NC-02: Twisted Sister, Dennis Wicker, and — RepublAIKENs ????


“What is that?  A Twisted Sister pin on your uniform?”

We knew that Clay Aiken’s entry into the Second congressional district race was going to turn things into a circus.  Speaking of circusTwisted Sister frontman Dee Snider (not to be confused with Raleigh-based GOP consultant Dee Stewart)  has stepped out front to help Aiken raise money for his race against Republican incumbent Renee Ellmers. He even took to Twitter to praise the American Idol:


Snider and Aiken DO have some history together.  They’ve both done ‘Celebrity Apprentice.‘  And they’ve even cut a song together.   Penn Jillette — a renowned libertarian — had words of praise for Aiken, as did former Idol judge Paula Abdul and Idol winIMG_0609ner Ruben Studdard.

Another — much more local — celebrity of sorts is also stepping out for Aiken.  Former Lt. Gov. and long-time Second District resident Dennis Wicker is heading up a fundraising effort for Aiken.

The Second District is overwhelmingly Republican. So, it will take some fancy footwork on Aiken’s part to upset Ellmers.  But Clay has been out aggressively campaigning.  He’s even reached out to Tea Party groups in the district. His campaign’s latest marketing ploy includes yard signs that identify the property owner as a “RepublAiken.”

Clay Aiken and Renee Ellmers are scheduled to debate on October 6 in Pinehurst before a regional TV audience.

8 thoughts on “NC-02: Twisted Sister, Dennis Wicker, and — RepublAIKENs ????

  1. That is a pretty bold move, but he will turn on the tea party. Oh wait does it really matter since his opponent has.

  2. I have one question for Aiken…….and I hope you’re reading this.

    Will you vote AGAINST any form of legalization (amnesty) of illegal immigrants, AGAINST any increase in guest workers, visas or refugees, and FOR doing whatever it takes to secure our southern border and internally enforce our existing immigration laws?

    In others words, enforce our laws that are designed to protect the homeland and struggling American workers, and ignore the corporatists?

    Your answer to this one simple question holds the key to winning in NC2 because your opponent has already declared her intention to vote against the interests of her constituents.

    1. I’m a different Kate If I were in NC-02, as a Republican, I would be voting for Clay Aiken. I have found him quite compelling, heard him speak and listened to some of his interviews. He’s remarkably well-informed, articulate and he has a known history of being compassionate and giving back. He appears to make his own decisions based on how he informs himself. I think it’s clear he’s no “party man.” He’s made that abundantly clear.

      He has said the border must be secured. I have not heard him say anything about amnesty or leanings toward it. He sounds very much like the old tradition of moderate, Southern democrats. I think he would have been called a Reagan democrat – in fact, he has frequently invoked Reagan when discussing his philosophy and particularly economics..

      I’m sick of people bashing candidates just because of the party label behind their names, thus painting them all with a broad brush. We cannot find ourselves guilty of the same things we complain the democrats do. One reason I’m planning to change to an Unaffiliated. We’re supposed to be seeking out the best candidates who do the best job of following the Constitution.

      Renee Elmers should be sent packing, as she has turned out to be the worst kind of traitor to the cause. Aiken seems to be a thoughtful candidate.

      There’s plenty of cushion in the House numbers for Republicans if NC-02 goes to the democrats.

      All the Republicans in NC-02 who were betrayed would do well to give Aiken a chance. He might surprise you.

  3. Aiken is a radical leftwinger trying to masquerade as something else. I guess he watched Ellmers masquerade as a conservative and figured he could pull the wool over the eyes of voters, too. Aiken should be transparent enough not to have deleted all those leftwing tweets.

    This is a race with no good choices. It really begs for a ”none of the above” line on the ballot. I am glad I do not live in that district, as I would rather have my Congressional seat stay vacant for two years than have either of that pair of big government weasels represent it.

  4. Clay Aiken is not a radical anything. He is a highly intelligent young man who has been interested in politics for many many years. He has always wanted to use his voice for good and is now using it for his fellow North Carolinians. He trained and received his degree as a Special Education Teacher, taught a young boy with autism for quite a long while, was encouraged by the mother of that young boy to try out for Idol, set up a foundation for the integration of special needs kids with able-bodied kids, originally the Bubel/Aiken Foundation but renamed to better state their purpose, The National Inclusion Project. He has worked on that for 11 years and his passion for that project is known to most. He was also a UNICEF ambassador for education for several years, travelling to several war ravaged countries such as Afghanistan and Somalia.

    If you cared enough to know what he stands for, you could go to his website He wants to help the people in North Carolina and now wants to “use his voice” in this way. Please don’t knock him until you have taken the time to read about him or even better, attend an event and speak to him personally. I wish I lived in NC District 2 so I could vote for him. I would be overjoyed to have a man of his integrity running in my area.

  5. Well, if both Elmers and Aiken are not the candidates they claim to be, who will step up with true integrity and grit to do the job? Where are the real patriots willing to step up to the plate?

  6. I’ve known Clay for years & he’s the real deal. A moderate Southern Democrat, really old school, but with modern ideas on every issue. Use your brains & give him a chance. Like he says, “You can always vote me out in 2 yrs if I’m not delivering.”

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