feeding the growth of UKIP on their right.

      There is an old saying in politics that ”you don’t piss on your base”, and according to the polls the most important issue for GOP voters in the last election was stopping illegal immigration.

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