#ncsen: ISIS, Khorosan? But what about OUR southern border?

trainDC had Republican Senate candidates talking about making birth control pills available over-the-counter.  Now, DC has got candidates talking about ISIS.  George Holding is running ads about ISIS.  Thom Tillis is running ads about ISIS. 

But we’re not hearing much about what is arguably our most pressing national security issue: our porous Southern border we share with Mexico.  We’ve had the unaccompanied minors flooding across.  The feds have been dumping some of them in North Carolina without even bothering to notify local authorities.  (Oh, and they are ALL eligible for ObamaCare. )

We had a case where Mexican drug cartels came into North Carolina to kidnap somebody. In places like Rockingham County and in Wilmington, law enforcement is being overwhelmed by cartel activities.

Breitbart Texas does a great job of covering issues on the border that we’ll likely kaytomstart seeing very soon up here.

Medicaid is bleeding money.  We’re struggling to foot the bill as things are.  But more and more illegals are pouring into the state and hopping on the Medicaid rolls:

Federal law generally bars illegal immigrants from being covered by Medicaid.  But a little-known part of the state-federal health insurance program for the poor has long paid about $2 billion a year for emergency treatment for a group of patients who, according to hospitals, mostly comprise illegal immigrants.

The lion’s share goes to reimburse hospitals for delivering babies for women who show up in their emergency rooms, according to interviews with hospital officials and studies.


Some groups say the services encourage people to cross the border for care, while advocates for immigrants say the funding is inadequate because it doesn’t pay for prenatal care and other vital services.

crowd“We can’t turn them away,” said Joanne Aquilina, the chief financial officer of Bethesda Healthcare System in Boynton Beach, Fla., which sees many illegal immigrants because of its proximity to farms where they harvest sugarcane and other seasonal crops.

Nearly one-third of Bethesda Hospital East’s 2,900 births each year are paid for by Emergency Medicaid, the category that covers mainly illegal immigrants. The category includes a small proportion of homeless people and legal immigrants who’ve been in the country less than five years.

Hospitals can’t ask patients whether they’re illegal immigrants, but instead determine that after checking whether they have Social Security numbers, birth certificates or other documents.

“We gather information to qualify patients for something and through that process, if you really hit a dead end, you know they are illegal,” said Steve Short, the chief financial officer at Tampa General Hospital.

A 2007 medical article in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that 99 percent of those who used Emergency Medicaid during a four-year period in North Carolina were thought to be illegal immigrants.[…]


These people aren’t paying any taxes, but the feds are requiring that we educate their kids in public schools.   Some are even forecasting a health crisis in our nation’s public schools thanks to the flood of illegals.

The state of North Carowalllina has OKed driver licenses for illegals and has weakened the requirement for business owners to check employees’ citizenship status.

Clearly, this situation has the potential for dire consequences for our personal safety, our economy, and the future of our culture and our country.  Yet, we’re talking about birth control pills and attendance at committee meetings.

The politicos apparently don’t want to venture into this territory.  Consultants worry about a hard line on immigration costing votes and / or campaign contributions.  Politicians are avoiding the subject until after the November vote — when they can go ahead and sell out their constituents to the US Chamber of Commerce and the agri-interests that LOVE that cheap, undocumented foreign labor. 

Kay Hagan voted for the Gang of Eight amnesty bill in the Senate.  Tillis pushed through the driver licenses and E-Verify watering-down here in North Carolina.  He also made some overtures to the Farm Bureau indicating he might be open to some of this amnesty stuff.

The drive-by media won’t do its job and hold candidates’ feet to the fire.  We’ve got to do it.  We can sit back and allow this election cycle to focus on nut-cases thousands of miles away who may or may not cause us problems.  Or we can let our voices be heard loud and clear about addressing the crisis right here in our backyard. 


6 thoughts on “#ncsen: ISIS, Khorosan? But what about OUR southern border?

  1. Obviously Hagan and Tillis don’t want it brought up. They agree with each other but both fear voter backlash. So they don’t mention it, the press doesn’t mention and it stays on the back burner. Tillis talks about VA medical care and Kay talks about the poor kids in NC who do not have textbooks due to Thom’s cuts. Meanwhile the border is open and Obama prepares to declare amnesty. And big business chalks up another victory over the American people. And all I got is this stupid t-shirt. The lesson here is to teach your kids to speak Spanish.

  2. NCGA’s policies of making it easier for illegals to come to and remain in NC are creating a permanent poverty level slave labor force and putting its’ citizens lives in danger, not to mention draining every extra dollar from our pockets for numerous social services that should be going to NC citizens. Demand they enact and enforce state level illegal immigration laws. Enough is enough.

    1. In spite of his many transgressions on many Republican policy issues, Thom TIllis could have earned my vote if he had convincingly become an immigration hawk, supporting strong border security and enforcement of our existing immigration laws with no type of amnesty for the violators. We expect party loyalty from our candidates, including following the most important principles of our party platform. When candidates fail to display that type of party loyalty, why should they expect Republican voters to feel any party loyalty toward them? Reversing the invasion from Mexico is existential for both the country and the party. If Tillis cannot be with us on that, what good is he?

      When Tillis brings in major Fifth Column figures in the GOP who oppose the party platform on immigration like Jeb Bush and Lindsay Graham (aka Grahamnesty), he just gives GOP voters much more reason to question whether they can trust voting for him. Bringing in a member of the Gang of 8, whose has been repudiated by his own party in his home state by numerous resolutions of rebuke and censure from party organizations all over the state, Tillis is implying that he would be the same sort of Senator.

      If there is one litmus test that matters this election year, it is on illegal immigration, and Thom Tillis does not pass it.

  3. Immigration is a complex issue. I was replaced by a less expensive Indian worker in IT when I was 59 and did not work again because so many jobs have a problem with Ageism, especially for a woman. On the other hand, I don’t know how the small farmer can get a crop in without the help of migrant workers, a job not too many American want to do. We have to find a balance between. where some help is needed and where it is displacing an American worker.

    I do think that we do not need to expand the H1B visa program because, while it might be great for visiting professors and people who need to get in on it don’t get in on it. This program has mostly been used by IT and Engineering companies to hire cheaper workers who are actually less talented than Americans already in those jobs. They do it by advertising in the back of magazines that no IT people read and then claim no one has applied for that job. The put requirements that few people can meet, and when they can’t find anyone here, they hire someone from outside who also does not have those qualifications. I remember showing up for one job interview after being in the business for 40 years and the client not expecting anyone to have all those skills, ha ha. They had to hire me and a year later the person I worked for admitted it was all a scam to hire an H1B person but we had worked well together and they were happy because I also brought a great range of experience and taught them some old tricks, something that IT really never values. .

    1. Illegal aliens have run black and white American citizen workers out of jobs in the construction industry, jobs Americans want. Things like this show that our immigration system is out of control. Farmers? For many years they had a system which worked, the Bracero program, where the workers came, picked the crops, and went home. That is what we need for them, not ”a pathway to citizenship” a Thom Tillis promised the NC Farm Bureau he would give them.

      The only thing we need to do with the illegal aliens is to enforce our immigration laws, which Comrade Obama is making a mockery of.

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