Amnesty: Barry coming with executive action, Boehner bringing the tears

surrenderI don’t know what we have to do to hammer the message home to these Republicans.  We’ve given them complete control of the legislative branch.  We made it clear that we do not want amnesty.

Barry Obama says he’s bringing executive action to implement amnesty next week.  Republicans are already falling all over themselves to disarm before the fighting even starts.  They’re going to cave to Harry Reid on funding the government through the end of next year.  Doing THAT takes away the power to defund amnesty before it gets going.

And listen to this gobbledygook from Weepy John Boehner:obama-finger

[…] “Our goal here is to stop the president from violating his own oath of office and violating the Constitution. It’s not to shut down the government.,” House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) told reporters Thursday, though he added that “all options are on the table” and “no decisions have been made.”

“Every administration needs this, needs that, needs all kinds of things,” Boehner said. “If (Obama) wants to go off on his own, there are things he’s just not going to get.” […]

No government shutdown, but ALL options are on the table ????  So, if you defund amnesty, and send a bill to 1600 Penn, and Barry won’t sign it or vetoes it, what’s the next step? Are Boehner and the boys just going to go belly-up and give Barry everything he wants so the government doesn’t “shut down”?  (Answer:  HELL, YES.) 

But, wait.  Boehner is going to take a page out of the Pat McCrory playbook and SUEinstead of doing his job. 

For what it’s worth, Mitch McConnell is using the same talking points.

But there appears to be some evidence of spine showing itself among some House Republicans: 

[…] More than 50 Republican lawmakers signed a letter Thursday circulated by Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) that urged Appropriations Committee chairmanwall Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY) and ranking member Nita Lowey (D-NY) to defund any executive actions on immigration by including language blocking its funding in upcoming government funding bills.

They specifically singled out “current or future executive actions that would create additional work permits and green cards outside the scope prescribed by Congress.” According to the New York Times, Obama’s planned actions would give work permits to up to 3.3 million undocumented immigrants whose children are U.S. citizens or legal residents. And as many as five million people could be protected from deportation in total.

Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS), an influential member of the tea party caucus, told reporters Thursday that the election should embolden Republicans to face off with Obama. He was one of the signees of Salmon’s letter (reprinted below).

“No one ran on getting along with the president,” he said. “That’ll be the difficulty if folks turn around and do a 180 and say, ‘Oh now we’re going to compromise with the president.”

Huelskamp said that “nobody wants a shutdown,” but then he placed the responsibility on Obama if one occurred.crowd

“We don’t control that. That’s the president,” he said. “Is the president going to shut down the government over a failure to fund an amnesty proposal? I think the House will stand up, and perhaps even the Senate, and say, ‘No funding for amnesty.’ Then would the president shut the government down?”

“The House pretty clearly isn’t going to fund amnesty,” he concluded.[…] 

The Salmon letter is HERE.  (If you read the letter itself, you will note that Walter Jones is THE ONLY member of the North Carolina delegation to sign on to this letter.  There needs to be MORE. Ready to hold some feet to the fire, people?  This is the future of our country, here.) 


16 thoughts on “Amnesty: Barry coming with executive action, Boehner bringing the tears

  1. Only way to stop Obama and amnesty for the illegals is a government shutdown.The voters elected the republicans to stop Obama and do not want amnesty.Lets see just how conservative the republicans in the House from NC really are.I am betting they will all cave except for Walter Jones.Obama will get his way for the next 2 years.There will be no real security at the borders and the republicans will peck around the edges afraid of their shadows.

    1. The only way to stop this, is, as others have said pass a short term CR through only January or Feb. as opposed to a longer term OMNIBUS bill. Then the House and Senate can defund this idiocy.

      Capital Hill Switch Board (Let’s light up their lines, folks): (202) 224-3121

      1. Don’t fund so much as toilet paper for Obama, until he behaves. (But, since he uses our Constitution to wipe his pompous behind, I suppose that wouldn’t be a deterrent.)

        1. Zero out the funds for Air Force One unless Obama gets permission trip by trip from Congress. Zero out the funds for the Secret Service.

        2. The RINOS in Congress want to fund EVERYTHING for a whole year (well at least through September 2015), if this LAME DUCK Congress is able to hamper the next, then you or I (or even Conservatives in Congress) will not be able to stop ~ANYTHING~ through the budgetary process. It’s all about tactics so that the next Congress at least has the tools which would be effective at stopping executive overreach, if they have a the gonads to act on it..

    2. Establishment mouthpiece Ann Coulter (yes, she talks conservative on issues, but look at who she usually endorses) has a column out that says the voters held their nose this election and gave Republicans one last chance, and said that amnesty would be the deciding issue. Polling also showed that getting tough on illegal immigration was the number one issue for GOP voters this last election. Betrayal on an issue of this magnitude (and yes mere lip service with no real action would be a betrayal) would likely blow up the party. Mitch McConnell is even weaker in his statements on standing up to Fuehrer Obama on his dictatorial decree than Boehner.

      Lets look to the UK to see where being weak on immigration gets a center-right party. David Cameron’s policy to ”modernize” the Conservative Party has been code for taking it to the left and one of the things he has done is gotten weak on immigration. That has opened the door to a challenge from the right from the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), which has been surging lately, and exit polls say their tougher like against immigration has been the number one reason (UKIP’s opposition to gay marriage which Cameron supported is the number 3 reason). In the last two nationwide rounds of annual local government elections, UKIP has taken lots of seats away from the Conservative Party. In this year’s election for the UK seats in the EU parliament, UKIP ran first nationally, the first time in over a century that a party other than Labour on Conservative has done so, while the Conservative Party ran third, the first time in the party’s centuries old history that is has done so in a nationwide election. A few weeks ago two special elections were held for seats in the national parliament, and in the former Conservative safe seat of Clacton, UKIP won in a landslide with almost 60% of the vote, leaving the Conservative Party candidate 30 points behind. At the other in a former Labour safe seat in Lancashire, UKIP ran so close to Labour that the race went to a recount. Another special election for the national parliament is scheduled this month at Rochester and Strood, also considered a Conservative Party safe seat, but the polls show UKIP 15 points ahead of the Conservative Party candidate. That is where being weak on immigration gets a center-right party.

      Boehner and McConnell had better take a good hard look at what is happening in the UK, because it can happen here if they betray us on immigration.

      If the present leadership wimps out on immigration, there needs to be a leadership challenge from conservatives for all leadership positions in both houses. Lets get some real leaders, not there cowards and cry babies we have now.

      Oh, and have you heard about the new McConnell tank the Obama administration plans to build? It will have five gears in reverse and one forward, in case of attack from the rear.

    3. Before we all get crazy: Let’s wait for the Executive Order by his ‘hindness’ to come down before giving him the ammo he’s looking for to shoot the Rs in the head with a govt shutdown. Maybe that’s why the rest of the NC delegation hasn’t signed on – yet. Could be bad strategy. We’ll be the first to lop off heads if the Rs cave on this after many held their noses – again- to vote for some obviously compromised candidates.

  2. Things are just as I feared. Our “Republican” represntatives are caving ALREADY. Re-electing the losers McConnell and Boehner will enable the current Congress to get all passed that the Dems and Obama want prior to 2015. The current GOP is a sick, sick group of Democrat wannabees. Thank God for Walter B Jones. He is the ONLY NC Representative worth voting for. SHAME on the other NC “Republican Reps”.

    1. Give Mark Walker a chance, he made a campaign promise that he’d vote for Trey Gowdy. Meanwhile, the rest of the NC delegation owes us a hard explanation why they’d vote for a speaker who has lost the confidence of the conservative rank-and-file.

      1. From what I read, Walker also called for using fighter jets to help secure the southern border. He needs to put his money where his mouth is and get on board with fighting amnesty.

        The Republican majority will either betray its base and start its fall from power on this issue, or rise to the occaision and start the process of defeat of the Democrats in 2016. The ball is in their court.

        The problem is that our spineless ”leadership” seems to care more about what the liberal media think of them than what GOP voters think of them. They are clueless that the biased media is part of the enemy.

  3. Now most will see just how two faced those congressmen from NC who claim to be conservative really are.The only way to stop Obama is to let him shut down the government which is not really a shut down.But almost to the last man each one has said they will not allow that.He will get his 5 million illegals amnesty with social security cards and the borders will be flooded.The Chamber of Commerce will rejoice and so will the democrat party.Just the beginning of the end.If Weepy needs their vote he will get it.If not he will give them a pass.

    1. It’s either that, or our military are going to have to seriously examine their oaths and do the unthinkable for the first time in the Republic’s history.

  4. It’s sad watching a great country go to hell. There are over 2 years left of Obama, and he is not going to stop until the Republicans find the will to stop him. The shutdown last year was actually a glaring example of Democrats sticking it to the American public wherever possible, with the signature act being Harry Reid withholding cancer treatment from children. Republicans could not even take that heinous act and show the public the Democrats’ true nature. Obama perceives himself to be the strong horse, and the Republicans the weak horse, and thus the view of the Americans who put them there an inferior view. Republicans in the House and Senate reelected Boehner and McConnell. So why would Obama act otherwise…

  5. All you need to do is look at where those who ran for congress came from to see who they are.They are the establishment.To the man they are people of privilege.Rotary club, Chamber of Commerce types who don’t buck the establishment but say whatever it takes to get elected.They are not the Ted Cruz Mike Lee type and don’t have the intellect nor the courage.They are shallow and only interested in maintaining power for themselves and enriching their portfolios.That is the reason nothing much ever changes and when Ted Cruz types come along they are quickly isolated and destroyed by their own.Wait and watch how the executive order on amnesty is handled and Obamacare.The government should be shutdown and Obama should be impeached but none of this will happen, and the country will change forever with a flood of illegals crossing the porous borders.There is no other solution.But the republicans will cave and which ones will stand up and fight publicly?

  6. Of course amnesty is coming and the Republicans will be all too happy to let Obama take the blame. Corporate America knows amnesty will be good for business. The newly elected Republicans will feign shock and awe over what President Obama does but in the end we all know amnesty is here. As a matter of fact I don’t think amnesty got a lot of play in the Thillis-Hagan race. Maybe a few mentions but not anything major.

    Amnesty is like watching the movie “Jaws.” We all know what happens but it is exciting to see it over and over again. Amnesty is coming. The Republicans will fake outrage. Then amnesty will come. Then in the next election the Republicans can say they fought against amnesty but the Democrats were too powerful.

    Enjoy the show.

    1. Just wait for the sequel of the ”children’s crusade” (actually mostly teenagers and even older) of border crashers. With no real border security in place, an Obama dictatorial decree abrogating our immigration laws will lead to a real run on the border.

      Want to see the future? Read the 1970s best selling novel ”Camp of the Saints”. That novel is set in France with weak politicians unwilling to stop a flood of Third World border crashers coming from India on commandeered ships, but Obama is setting up the very same dynamic for the USA. In that scenario, Frenchmen who valued western culture were able to at least flee to Switzerland. Where will we be able to flee to? Canada?

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