#ncpol: let the amnesty sell-outs commence!

sellout(*sigh of exasperation*)  The recently completed elections made it crystal clear how the American people feel about Barry Obama legalizing amnesty via executive order.  For some reason, we have this bipartisan desire in this lame duck congressional session to pass a long-term government funding bill that takes away just about any leverage the new Republican majority will have to fight Obama on amnesty.

Amnesty opponents have advocated passing a limited, short-term funding bill that does not include any money for implementation of amnesty.  Fifty House Republicans have circulated a letter advocating this approach.  (Walter Jones is the only North Carolinian whose name is on that letter.) 

Political observers agree that the best option available to tie Obama’s hands on his executive order plans is to go the short term route.  Why would Republicans agree to a measure that gives Democrats so much influence on spending for the whole FIRST year of a nefoxxw GOP-dominated Congress?  Why would Republicans — who hold one of the two chambers on Capitol Hill right now — want to paint their party into a corner for a whole year?  Why is Walter Jones the only member of the North Carolina delegation to sign on to this letter?

Things look like they are getting worse.  Virginia Foxx has already let it be known that she is standing with the appropriators favoring the long-term approach. In other words, she is all for tying Congress’s hands in the amnesty fight. It’s quite gutless to pull this just after facing the voters in November.  Foxx is a member of House leadership.  Sounds like it’s more important to keep Weepy John happy than to fight for the future of our culture and our country.  

Patrick McHenry is also a member of leadership. So, his sellout should be coming any day now.  Renee Ellmers is quite the leadership butt-sniffer. So, she should not be far behind.

Here’s a predi1107charlie_brown_lucy_footballction.  The House will pass a long-term funding bill. Barry will issue his order.  The GOPe will scream holy hell — for the benefit of the rubes back home — but then qualify said screaming with something akin to: ”there’s nothing we can do. The money is already appropriated.”   Kinda like the crap they pulled with ObamaCare.

I swear. These people are like Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown.  We keep believing that Lucy is not going to pull the football away.