AFP goes after Ellmers on corporate welfare

afpAmericans For Prosperity (AFP) is targeting a group of 25 Republicans — including our very own Renee Ellmers — who have not yet committed to opposing federal subsidies for wind energy producers.  On her website, Ellmers boasts about being a fan of “renewable energy” (including wind).  She’s also co-chairing a “Grid Innovation Caucus” with a liberal Democrat from California that pushes for — among other things — increased usage and support of alternative energy sources.

AFP has sniffed out rumors about an extension of wind production tax credits being passed in the lame duck Congressional session.  Ellmers is one of 25 targets of an ad campaign they’ve launched.  Here’s more from AFP-NC’s Donald Bryson: 

[…] “Extending the Wind PTC another year will cost $13 billion over the next decade. Putting taxpayers on the line for this credit would be another instance of an overreaching federal government picking winners and losers. Despite 20 years of taxpayer subsidies, wind energy has yet to show independence and accounts for less than 3% of electricity production. The paying consumers, not Washington’s special interests, should decide which energy companies win and which lose.” […] 

North Carolina-based scientist John Droz raises some interesting points about wind energy: 

[…] Mr. Droz said his main objective Tuesday night was to get people thinking. He said while he knows a lot about environmental energy issues, he doesn’t know everything.mouth

“My main concern is our state energy policies aren’t based on science,” he said, “but on lobbying from people with political and financial motivation.”

Wind energy has become a major issue in Carteret County since Torch Renewable Energy proposed to build a hybrid renewable energy facility to the east of the Newport corporate limits on 7,150 acres owned by the Weyerhaeuser Co. and a private owner. The facility will have 40, nearly 500-foot-tall wind turbines between Newport and Mill Pond, as well as a 50-75 acre solar panel farm between Little Deep Creek and Little Deep Creek Road.

Mr. Droz compared wind energy proponents to historic snake oil salesmen, saying they’re very good at convincing people that wind energy is an energy source that has no faults or drawbacks.

“Today, with the Internet, it’s easier than ever to spread misinformation,” he said.

Mr. Droz said one of his primary issues with wind energy is his research shows it doesn’t “deliver the goods.” He said wind energy turbines have a capacity value – the ability to be available on demand – less than 10 percent.

“Because of this profound technical difficulty,” Mr. Droz said, “wind energy must be augmented, usually by gas.”

Mr. Droz also said wind energy isn’t completely “green,” i.e. without any environmental impact. He said rare earth elements are used in the production of wind energy turbines, and that the process of building them destroys vegetation, produces air pollution and even radioactive waste.

“A more important matter is human health,” Mr. Droz said. “Dozens of human health studies show that wind energy causes many health risks.”

Ms. Crittenton backed up Mr. Droz’s statement about the concern of health risks. She said after his presentation that not enough information has been brought out about the decibel level and frequencies of noise created by wind turbines.[…]

5 thoughts on “AFP goes after Ellmers on corporate welfare

  1. That windbag Ellmers is awful on just everything. I knew she was a big spender and an amigo of the illegal aliens, but I did not know she was in Al Gore’s hip pocket, too. We really need to replace her in 2016. Maybe Jim Duncan will run.

  2. I urge Representative Elmers and other members of Congress, regardless of party, to take a stand against implementing any form of alternative, green, or newel energy that lacks evidence of having been rigorously tested on a small scale. Wind increases ground level temperatures up to two degrees and is killing birds. Secretary Salazar tried to make a deal with the Sierra Club, the Audubon Society, and possibly others to let the wind turbines escape environmental assessment for 30 years. I have no idea how this turned out or if it is even legal, but these back door deals for environmentally harmful, scientifically contradicted policies are the way Dems have manipulated the public with brokered deals with groups that are actually sitting on their presidential advisory councils that ordinary citizens deemed not to be stakeholder-status-worthy have been excluded from environmental policies made by corrupt elected officials, corrupt scientifically-credentialed-individuals with lists of awards won by other-corrupt-scientifically-credentialed individuals. Members of Congress must insist on scientific transparency, and if the research is not readily available, and cannot be explained by the scientists, it is not ready for primetime.

    Most of the policies that are eating away at our country’s core values have been done in secrecy through the IUCN, FAO, UNESCO working with corrupt politicians trying to circumvent Congressional, scientific, and public scrutiny.

  3. The billionaires lining their pockets on this taxpayer and ratepayer ripoff are doing all they can to buy politicians. Tom Steyer, a leftwing billionaire heavily invested in these ripoffs, spent millions in the last election trying to elect those who would support environmentalist crony capitalism. He failed.

    Warren Buffet, a big time Obama supporter, is another billionaire heavily invested in the wind and solar ripoff, and he is right now trying to cover up all the birds this scheme kills:

    The question for Ellmers really comes down to whose side she is on – the corrupt crony capitalists like Buffet and Steyer or the taxpayers who are being soaked to pay the subsidies, and the electric ratepayers who are being soaked to pay higher electric bills from this very inefficient power source. Maybe in this case, it would actually help if she were ”for the birds”.

  4. lol… if she can’t throw around federal tax dollars to the people and corporations she’s beholden to, how in the world do we expect her to keep getting elected??? 🙂

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